Author: 浅墨璃殇 (Qian Mo Li Shang)

Status in COO: Ongoing

Translation Status: Active


System: We must take the plot seriously!

Mo Fan: En.

System: We cannot OOC!

Mo Fan: En.

System: We have to be cold and ruthless. We cannot lose ourselves in this imaginary world.

Mo Fan:...no problem.

Not long after...

Mo Fan: System, can we talk? Hold my gong and take him away.


*Warning this is a Boys Love (BL) Novel

Chapter list:

Arc 3 (I have a 'sticky' halo)

Chapter 10Chapter 11, Chapter 12Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17

Arc 4 (I have a 'harmony' halo)

Chapter 1-Onwards