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Arc 3 Chapter 12


Translated by Rau

Mo Fan doesn't meddle in other's business. The more miserable Xiang Jing is, the more benefitable it was for him. What's more, he was the one who created the current situtation.

After filming, the director invited the crew out to dinner. Usually when the crew were working hard on the movie, the director would invite everyone to dinner, so they weren't surprise and cheerfully agreed. Although today wasn't one of those situations, it wasn't strange.

The only thing worth mentioning was this time Mo Fan unexpectedly agreed to attend. He informed Lu Mingyuan over the phone. Despite the other's disapproval, Mo Fan ignored it and followed his agent into the car.

Mo Fan was the only one riding a car towards the destination. The others were in groups of twos or threes heading towards the destination. Yet, no one asked for a lift

The director was very enthusiastic about treating Xiang Jing today, and so he personally invited the other to get in his car. Xiang Jing felt flattered. Thinking that the other was making up for his behaviour earlier in the day, he was proud.

Sure enough, he was unrivalled, those cold-shoulder were merely trial given by god

The director saw Xiang Jing's exposed thoughts but he continue to smiles. Recalling to his explaination to the situation earlier, the director supressed the dissatisfaction in his heart and politely let him into the car.

If Mo Fan knew about Xiang Jing's thought, he would be worried about other transmigrator's brain. After experiencing the past two worlds, it was his first time seeing someone like this . This is probably the so called Jack Sue? Exactly the Mary Sue of the world.

Lu Mingyuan wasn't relieved and called the agent to say a few words. A short while later, he called someone to wait outside of Mo Fan's location, in case he needed anything.

There are tons of people in the crew. So the director has ordered for a private room with three large table. One table is for the ordinary staff, another for the small role actors and the last was for the director and the big role actors in the film.

Mo Fan did not go to the director's table and instead took the initative to sit at the small role actor's table, causing them to stop talking. To everyone surprise, the director brought Xiang Jing to his table. Everyone immediately figured out that Mo Fan didn't want to see a certain someone if he sat at the director's table.

However, Mo Fan attending dinner was beyond everyone's reason. You can sense the restricted atmosphere .

Half of the meal was consume when someone walk into the room. Wearing a branded suit and watch with a beer belly . It was quickly known that he was a newly rich. The director introduced him one by one to those sitting on the same table. Mo Fan was directly facing the area, his half closed eyes concentrate on sizing him up.

It was this person who took the original owner in the plot and forced the original owner to a tight spot. At present, everything shall return to the initiator, Xiang Jing.

During the small chat, the man's gaze swept everywhere and stopped at Mo Fan. He turned his head to speak to the director, and at the same time continue staring at Mo Fan with coveted eyes.

Mo Fan looked dully and turned his head coldly.

The director broke in cold sweat from head to toe and couldn't conceal it any longer. He explained in a volume only the two could hear. The beer belly man trembled in shocked and he immediately withdrew his coveted gaze. Not daring to look at Mo Fan again.

Xiang Jing didn't have the slightest hint about the other's true goal. Even though the other person has an unsightly appearance, the other's appreciation tone cause Xiang jing to be smug and conceited. He drank the cup of drink that the other handed over and didn't noticed the director's sneer.

The director didn't deliberately harmed Xiang Jing but how could he, a small director, insist on being a boss? Although the other is just newly rich he is still rich, in the entertainment cirle, the rich are the uncle.

Thinking about Xiang Jing changing from normal to noble and virtuous appearance as soon as someone is fawning over him, the contempt in the director's heart deepened.

Xiang Jing genuinely didn't know that the other person have other thoughts about him. Firstly, Xiang Jing himself is a virgin with no romantic experience and wasn't GAY. Secondly, Xiang Jing took it for granted and believed that the other person appreciated him, neglecting the evil look in his eyes.

Xiang Jing has poor drinking capacity, after several glasses of beer among other things, felt dizzy. Mo Fan seeing the foregone conclusion, secretly left the private room .

"Xiao Mo, What did you do?"

Mo Fan didn't eat anything since he entered the private room, so the agent did not believe that he came here just to eat. However if they are not here to eat then what is the true purpose. From the beginning to the end, Mo Fan did not make any major movement and simply sat quietly .... seemingly lost in thoughts?

The agent knew that Mo Fan dislike this sort of occasion. Although he understood that this was something he shouldn't ask but he couldn't hold back on his curiosity. Thinking that it wasn't a secret and couldn't bear it anymore, he opened his mouth to ask .

"Just watching a good show," Mo Fan flashed a meaningful smiled at the agent.

Is it worth it for Xiao Fan to make the trip for Xiang Jing?

At the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a several familiar figures. Mo Fan couldn't help but laugh. That person indeed.... but such a trip is worth the big fussed. While Mo Fan was laughing, he felt warmed and was reluctant to leave the world. Even if it was a superfluous action, Mo Fan couldn't ignore the other's intention.

Seem like it's a little out of control...

Mo Fan has seen this kind of meticulous care on two other individual but he was never moved. At this moment, these emotion, and this familiar situation as he handle affairs, Mo Fan's heart suddenly felt odd.

Mo Fan stood motionless and the agent did not disturbed, simply standing by his side. Fortunately, it was a private hall and there wasn't many people in the area and Mo Fan as not recognised.

Mo Fan stood silently for ten minutes, he wasn't thinking about anything but his brain was suddenly emptied of thoughts. Unaware of where he was, he was at a loss.

Taking a step to the direction of the car, Mo Fan sat down and closed his eyes.

A short ten minutes later, the agent clearly sense that Mo Fan's mood seemed to be bad. After thinking about it, he took out his phone and sent a message before putting it back without reading the reply.

"Xiao Fan".

As soon as Mo Fan's car arrived at the garage a certain man was standing at the side, waiting. In his eyes, the man's faint silhouette seems lonely and resemble a large abandoned dog.

Mo Fan let out a sighed in his heart. The man has always come to beckon him.

" You didn't accompany me for dinner tonight," He criticized.

Mo Fan shoot a glance at him," I haven't ate yet."

Lu Mingyuan's imposing manner relaxed,"Hungry? The dish has already been heated up. Let's eat together, Ok?"

In the past few months, the two of them had dinner together everyday. Not seeing Mo Fan at the dining table, Lu Mingyuan was like a child, insisting on waiting for Mo Fan to return.

Mo Fan's eating speed was not slow nor unhurried, seeing the yougster's eating appearance, Lu Mingyuan felt it was a kind of enjoyament.

"Are you full just by watching me eat?" Mo Fan said without raising his head.

Lu Mingyuan let out a foolish smile, focused on the food before him and ate.

After having their filled, the man insisted on going for a walked to help with the digestion. It was the beginning of winter where the wind on the road sends a penetrating cold. Knowing that Mo Fan was afraid of the cold, Lu Mingyuan opeed his coat and embrace Mo Fan inside.

Unprepared, Mo Fan's line of sight darken at the man's obtrusive wide chest.

It was ten degrees celcius outside, Lu Mingyuan was wearing a thin V-neck cashmere sweater. The warm skin passed through the clothes and spread to Mo Fan's face. The clothes he wore were soft and smooth, with the temperature of the man's body. Mo Fan's entire body was wrapped by the other's breath.

Lu Mingyuan doesn't smoke nor drink just because Mo Fan doesn't like the smell. The man has a faint smell of shower gel and a hint of home.

"Xiao Fan."

The stuffy voice came softly from the top of the head and Mo Fan softly said " En".

The man however didn't reply and only tighten his embrace. Mo Fan's cold body disperse and the entire person turned comfortable.

The two men quietly embrace one another without a trace of violation. The tall man was generous as if he was treating his most cherished objects. He placed the slender frame to lean in his arms while the youngster lean on his chest.

It was unexpectedly harmonious.

"Let's go back."

Mo Fan didn't feel cold instead he was feeling awfully fervent from head to toe. Obviously, the man didn't speak a word however he seems to be in an unprecedented hurry.

Lu Mingyuan complied however he didn't stop embracing the younster and only change the position of the embrace as they head back home. Mo Fan didn't ask the man about the purpose of his behaviour, it seems that if he did, an unpredictable circumstances would happened.

Mo Fan was unusually passionate tonight. Lu Mingyuan experience Mo Fan's complaint mood for the first time. Until the sky turns bright did they finally closed their eyes.

Lu Mingyuan ate satisfyingly and slept deeply, but Mo Fan opened his eyes again. His body was exhausted but his mind was very active. The system has secretly influence a change in his body's physique. And now, he can withstand the man's excessive demands.

Thinking of this, black lines appear on Mo Fan's face: Could it be that the system change his physique for this kind of thing? !

Mo Fan got up. Even in his sleep, the man seems conscious of Mo Fan's depature and circle around Mo Fan's waist, tightly. Mo Fan didn't move again, drape the clothes over his shoulder and lean against the headboard.

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