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Arc 3 Chapter 13


Translated by Rau


"I'm here~ FanFan"

[It seems that you're very happy this time.] It's been a long time since he spoke to his own mind.

The system felt wronged," It's rare for people to come across a world consciousness that takes the initiative to talk to me, so we talked for a long time..."

[That long?]

The system," Probably, for more points?" (系统,“大概, 很多点)

The system mocked, Mo Fan's mood was good so he asked about his business

[Show me how Xiang Jing is doing.]

As the system's moodiness was swept away, said cheerfully," Okay!"

"FanFan, Xiang Jing unexpectedly slept with an ugly man!!!!!"

Mo Fan massage his forehead: How long have you last cared about the plot?

The system: Huh?

[Show me the plot.]

The system was frustrated by it's own lacked of deligence momentarily and began reading up from the start to finish. Fortunately for the system's large processing capability, it took only a few minutes to read through the development of the world.

System: 0.0

"FanFan, you're amazing. We're not far from completing our mission."

Mo Fan doesn't take notice of the system's daily praise: How do you determined the completion of the task?

"FanFan couldn't calculate but i can. Currently the world's completion rate has reached 80%. As long as Xiang Jing is ruined, the mission would be over. To ruin his reputation, all you have to do is release the photo i gave to you and it could be accomplished.

[Later.] Only by letting him fall from the peak to the abyss would completely destroyed his conviction.

Mo Fan's expression shows a traced of danger. The system shrank," It''s good that FanFan is in control."

[Must i stay in this world?]

The system said, hesitatedly," No.... FanFan, if you stay, you can obtain the power equivelant to three worlds".

As long as he spend the rest of his life in peace, he could received the power of two more world. It's clear what intelligent people would choose.

Mo Fan hesitated.

The system saw what happened, and said carefully," Fan Fan, you are....do you not want to stay?"

Mo Fan kept silent, but the system nevertheless knew the answer in Mo Fan's silence.

"If FanFan doesn't want to stay then we can leave together right away. Okay? FanFan's happiness is the most important. We can earn the power slowly and i will protect FanFan."

[En, let me think about it.]

On a large bed, in a certain hotel, was a short and stout figure on top of a slim yougster. Interweave together with the faint smell in the air. The youngster's expose neck were densely covered with red and purple marks. One look allowed to know what the two people had experience.

Xiang Jing woke up in a daze, his mind was still intoxicated from the alcohol. The dizziness and labor pain caused his brows to pucker and suddenly Xiang Jing's body stiffened.

There's someone on him!

Xiang Jing immediately sobered up and opened his eyes. He saw the unique decoration of a the hotel room. There was a burst of ache all over his body but the ache in an indescribable area was difficult to bear.

Xiang Jing's complexion sank. He had been tricked!

Xiang Jing doesn't have any agent nor assistant, as such no one would send him back when he was drunk. It wasn't a surprise that they got a room for him. However, the feeling coming from his body tell him that the matter isn't that simple.

The abnormality of his body and the sound of an extra breath....Xiang Jing's face went pale and at the same time he had a frentic look in his eyes.

His last memory remains on the greasy face, and Xiang Jing felt nauseated as he thought of the other's ugly face and short stature. He was given to this disgusting man.....

As Xiang Jing's eyes flickered, a thick and solid arms reached over from the side and hugged Xiang Jing's waist.

"Baby, Why don't you sleep a little more?"

Xiang Jing turned his head, stiffly, and a certain investor's slightly fat and greasy face came into view.

"Baby, You were awesome yesterday. You look so innocent on the outside that i couldn't tell that you were so slutty inside. Your body was indeed tight, i really wish to die inside of you."

The man constantly speak, vulgarly. Xiang Jing complextion become more and more unsightly.

Everything is true, he trully was..... who did this to him? Thinking of the director's peculiar behavior last night, Xiang Jing clenched his teeth. At that moment, Mo Fan's face flashed through his mind.

Oh, That's right. Yesterday Mo Fan was also looking at him with a kind of meaningful looked. The other obviously was aware but he didn't warned him and instead watched him fall to hell.

"I'm very satisfied with you, if you follow me in the future, you can be at ease. I will give you any role you desire."

When Xiang Jing heard the sentence, he was moved. With the help of this person, he could do more thing that he couldn't before. A powerful help leads to better resources.

Xiang Jing knew that the investor was not as powerful as Lu Mingyuan's. However, Lu Mingyuan could not protect Mo Fan all the time. If he were to find an opportunity, he would get Mo Fan to have a taste of it as well.

"Really?" Xiang Jing wasn't lively but the huskiness prevented the investors from hearing it.

"Naturally , as long as you become my baby....."

The investor's fat hand began wandering around Xiang Jing's quilt-covered body. Xiang Jing's eyes flashed with a trace of disgust. After he was inwardly struggled, he finally yielded.

"Wu, It really tight."

The man's pants was a nightmare for Xiang Jing and he remained calm the entire time. Seeing the horny investor as he repeatedly let out a heavy gasp like an old cow, he felt sick.

Why? Mo Fan could have someone like Lu Mingyuan, while he could only be with this person in front of him. Xiang Jing thought about Lu Mingyuan's handsome face and sturdy body. He imagine that the person on him was the other party, and gasped out.

As the second protagonist of the distrupted plot, Xiang Jing has a pure appearance and possessed a great body that cause others wanting to continue. The investor was quickly addicted and did it in tons of positions.

With someone behind the scene to assist him, Xiang Jing rejected the role in the crew. Anyway, up until now he hasn't shot a single scene and it's the same with or without him. It's just a matter of searching for another actor.

The investor invested in a small production movie. But as Xiang Jing was the main character in the movie, he was very satisfied.

Apart from having to bear several of the investor's "harassement" from time to time, Xiang Jing is living like a fish under water (back in their proper surroundings)

Mo Fan learned from the system that the two has already colluded and smiled mockingly. Xiang Jing was no longer as strong as he first came, even though his face was still pure his heart has already become "dirty".

In the original story, althoug Xiang Jing still has harmful intentions, but he was escorted by Lu Mingyuan, retaining his bottom line. Now, Xiang Jing has embarked on a path of no retuned, trading his youth for fame.

Mo Fan's heart was suddenly a little sour, thinking of Lu Ming Yuan's various defenses of Xiang Jing in the original plot, and dissatisfiedly put away his smile.

If he didn't come, Lu Mingyuan would be with Xiang Jing. Hmph! if Lu Mingyuan dared to betray him, he wouldn't let him off easily. While he secretly ploted in his heart, Mo Fan thought about another kind of possibility that had occured before and he hesitated.

Suddenly, Mo Fan sneered. Why should he be bothered about these? He wasn't an indecisve person and since Lu Mingyuan was already his, he would not allowed others to think otherwise. Subconsciously, Mo Fan didn't want to think about what he would do if the situation did occured.

Mo Fan had some sort of suspicion in his heart but it was a terribly small possibility.

Seeing Lu Mingyuan, Mo Fan sees the shadows of certain man in the past two world. The more he observed, the more profound this affirmation become! Lu Mingyuan's action occasionally reminded him of them from the last two worlds. Investing in the other's body, the meaningful glance and more.

Mo Fan has never cared about things that doesn't concerned him, so he could easily pulled away from the first two worlds. He firmly walked away but he was the only one who knew that he wasn't trully at peace. Whether it was Shao Yuhuan or Shixuan or even Lu Mingyuan, when Mo Fan came into contact with them he would have the urged to get close.

This kind of feeling was very strange, that right Mo Fan has been silently rejecting. Confidently leaving was nothing more than his fall from grace.

World after world, every time Mo Fan met the so called protagonist, there seems to be a misconsception that they possessed the same soul. It was as if no matter how much he fled, the other would be right beside him.

Mo Fan was not a hesitant person, even belonging to the kind of person who was exceptionally calm, self-control and rationally selfish. But in treating this matter, Mo Fan couldn't be decisive in any way.

Maybe he shouldn't be so worried, maybe it's better to just follow what's his heart is saying and do what he wants to do.

He would be afraid, he was so used to being alone and not caring for another person. Reflecting on the other's habit of pampering him. How could he bear to continue being cold and desolate?

The author has something to say: ???, feeling sad.

Rau has something to say: Aww.. Mo Fan have a heart now!!!!

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