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Arc 3 Chapter 11


Translated by Rau


As soon as Lu Mingyuan came home, a certain someone came rushing over to him. He hurriedly reached out to catch him to enjoy Mo Fan's embrace.

Obediently moving from Mo Fan's excited face to the phone held up by the other party, Lu Ming Yuan carefully protect the young man in his arms, and lead the man to the living room.

"Their words is really interesting."

Seeing Mo Fan constantly fiddling with his phone, Lu Mingyuan felt helpless and broke off the other's attention ," My darling is the most attractive."

Mo Fan's ears immediately turn red, feeling embarassed. Lu MIngyuan didn't make it difficult for the youngster and lifted up the item in his hand," I brought it for you."

The youngster cheerfully took it and opened up the lead.

-- Evelina's cake.

Mo Fan likes to eat sweets especially cakes, and his favourite is Evelina's layered cake.

Taking out the complimentary spoon, Mo Fan cautiously scoop out a tiny amount into his mouth and chewed getnly in his mouth. Enjoying it with beautiful squinted peach eyes.

"It's delicious~" Mo Fan blinked his bright eyes, smiled and Lu Mingyuan lips curled upwards.

"En,"Lu Mingyuan replied, he lowered his head and suck on the youngster's lip, lick the other's lip and spoke in a deep voice, "Really good".

Mo Fan was dumbfounded and even forgotten to eat the cake.

Lu Mingyuan laughed and took the spoon from the other's hand, took a spoonful and fed it to the youngster's mouth.

The youngster subconsciously kept it in his mouth and look at Lu Mingyuan's good eye

After feeding the youngster in his arms, Lu Mingyuan hold him on his lap.

"Xiao Fan is full but i am still hungry."

Mo Fan turned around anxiously as he looked around to see nobody.

"This is the living room."

" Isn't it possible when nobody's around ,see?

Lu Mingyuan wanting permission, leaned into the dumbfouded Mo Fan's ear and spoke in a hoarse voice," Today i gave the others a day off. There are only the two of us in the house."

Mo Fan moved his legs uneasily. In the past, there were people in the house and they would go back to their room to do the deed. In such a spacious hall, a perculiar feeling rose in Mo Fan's heart. He felt somewhat shy and excited.

While Mo Fan thought deeply about it, the man was already kissing him. From the top of his soft hair to the slender neck...

Nothing particularly matter, its not raping or stealing. (无事献殷勤,非奸即盗)

Mo Fan glanced at the densely covered window curtains, rubbed his sore waist and felt that resting at home was a wrong choice.

The living room, kitchen, dining table...As long as there's space, both of them will do it. Mo Fan's voice was husky and was painful to bear.

"Xiao Fan..."

The man's voice came from behind, sounding unclear.


Mo Fan's voice was hoarse and sexy. After the event was sweet and unctuous.


His remaining words were smashed into pieces and Mo Fan was soon caught up in another whirlpool.

On the set, Mo Fan was sitting on one side watching the drama, sleepily. Lu Mingyuan meant to take a day off but Mo Fan was not easily fooled. Wouldn't it give the him a chance? Yesterday the other person tossed him around nearly the whole day and didn't let him go until early morning.

To get some sleep, Mo Fan felt that he lost his shamed as he said a lot of things he would never before say.

At present, The youngster sat on a chair with a hand resting on his chin, his gaze was blurry and his hair came down covering the pair of charming peach blossom eye, casting a shadow. His white and moist cheek has a tint of pink, giving off a delicate and lovely look. It seems that all of the noise was apart from ,immersed in a beautiful world, hazy and remote.

On the set, on the surface everyone seems to be dedicately occupied with work, but in fact, everyone's attention was on Mo Fan. The scene has already NG more than 5 times, but Mo Fan doesn't seem to notice it. His eyes was half-closed, not knowing what he was thinking.

Seeing that everyone was distracted, Xiang Jing left and appoached Mo Fan.

"Mo Fan,"Xiang Jing called exposing a smile he believe was good-natured.

After the movie was broadcasted, the response exceeded everyone's expectations , reaching hundreds of millions in box office. The movie is 'HOT!' In addition, the cast who plays a role was aflame. Everything was according to Xiang Jing imagination however he was the only one not included in the popularity.

At this moment, his reputation online was poor. There was a lot of people ridiculing his acting skills on Weibo and would forward the Weibo incident as evidence. Despite hiring the navy to bleach1 him, the result wasn't any obvious.

There was nobody supporting him and no team in the company was assigned to deal with the situation. Wanting to change the direction of the public opinion alone, has little effect.

Mo Fan's lax eyes refocused and he frowned in disgust at the sight of the person before him.

Mo Fan didn't hide his disgust. Xiang Jing couldn't ignored it but was forced to smile," Our scene has been dragged for a long time. I'm unaware if you have the time to fight with me but we shouldn't waste the crew's time

Xiang Jing hanged his head however the words reveal a certain meaning: Mo Fan is a busy person who put on airs to not act with the other and deliberately delay the crew time

Mo Fan too smiled. Who does Xiang Jing think he is? No one could rule over him? He caused trouble three or four time and he thinks that he wouldn't strike back? Does he think that just because he doesn't belong in this world, that he's superior? This is the first time he has seen someone as arrogant as him.

Mo Fan was simply lazy to deal with him but the other party mistaken it as being scared of him, who gave him that level of confidence?

"Xiang Jing isn't it because of your extremely poor acting skills that we NG repeatedly?"

Xiang Jing stood foolishly, everytime they NG Mo Fan would take the initiaitive to yell out 'stop'. This invertion of right and wrong and saying that the issue is his acting skills, Xiang Jing suddenly didn't know how to react.

"If it weren't for your extremely poor acting skills, i wouldn't have to yell 'stop' every time either."

Seeing that the situation was developing in a direction not benefitable to him, Xiang Jing put on wronged expression as if he had suffered injutice," I'm not"

Tsk tsk tsk, he's indeed a beautiful while lotus.

"If you denied it, how about asking for other's opinion?"

As the two man were speaking among themselves, two staff members was listening nearby from the beginning to the end. Mo Fan glanced at the two with inquiring eyes and the two hurriedly nodded.

"You're slandering !" Xiang Jing saved his disguised but his eyes contained anger.

"How did we slander you? Isn't your poor acting skill a fact? Take a look online, everyone is saying that you're the stain in the movie."

Xiang Jing was forced to take a step back by Mo Fan's overbearing attitude and with a steady body spoke," Those are all haters."

"Only when there are flaws to hate would it justified hating you".

Xiang Jing was dumbstruck and finding himself unable to reply, enragely shout out," Nonsense!" which attracted everyone on set to look over.

"What are you doing? Do you not want to act anymore?" The director curse as he came over. "Xiang Jing, it's you again. Stay with me and don't cause trouble for others."

Xiang Jing's eye rim turned faintly red with a hint of tears of grievance. It unexpectedly give a trace of allure, seeing this the director stood foolishly for a moment.

In order to conceal his lost of self-control, the director yelled out impatiently," Go. go. go".

"Director, Mo Fan deliberately embarrased me...."

Before Xiang Jing could even finished speaking the director interrupted Xiang Jing and drive out the others with a waved. So what if Mo Fan deliberately embarassed him? Can a small time actor with no power or influence demand him to offend Mo Fan to help him? How great.

"This Mo Fan ah, don't take it to heart. There will be people who are jealous of you so you don't have to listen to them," The director quickly fawned over Mo Fan and explained.

Mo Fan nodded indifferently and sat back down again.

The director noticed right away that Mo Fan was tired. Afraid that the other person would not be able to perform well today, he decided not to schedule any scene for him today .

In the corner, Xiang Jing felt the mocking look from everyone on the set, and the shame cause him to blush for a long time.

Xiang Jing shrank at the corner alone, resembling a pitiful injured animal. Xiang Jing has a baby face that gives out an innocent image, attached with a large tearful eyes, it brought a feeling of pity from others.

Xiang Jing receive a few obvious glances ,however he was completely unaware of it.

The author has something to say: Put some meat in the slag ,it seems that welfare are forbiden.

  1. Navy to bleach= In case people didn't understand. Since XJ is blacken (poor reputation) in the internet . He hired a group of people to whiten (bleach) the situation by writing something positive about him.

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