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Arc 3 Chapter 15


Translated by Rau

'Bang' the sound of the door opening and hitting the wall quickly woke Mo Fan up from his sleep. Due to their current estranged relationship, Mo Fan had been staying at the guest room instead of Lu Mingyuan's room.

Mo Fan didn't have the time to turn on the light when a dark shadow came in through the door and fell on top of him. The familiar scent relaxed Mo Fan's tensed nerves.

"Xiao Fan."

The man opened his mouth and the smell of alcohol assaulted his senses. Since the two started going out, Lu Mingyuan hasn't drank again, but today he was completely intoxicated.

"I like you."

"Why don't you like me?"

"Who do you like?"

"You aren't allowed to like him."

"You can only like me."

"I won't let you like anyone else."

"Xiao Fan...."

"Xiao Fan...."

The man laid on Mo Fan, his voice was particularly fragile. Lu Mingyuan was used to being strong, even when facing Mo Fan. He was attentive and gentle but he would never shows any weakness. For the first time, Mo Fan's heart was stabed in the way that weaken him.

Mo Fan strokes the man's short coarse hair as he listened to the muttering in his ears and losing the desire to push the man's body away.

The muttering fade out as the man breathed evenly. Mo Fan paused. After waiting for a long time, the man did not moved and Mo Fan knew that Lu Mingyuan has fallen asleep.

When you're drunk, you have no worries about waking up feeling unwell in the morning as you fell asleep.

   Mo Fan carefully shifted the person to the bed and fed him some wine decoction soup prepared by the housekeeper. Seeing that Lu Mingyuan was having a hard time sleeping, he removed the restrictive clothes before heading to Lu Mingyuan's room to sleep.

Lu Mingyuan woke up and had forgotten about his run to Mo Fan's room and his memory was severed at the point when he got home.

Yesterday, Lu mingyuan was very willful. When a head of a company invited him, he did not refuse nor gave a phone call to inform that he won't be home for dinner. From the very beginning, he was looking forward to Mo Fan's phone call asking for him to later, finding all sorts of excuses for the other, untill he was disappointed.

The person in charge was stunned when he learned the news of Lu Mingyuan. In disbelief, he verified it with the secretary multiple times. After realising it was a fact, he immediately reported it back to the company's CEO.

Who is Lu Mingyuan? How could he be received by a minor character? The Boss receive the news and without stopping for a rest prematurely arrange a planned to grab these opportunity to develop a good relationship with him.

Coincidentally, the CEO was Xiang Jing's backer. Knowing that Lu Mingyuan was coming to the appointmnet, he begged to be brought along. The CEO was pleased and didn't questioned thinking of Xiang Jing's money bringing tricks, agreed.

Lu Mingyuan was absent-minded the entire time however due to his poker face, no one could tell. To everyone's surprise, Lu Mingyuan drank all the wine that came his way.

It was a well known fact that Lu Mingyuan never drank at banquets. Yet this time, as soon as he entered the door, he was requesting wine, stunning the group of poeple.

Xiang Jing felt that he had found his chance. The photos, taken on their first meeting, were by someone he had arranged but as the situation was unexpected he was unable to search for the man in advance. The meeting was unexpected so XIang Jing immediately briefed him, within an hour, his plan that was set up at the last minute.

While he was struggling in the entertainment industry, Xiang Jing has never stopped observing Lu Mingyuan and Mo Fan. When he learned that the two are in conflict, Xiang Jing were pleased. Without Lu Mingyuan's escort, he could see if Mo Fan could continue being a fish back in water in the entertainment circle.

The bystander's couldn't see, but how could Xiang Jing who obtained the news, not see that Lu Mingyuan was drowning his sorrows through wine. Lu Mingyuan pushed down the grieved for Mo Fan in his heart. Xiang Jing looked for an opportuinity to get close to him, with no trace throughout the banquet.

It wasn't that the boss has not observe the difference in Xiang Jing's personality but if Xiang Jing could really obtained Lu Mingyuan's favor then sending the other party off to fulfill a promise is more valuable than any emotion.

Of course Lu Mingyuan was always surrounded by people, apart from his driver, the assistant followed him closely. Xiang Jing couldn't find any opportunity. However late night, the assistant needed to head to the toilet. The assistant believe that it was just a few minutes, it was unlikely for anything to happen and ordered a waiter to watch him while entering the toilet.

How could Xiang Jing not take such a good opportunity? The waiter only thought that the assistant had ordered to watch out for the man, not thinking of anything else, so when Xiang Jing nestled into the man's arms , he didn't open his mouth to stop him.

Although Lu Mingyuan was drunk, his body's instincts were there. When a strange man snuggle close to him, he immediately throw him out.

But these few seconds were enough for Xiang Jing's people to take several ambiguous photos. The boss was a little dissatiesfied that Lu Mingyuan wasn't looking at Xiang Jing, frowned and drove other to a corner. Xiang Jing wasn't angry and obediently took it until the end . The boss evidently didn't know what Xiang Jing had done.

When the assistant returned from the bathroom, Lu Mingyuan sat drinking peacefully just like before, calming his heart. When Lu Mingyuan got drunk he wasn't like others who would do unexpected things. He would only sat with a straight face and darken eyes. Those who didn't know any better would only think that Lu Mingyuan was unwilling to respond. But the assistant could see right away that Lu Mingyuan was drunk.

Lu Mingyuan is a good drinker, no one could get him drunk other than himself. The assistant has not seen the BOSS drunk for a long time. Having the nerve to take their leave, the assistant called for the driver to wait outside of the door and send the BOSS home.

Lu Mingyuan got drunk and woke up late. Mo Fan was downstairs when the housekeeper delivered a mail to Mo Fan, signed to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan set aside the mail from the unknown source, took a leisure breakfast before opening the mail.

Inside the mail was a thick enveloped. Mo Fan tore open the seal and one or two pictures slid out along with it.

Mo Fan's indifference eyes glazed over it and his breathing went stagnate as he carefully looked over each photos. The pictures were exactly the ones of Xiang Jing and Lu Mingyuan drinking together last night and they were even hugging each other.

"Fanfan, don't believe the photos. Xiang Jing took advantage of the progatonist when he was drunk."The system hurriedly jump to explain on the other's behalf.

[Those who can't control themselves when they're drunk have too little self-control.]

The system thought that Mo Fan was worried about Lu Mingyuan's drinking mishaps and recounted the original events of last night. When it came to the protagonist actively pushing people away, the system interjected, "You see, Fanfan, the protagonist knows what to do and what not to do even when he's drunk."

[What's the right thing to do and what shouldn't be done?]

Shouldn't Fanfan stop being angry when it was explained to him? Why did it felt like Fanfan was still angry? The system was baffled and fidgeted without a voice.

[Hmm. Drinking is a mistake.]

Why does it felt like Fanfan is getting angrier?

[What did he give you for you to defend him like that?]

Seeing Mo Fan considering himself as a target, the system tossed Lu Mingyuan away and began kissing his ass, "No, no. I'm just talking randomly. Lu Mingyuan that idiot..... surprisingly let someone take a picture of such a scoop."

Mo Fan's eyebrows loosen slightly. Seeing this the system makes an effort to downgrade the other beyond existence. The strong become stupid when drunk.....Mo Fan's heart was soothed and not caring about the fake photos, placed them on a prominent location on the dinning table and went home.

Which house? Naturally it was the Mo's famiy. The Mo Family had gone on a New Year's trip this year and Mo Fan hadn't been home for over a year. He hadn't even seen the legendary family members who overly spoiled him when he came to the world.

When Lu Mingyuan woke up and found himself on Mo Fan's bed, he thought that Mo Fan still cared for him and doesn't let him sleep on the cold floor. Although he had forgotten how he came to Mo Fan's room, Lu Mingyuan believed that being able to sleep in Mo Fan's bed meant that the other party wasn't as cold as he thinks.

However, when Lu Mingyuan went downstairs and received the housekeeper's condemn looked, he received the stacked of photos in confusion.

Lu Mingyuan: !!!!!

The housekeeper didn't spoke much merely brief him about Mo Fan's movements," Young Mo opened the mail after his meal and went out afterwards. The driver just send a message over, Young Mo went back to the Mo's house."

As soon as Lu Mingyuan heard this, he couldn't even care about breakfast , change his clothes and hurried out.

Did Xiao Fan misunderstood?

Lu Mingyuan rushed to the Mo's house. The Mo Family obviously didn't know about the matter between the two. Seeing Lu Mingyuan coming over, although in their heart they felt strange that the two came one by one rather than coming back together. However nevertheless, they were delighted.

The Mo family is aware of what Lu Mingyuan has done. Mo Fan was taken care of by Lu Mingyuan. They were grateful for him and naturally welcomed him.

Lu Mingyuan arrived at the living room with the housekeeper's help, and was greeted by Mother Mo who had already gotten the news.

"Mingyuan, you're here. Why didn't you come with FanFan?"

Lu Mingyuan's childhood was frequent spent on picking Mo Fan up. Mother Mo wasn't a stranger and would call them by their first name when no outsiders were present.

"En, Hello auntie."

"Come. Come. Come and sit down."

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