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Arc 3 Chapter 10


Translated by Rau

<<Good and Evil>> mainly talks about the entanglement of love and hate caused by the previous generation's gratitude and grudges. The male lead is the master martial art in Jianghu's son. When he was out for practice, he encoutered the female lead who is the daughter of an aristorcratic martial arts family and they travel the world together.

Where there is good, there is evil. The second male lead is the young master of the Demon sect. Compared to the ignorant male protagonist, the second male lead's grievances towards the previous generation could be described in detailed.

The second male lead's mother was originally the only daughter of the first's generation of martial arts in Jianghu, full of talent and beauty. She has been stubborn since childhood. Naive and immature, she head out to wander around the world, where she met the father of the male lead, the currrent martial art master.

The man was smart and handsome, and soon won the second male lead's mother's favor. In addition to the man rescueing her again and again in crisis, the two soon fell in love.

The second male lead's mother sneaked out of the villa and brought the man back to marry. Her father was so angry that he didn't like the man and was very harshed on him. After a long period , he observed the man's righteousness and demeanor, obtaining the forgiveness of the elder

With her father's approval, the second male lead's mother soon married the current martial art master and become a couple. Since the second male lead's mother used to make thing difficult for him, she become very devoted to him. Even going as far as stealing the secret book from the villa for him during her pregnancy.

The secret book is only passed down to direct relative. Since she was not motivated and since they are married, she decided it is a good idea.

Her father immediately noticed the event .Since the daughter was pregnant and the man has already read the book, as a father he couldn't be harshed. In the end, the woman's father simply took back the book and hid it.

The women soon gave birth to a son and thought that she live a happy life as. However a disaster soon came falling from the sky. The villa that consist of 360 people was destroyed overnight.

Quitely, in just one night, the villa was set on fire without a fight. The woman  spend the whole day searching for the culprit who killed her relatives and disciples. For the huge villa to be destroyed, the woman believed that it was done by someone on the inside

One day, the woman received an anonymous message stating that the culprit was her husband. The woman didn't believe it at that time as the man has already learned the secret, inherited the villa and become the leader of the martial arts.

The woman observed the man carefully and discovered the truth. Originally, he was a lawless man when he approached the women . He had thought of killing the women all together, but as she gave him a baby ,he had a trace of goodwill.

Learning that the women knows the truth and wanted to make it known, the man wanted to kill her. But in the end, the women was saved by the leader of the demon cult.

It turns out that the woman had rescued the leader of the devil sect during an attempted assasination. So he wanted to repay the women, when an opportunity rises. When he received the news that the women has gotten married and the villa was destroyed overnight, he secretly help the women find out the truth.

After saving the woman, the leader of the demon sect planted some spies, to spread the news that the man was the one who exterminate the wife's whole family . However , the image of the man was so well established, that no one believed it. And since it was spread by the demon cult, everyone thought that they were just slandering him.

Gradually, the woman no longer insisted and merely wanted to bring her son back. In the midst, the women fell in love with the leader of the demon cult and gave birth to another son, who is the second male lead.

In an attempt to bring back the first son from the man's hand, they were ambushed by the man and died. Since then, the truth of the matter was buried.

However, an old monk knew the truth and told the second male lead.  Since then, the second male lead committed to pulling the martial art master down from his place. As a result, the male and female lead was followed by the second male lead.

The second male lead knew that the male lead was his elder brother. In his heart, was admiration and the urge to get close to the male lead. Not noticing the second male lead's abnormality, the three people experienced many things together as they travel around the world. The second male lead graduallly fell in love with the female lead but since the male and female lead trully love each other, he kept his feeling in his heart.

The martial art master became aware of such a person appearing next to his son and was investigating it secretly. Discovering the true identity of the second male lead, he informed the male and female lead of his identity. The male lead was surprise and wounded the second male lead, who left sadly.

Afterwards, the three people would encountered one another however it was unlike how they were in the beginning.

During the period of time, the second male lead informed the male lead of the truth of the matter. The male lead couldn't believe it and investigated it with the female lead. It was discovered that the second male lead word's were true and in the end, he choose not to defend his father. Instead, he allowed him to suffered the punishment he deserved.

The male lead then attempted to persuade the second male lead to leave the demon sect, however, the second male lead was not happy and disappeared from the world since then. After a series of conspiracies, the male and female lead search for the truth and finally got together.

In the first half of the drama, the second male lead has always been with the male and female lead as a child from an unknown family. There was no spoiler about the true identity of the second male lead in the drama, until it was revealed by the martial art master.

In order to conceal his identity, the second male lead has never used the demon sect's martial arts. As a result, his martial arts was mediocre and he was repeatedly helped by the male lead. The second male lead was expose when he was besieged under the arrangement of the martial arts master, exposing his martial arts to save the other two.  

When the plot progresses to the point that the second male lead identity is about to be revealed, the editing of the movie was completed and the press conference of the movie will be held soon. Mo Fan did not need to attend the press conference since he was not the main lead or an important figure in the series. However, since Xiang Jing will attend, he can't be absent, right?

The press conference is Xiang Jing's opportunity to increase his exposure, and he will not let the opportunity passed by. As the second male lead in the series, he is qualified to attend.

On the day of the press conference, Xiang Jing found a studio specialize in styling and help him take care of his image.

The press conference went smoothly, when the audience's attention was focused on Mo Fan instead of him, the smile on his face went somewhat unbearable.

There were several people sitting on the front row when they were watching the movies and they could occasionally hear the remarks from the audience in the back row. When the movie ended, there was already a discussion about it online.

---Good looking, Good looking, Good looking. The protagonist is so attractive.

--- Terrible plot but really nice to look at.

---Does no one else find the actor for Yi He (the character played by Mo Fan) super good looking? I turned into a fan.

---Mo Fan was the one who fought with Xiang Jing on weibo some time ago.

---Speaking of it, it's obvious that Xiang Jing unilaterally causing trouble for Mo Fan, okay? His acting is so bad, its the biggest stain in the whole movie.

---Mo Fan is a beautiful, pure, unyielding, cute youngster

---Turning powder the same way (同路转粉)


Mo Fan's weibo did not send any notification, so he was not aware that his weibo had exploded, and the number of fans was rising at a rate of dozens per second.

What about Xiang Jing? Xiang Jing's cell phone remained silent. He turned on his phone after leaving the press conference, but the comments on him was negative. Instead, it was Mo Fan who become a headline on Weibo.

It must have been Lu Mingyuan controlling in secret.

Lu Mingyuan did help Mo Fan a lot, but Xiang Jing was wrong this time. Seeing the increasing amount of Mo Fan's fan, Lu Mingyuan was deeply happy in his heart but when he thought that Mo Fan would be liked by more people, he couldn't help feeling sour.

Therefore, when Mo Fan left the press conference and returned home, he saw a certain someone with stern expression and a wronged look in his eyes

Mo Fan raised an eyebrow and took off his jacket leisurely. The man took it up graciously like a wife welcoming her husband home. Thinking of this Mo Fan laugh, feeling he was a little cute.

At this time, the man looked slightly more aggrieved.

"What's wrong?" Mo Fan was not in a hurry as the man like to pretend to be pitiful in front of him, to gain sympathy and to collect benefit from him every time.

"More and More people are liking Xiao Fan."

"But you're the only one i like."

Mo Fan spoke without thinking, but the man got excited. This was the first time Mo Fan took the initiative to express his love to him. The consequence of the excitement was that the man tossed him harder on the bed. However, Mo Fan wasn't angry this time . Although he was tired, but his contented heart disperse his displeassure.

The next day, the man did not head to work and Mo Fan did not go to the crew and intended to take the day off.

Turning on his Weibo, the phone vibrate for more than a minute before it stopped. Mo Fan saw that the number of fans has reached millions. Mo Fan looked with a somewhat novelty feeling, at the comments asking for photos.

Mo Fan didn't apply beautification , took a few pictures and uploaded them.

The original owner looks good, but after Mo Fan took over, although there is no major change, the skin has improved and the entire temperament was by no means comparable to the original owner. Unknowingly, the attractiveness has rise up.

Compared to Mo Fan's current photo, the original owner are much inferior. With the appearance on the movie and the release of the hidden photos, Mo Fan instantly had a lot of fan.

---Professional has determine that this photo does not has any trace of PS and beautification.

---Photos without beautification are so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the actual person.

---Seeing the previous photos, it's not as good as now.

---Lick Lick Lick, i cant stop anymore. When you are still paying attenion to the photos, i am already deeply obsessed with his appearance.

---High energy ahead, pay attention to safety


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