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Arc 3 Chapter 16


Translated by Rau

Mo Fan was talking to Brother Mo, who had rushed back from the company after receiving the news, with a looked of admiration. Lu Mingyuan hasn't seen him smile for a long time and couldn't help feeling sour.

As the Mo's family was present, Lu Mingyuan only paid attention to Mo Fan's movements from the corner of his eyes. He didn't dare to do anything and chatted with Father Mo while Mother Mo on the other hand went to the kitchen to prepare for lunch. It was rare for Mo Fan to come home. In addition, Lu Mingyuan also came as a guest so she had to prepare carefully.

Mo Fan had always said that he wanted to be on his own and won't allowed his family to visit him. The Mo family missed him greatly. Mo Fan had just returned home, but he had to endure his family overwhelming amount of enthusiasm, who taken care of him from head to toe.

"Did that kid did anything to you?"

Brother Mo was two years older than Lu Mingyuan, there was nothing wrong with calling him that. He wasn't Father Mo or Mother Mo. Having seen a lot of nasty things between the younger generation, he could tell at a glance that Lu Mingyuan was looking at Mo Fan a little differently.

"What thing?" Mo Fan asked but his eyes evaded slightly.

Brother Mo gives a hostiled looked at Lu Mingyuan," Xiao Fan, if Lu Mingyuan acts strangely or bullies you. You must tell brother."

Brother Mo was unclear about what happened between the two and was worried that his inteference might backfire, so he did nothing.

Mo Fan obdiently nodded his head and Brother Mo, satisfied, instructed his younger brother again.

His own brother is simple and kind. Lu Mingyuan is a wolf, maybe Mo Fan was sold to help the other count the money.

Brother Mo was alarmed and didn't let him go easily. Lu Mingyuan didn't have the chance to be alone with Mo Fan. During the meal, the two's eyes met, Brother Mo's eyes implied a warning while Lu Mingyuan's eyes were dark and unable to detect his emotions. The exchange was brief, apart from the two parties involve, the other three present did not notice it.

Although Lu Mingyuan came in a hurry, he was very attentive to prepare gifts. Seeing that Father Mo pulled Brother Mo aside to talk, Lu Mingyuan used the excuse of going to the toilet to head upstairs to a certain person's room.

Since there are guest, Mo Fan would naturally not stay in his room for long. His clothes were dirty and when he went to change, Lu Mingyaun came in.

The servants won't enter the master's room and everyone was downstaris. So Mo Fan didn't locked the door and remove his clothes when a man embrace him from behind.

"Lu Mingyuan!" Mo Fan gasped lowly.

His parents and Big brother were downstairs, what should he say if they saw him?

Lu Mingyuan locked the door when he entered. Moreover Father Mo was discussing zestfully with Brother Mo about the calligraphy and painting he gave as a present, so nobody would come upstairs.

"Xiao Fan, you have to believe me. The pictures are all fake." Lu Mingyuan quickly explained.

Mo Fan struggled,"Who wants to hear you talk about that?"

"Xiao Fan, you had been ignoring me recently. It's difficult to bear," Lu Mingyuan took the initiative to show his weakness and adopted a pitiful look of being ignored.

Mo Fan burst with rage that Lu Mingyuan was cuddling with someone else and unexpectedly came to condemn him.

"Who is tangling with another person? Spoken like i'm the one who's wrong. Lu Mingyuan, you...." are a f**king asshole.

The unfinished words were blocked by the other's lips and tongue. It has been more than ten days since Lu Mingyuan taste his beloved. Suddenly he couldn't stop. In addition, Mo Fan's upper body was not covered, making it more convenient to move.

Mo Fan was jealous, the past misunderstanding seemed to disappear with a kissed. Lu Mingyuan found Mo Fan's jealous expression fascinating and couldn't help but turned his body to suck on the other's lip, uninterrupted.

'Knock knock' The sound of a knock on the door cause the intoxicated Mo Fan to become clear headed, opened his eyes to stare at the other who remain incessant.

"Mo Fan, Are you inside?"

Brother Mo found an excuse to head upstairs, asked the servants and learned that Lu Mingyuan had entered Mo Fan's room and felt bitterly regret. He had no idea that his younger brother had been stalked by such a wolf and he even placed his younger brother next to the other for over a year. If Lu Mingyuan hadn't suceeded, he wouldn't believe it. The looked that Mo Fan occasionally showed during the converstation with Mo Fan made Brother Mo even more certained of it

Mo Fan suddenly came home without prior noticed. If nothing happened between the two, Brother Mo wouldn't believe it to death. It must be that his younger brother was wronged and that's why he would ran back home like this.

It took several minutes for Mo Fan's voice to passed through the door," Brother, I will change my clothes and head down immediately."

Brother Mo remained unmoved," Hurry up. Dad is waiting for you. We can head down together. "

Mo Fan wrinkled his brows at the other side of the door and answered," Ok" towards Brother Mo and whispered to Lu Mingyuan," I'll go down with my brother first and you will come out later."

Lu Mingyuan knew very well that Brother Mo must have realised that there was something unusual going on between them. As the future brother in law, Lu Mingyuan doesn't dare to offend him too much and helplessly complied.

It was very difficult for Mo Fan to forgive him. He finally showed signs yet it seemed that it's going to fall.

Brother Mo was waiting outside when his eyes rested on Mo Fan's slightly redden] lips for a moment, glanced towards the door, and at Mo Fan's nervous look, he said, "Let's go."

Mo Fan nodded and let out a breath behind Brother Mo.

Lu Mingyuan followed him down the stairs and received Brother Mo's warning look.

Lu Mingyuan shamelessly stayed until evening for dinner. Mo Fan blurt out that he was going to stay at home during his vacation. Lu MIngyuan couldn't said goodbye and left.

Brother Mo," I'll send you off."

Lu Mingyuan guessed that Brother Mo had something to say to him and nodded as he followed the man out.

The next day, Lu Mingyuan arrived at the Mo's household at dinner time," Aunt and uncle. Since Xiao Fan isn't at home, it felt weirdly quite to eat at home alone. I wander if you wouldn't mind if i came to have a meal."

"During the time my Fanfan has been taken care by you. It's just a meal, why would we mind. Even if you come every day, we would still welcome you."

"Aunt, then as you said. When the moment comes please don't dislike me".

"No. No."

After dinner, when Mo Fan went up the stairs, Lu Mingyuan offered to visit the other's room. Brother Mo only gave a warning glance at Lu Mingyuan but didn't stop him.

After entering the room, Lu Mingyuan began to pour his grievance towards Mo Fan. No matter how much Mo Fan thought, once he saw Lu Mingyuan's body covered with bruises and purple patch. It couldn't help dissipated.

"What happened? Who did you get into a fight with?"

"Future big brother."

"My brother?"

Lu Mingyuan nodded and put out a docile looked," I didn't retaliated". It was quite aggravating.

Mo Fan was concerned about the other side. He didn't care and said urgently, "Does big brother know?" 

"Big brother is smart that he guessed it as soon as I walked in."

"He is my big brother not yours."

Lu Mingyuan roguishly said," He would be my big brother as well in the future."

Mo Fan was applying medicine for the man when he heard Lu Mingyuan's proud voice, increased the force of his hand , causing Lu Mingyuan to suck in cold air.

When Brother Mo was beating him up, he picked inconcpicuous area and control his strength enough that it doesn't cause wound but every location caused pain. It was Lu Mingyuan's punishment for abducting his younger brother. Lu Mingyuan also knew what he had done weren't sincere and silently bear it.

Later when Mo Fan asked Lu Mingyuan what he had said to Brother Mo. Lu Mingyuan's indescridable expression caused Mo Fan to gnash his teeth. It wasn't until they had been together for more than a decades did Brother Mo mentioned that Lu Mingyuan had kneeled down towards him with a convinced look on his face and ever time he thought back on it, he couldn't forgot how shocked he felt at first. The other party kneels not to show weakness rather because he trully respect him as an elder. Kneeling to the sky and kneelin to his parents, he was that parents.

As long as their son was happy and wasn't in any harmed, Mo's parents are satisfied. Even though they knew that Mo Fan was in love with a man, as long as the other party is trustworthy, they won't have much of an opinion. Brother Mo was the only one who was really upset about it.

Mo Fan was born late. Brother Mo had just taken charge of the company when Mo Fan had just graduated middle school. He did not want to be an excuse for Mo Fan's stress and fun, and played the role of a strict father in Mo Fan's life, urging him to improve. It is fair to say that Brother Mo is largely responsible for Mo Fan's success in growing up without learning anything bad.

Father Mo was famous for listening to his wife. In the past, Mother Mo disclipined and restrained her eldest son too much. With the younger son she was more indulgent but Father Mo doesn't care about about this and the responsibility fell on Brother Mo's shoulders. Lu Mingyuan is well aware of the role Brother Mo played in Mo Fan's life and consider him as an elder to seek approval from.

Brother Mo was appreciative of this person who was younger than himself, but had superior abilities and never engaged in things that were not appropriate. But that doesn't mean that he wouldn't be angry, and the beating he deserved was unavoidable. The hesitation at the beginning was vented away in Lu Mingyuan's actions. For someone as arrogant as Lu Mingyuan to make such an action, it was evident that he was sincere.

Later when Father Mo and Mother Mo found out the truth, they understood clearly and was unopposed. The credit was due to Brother Mo's early preparation and asssisting the two speak.

Mo Fan wasn't really angry about the photo in the first place. Seeing Lu Mingyuan running to the Mo household everyday without the usual high and mighty look. A few days down the road, he relaxed and went back home with the other.

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