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Arc 3 Chapter 14


Translated by Rau

"Fanfan, you're mood is fluctuating."'

Mo Fan remained silent.

"Fanfan, are you in love with the protagonist? Your mood fluctuates just like those of a human in love," The System guessed

[You can measure emotions?]

"Yeah, how else can i capture other's thought?" The system naturally said,"Fanfan, there's nothing wrong with liking the protagonist, the protagonist treats you so well. Since you have to stay here until the protagonist die naturally, why not let yourself be comfortable? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to keep you company?"

[Do you think its possible that the protagonist from the several worlds is the same?]

"Fanfan, are you saying that the protagonist that you met are the same? They are a lot alike, but the likelihood of that is next to nothing."

[Next to nothing but possible.]

System," ...." there's a possibility, but that possibility was as good as none, he musn't ruin fanfan's mood.

By the time Mo fan had successfully completed filming 'Good and Evil', XIang Jing had already made quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Apart from the filmed currently in production, Xiang Jing is active in the entertainment programs. His foolish and adorable image obtained a huge mothers and older sisters fanbase.

With the investor's help, even if the status wasn't high, Xiang Jing still obtained unprecedented resources. Xiang Jing enjoyed the feeling of being sought out after by everyone but his hatred for Mo Fan only grew in his heart. If it wasn't for Mo Fan, Lu Mingyuan would be his and he would had accessed to even more resources, the perfect lover.

The more contrast his fame grew, the more Xiang Jing look down on the investor. The investor was crazy for Xiang Jing, even if Xiang Jing ignored him in every possible way, it only increased the appeal.

Taking shortcuts could be addictive. After experiencing the taste of power, Xiang Jing was impressed when he saw a CEO with better looks and had more power.

Almost without any hesitation, Xiang Jing abandoned the investors and fall into the embraced of the CEO. However, Xiang Jing acted as if he was forced to do so, leading to the investors not being able to blame him and instead forgive Xiang Jing. The investors thought that it was his incompetence that make Xiang Jing succumbed to the man. Unable to fight against the CEO, he could only occasionally provided Xiang Jing with a few opportunities.

After Xiang Jing gained a better backing, he looked at these petty trick and dismiss them without hesitation. It could be said that Xiang Jing was indeed gifted in the area of playing man around in the palm of his hand.

However, the CEO wasn't like the investor. Although Xang jing's body was surprisingly attractive and couldn't help staying a little longer but he was far from addicted.

Mo Fan was observing Xiang Jing's "history of stuggle" through the system and had lost the mood to deal with the other person.

There is nothing to worry about a clown jumping around.

During these period of time, it was obvious that Mo Fan was in an awful mood. When he smile, his peach blossom eye's drooped appearing cold and detached. Lu Mingyuan didn't know what happened to Mo Fan, but he knew that it was best not to ask too many questions. As a result, Lu mingyuan's thoughts on Mo Fan's likelihood deepened.

Lu Mingyuan was in a bad mood as it's already been ten days since Mo Fan accompanied him to work. Lu mingyuan's displeasured was felt by the Tengyuan's employees on the first day.

The BOSS was under the weather the whole day, the slightest mistake will release half a day's air conditioning. How could they not sensed it?

The BOSS's future wife's filmed was already completed for many days now. Yet he had not came over to the company. The Tengyuan's employees immediately realised that the BOSS and his future wife was fighting.

.The contrast of Mo Fan coming down to the company everyday during his free time and the lonely figure of the BOSS coming to work alone this day.The employees felt suffocated. When the immortals fought the mortals suffered the calamity, each and every one of them hoped that the two man would quickly reconciled.

Lu Mingyuan was also sullened as it's been a long time since he was initimate with XiaoFan. It turns out that XiaoFan looked 'terrifying' with a cold face.

When Mo Fan would stick together with him, he would had a smile on his face everyday. He would looked nitwitted and has no worries. Lu Mingyuan had once wondered what would he be like if he were to quarrel with him. Would he be awfully adorable? However, now that it really happend, Lu Mingyuan regretted it.

It's alright to think about all these trivial things, look at Mo Fan now, emiting a cold air. He's trully at a loss for words.

Lu Mingyuan's characteristic was to handle everything in a clear and orderly manner. But Mo Fan's suddened indifference, caused Lu Mingyuan to unable to understand. Once he had faced the changeable stock market without wrinkling his brows. Only this matter caused him completely lacked of thoughts

How did it happened? After that night of extreme passion between the two, Mo Fan's attitude changed. Lu Mingyuan had repeated the events of that day from beginning to end, several times and hasn't found anything wrong yet. The only thing that was strange was Mo Fan's attitude that day.

Mo Fan had always been shy and although he had a natural attitude when dealing with him on a regular basis, Mo Fan was a different person whenever he was in close contact. The silence between the two on their walk at night, the active entanglement in the night, when Lu Mingyuan was extremely excited and didn't notice anything wrong. But now that he thought about it carefully, Mo Fan was extremely fishy.

Lu Mingyuan instructed someone to carefully investigated what Mo Fan did that day, down to the smallest thing like when did he went to the bathroom.

The people who were ordered, complained endlessly. It had been so long since Lu Mingyuan ordered and there was nothing significant worth noting, happened. So how could they investigated it? But they were already ordered and had to comply. Every day, they had to rush to report on their progressed and Seeing Lu Mingyuan once would weighed on their hearts. Everytime they reported without any progress in the investigation, they didn't know how deeply they suppressed the fear in their hearts.

"Mr Lu, about the investigations."


"Young Mo attended the director's dinner party after filming that day."

Lu Mingyuan naturally remembered Mo Fan's participation in the dinner party. He also knew that Mo Fan didn't eat at the dinner party that day and returned soon after.

"At first we questioned the agent and the agent answered that he didn't know either. But then out of the blue, the agent told us that he had asked young Mo about his intentions, and young Mo reply to him with the words 'Watching a good show'. As a result, we investigated what happened to everyone at the dinner party again, and we finally found a clue. If we're right, Young Mo's mood might be related to this person."

There weren't hundreds, but dozens of members in the crew and it took them a lot of time to check them out one by one. With the exception of the director who slept with a celebrity afterwards, everyone at the dinner party kept to their working routine except for Xiang Jing.

Young Mo has nothing to do with the director or the celebrity who slept with the director. So the only one who could influenced him was Xiang Jing. Before that, Mr Lu has also ordered for them to investigate on Xiang Jing a few times as Xiang Jing had been at odds with Young Mo several times before. However, those were merely subjective guess they could come up with and the director were also given a copy of the information.

Lu Mingyuan immediately put aside the director's information and the moment he saw Xiang Jing's name, Lu Mingyuan was certain right away. Although Mo Fan seldomly mentioned of Xiang Jing, but from the aspect of how Mo Fan rarely have any contact with others except with him from day to night, the two actually had a lot of contact.

He just slept with an investor, why would Xiao Fan be unhappy? Could it be...

Xiao Fan's temper has always been a little difficult to follow and he couldn't deal with Xiang Jing. Maybe Xiao Fan doesn't trully dislike the other but rather likes him? No, No way. If Xiao Fan has someone else he likes, he won't agreed to be with him, he believes in Xiao fan. But then what would it be?

Lu Mingyuan was afraid that he could never had imagined that Mo Fan was doing this only because of his own thoughts. As a result Lu Mingyuan went to great length using all of his energy to investigate everything he could , repeatedly. But still obtained no results.

Lu Mingyuan believed that there's nobody in Mo Fan's heart. But lately, Mo Fan's mind has been wandering, sometimes staring at him with a strange expression causing him to doubt. Lu Mingyuan would be happy if he was just staring at him but Mo Fan wasn't just blankly thinking. Sometimes Lu Mingyuan could clearly sensed that Mo Fan was thinking about something else or someone else.

In fact, Mo Fan hides it awfully well but after multiple times traces would be revealed. Lu Mingyuan had caught the other's nostalgic gaze more than once, the kind of gaze that looked at someone with a sense of deja vu.

Lu Mingyuan felt like he was going to drive himself crazy, only unexpectedly the day would come.

At the thought of Mo Fan having someone else in his heart, Lu Mingyuan couldn't helped the darkness in his heart. Maybe Mo Fan would leave him....No, absolutely not, even if he had to bind him, he would kept Mo Fan by his side.

With that speculation, Lu Mingyuan went over the information regarding Mo Fan from birth to his upbringing in details again. Who could it be? Mo Fan's experience a simple and pure upbringing, Without any bad habits and no traces of an unspeakable past.

They still ate together everyday but the silence was dreadful without the joy and laughter of the past. Lu Mingyuan's courtesy to please Mo Fan went meaningless in Mo Fan's eyes. When the housekeeper saw Mo Fan's expression of wanting to say something, Mo Fan simply pretended not to see it.

The system was confused by Mo Fan's actions and asked," FanFan, why are you letting the protagonist misunderstand? The deeper the main character likes you, the more power you would received, isn't that what you said?"

[I don't need this way of gaining power.]

The system doesn't understand as it was an easier way to gain power, so why wouldn't Fanfan used it?

Mo Fan only did what was advantageous to him and what needed to be done. But, if these people were the same, Mo Fan's heart would resisted. There was a sense of crisis that if he were to do this, it would be his pitfall.

At last, Lu Mingyuan doesn't returned for dinner nor called ahead to inform. Mo Fan's expression remained unchanged, ordered to start dinner and finished the meal alone, but he felt uncomfortable.

The housekeeper explained on behalf of Lu Mingyuan,"There may be a special situation happening around Young Lu that he couldn't notified you. Young Mo don't mind it, I will definitely remind him when Young Lu comes back."

During this period of time, the coldness was seen by the housekeeper. It was very difficult for Lu Mingyuan to have someone he liked and warmth his body. But unexpectedly, he once again returned to being stiffed and cold . But he was an outsider, it's difficult for him to say anything. He could only silently watched over them every day.

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