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Arc 3 Chapter 17 (Final)


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At the other end, Xiang Jing learned that Mo Fan had returned home before he could have the time to enjoy. For several days, Lu Mingyuan would visit the Mo's house everyday and finally Mo Fan followed Lu Mingyuan home. Xiang Jing was so angry that he broke some of the room decorations.

Why doesn't Mo Fan care? As soon as they had a falling out and separated, he would make sure that those two would never be together again.

The day after Mo Fan meets the Mo family, Xiang Jing had send a copy of Mo Fan's and Lu Mingyuan's intimate photos but he didn't hear any news. The two of them were never intimate outside other than at home and in the company. It was impossible for them to be photographed in the two location. The fact that Xiang Jing was able to get his hands on those photos was a huge achievement.

The photos was intercepted by Brother Mo. He wasn't going to expose the relationship between those two until he thought of a way for Father and Mother Mo to naturally accept it. Clearly Lu Mingyuan thought similarly.

The photos was handed to Lu Mingyuan by Brother Mo who promised that he would find the culprit.

Without any warning, Xiang Jing was quickly discovered. Lu Mingyuan lowered his eyes and ordered the man few things. Soon, Mo Fan learned from the system that Lu Mingyuan had taken several indecent photos of Xiang Jing.

Lu Mingyuan had originally disdained using such dirty tricks but learning that Xiang Jing ha planned to use them on Mo Fan, he returned it directly to him.

When Xiang Jing woke up surrounded by a group of naked people, his heart almost collapsed.

When Mo Fan retuned to the Lu's house, he once again become the teenager that was fond of sticking to Lu Mingyuan. Lu Mingyuan didn't think about the person Mo Fan sees through him. As long as Mo Fan doesn't leave him and that person doesn't show up, he doesn't wish for the accident to arise again and caused a great waves.

Mo Fan's indifference made Lu Mingyuan understand that he was just an ordinary person and that everything that the outside world imposed on him couldn't even compare to a look of concerned from Mo Fan.

Although Lu Mingyuan no longer cared, he would feel sour whenever he unintentionally recalled it in his heart. Once again the two of them were close. Lu Mingyuan would chased and inquire about who was the man and Mo Fan unable to bear it, would repeatedly retorted that there wasn't any. Lu Mingyuan was elated but he felt slightly disbelief. At that time Mo Fan's eyes could not deceive anyone.

Mo Fan couldn't help deliberately move the stone and smashed his own foot. Often the man would used this reasons to toss him around. If you want to commit suicide, kneel down till the end.

Many time elapsed and Lu Mingyuan realized that Mo Fan was only angry at him. But such a good excuse to eat meat, he must exploited it well. Every now and then, Xiao Fan would be especially obedient and he couldnt help but tossed the other back and forth several times, Eating slowly and enjoying.

The reason why Lu Mingyuan hasn't give out the photos in his hand was because Mo Fan has said to let him come.

Lu Mingyuan was amused that he actually speculated that Mo Fan would liked someone like that. But Lu Mingyuan wouldn't say anything to Mo Fan about the terrible matter.

Mo Fan is currently on an entertainment gameshow that exposed the celebrities secrets as the selling point of the program. In the past few years, Xiang Jing's career has been flourishing, while Mo Fan has lost interest in the entertainment industry and has been staying at home all day as an aspiring young man waiting to die. But the fans would always remember the young man who only starred in a movie and a TV series with amazing looks and remarkable temperament.

The semi-retired Mo Fan's sudden appearance on such an entertainment show has instantly captured the fan's attention. Aside from the occasional Weibo pictures, Mo Fan hasn't appear in the public eye for a long time.

"Next, we have Mo Fan, who has been hailed by his fans as 'the most attractive in the entertainment industry' appearing on stage."

Following the host's annoucenement, the live audience let out an earth-shaking cheer.

"It seems that Mo Fan is the fan's favourites."

As the years grew older, time never seemed to leave a mark on the young man. Beautiful but not enchanting with peach blossom eyes, a delicate and pure face, still unimaginably beautiful.

"Thank you."

"Let's see if the guest with the ' the most attractive ' really lived up to his name. According to the makeup artist backstage, Mo Fan is not wearing makeup, right?"

"If the eyebrows doesn't count."

"Up close the skin is trully good, the pores are practically invisible. As a male, i can't help but be jealous."

The host made a joke and Mo Fan turned bashful which caused another scene.

"Below we have the popular star, Xiang Jing, who seem to rise everyday."

"Hello everyone."

Xiang Jing has alreay faded from the initial pure image, exude an allure in his actions. Xiang Jing's seductive beauty has been deeply fond by the fans but with Mo Fan on his side, his temperament and appearance are slightly shorter in comparison.

After several years of seeing Mo Fan again, Xiang Jing's heart filled with hate but his face continue to smile. After the incident, he was frightened for a while but when the outside world was serene, he gradually forgot but the shadow of the incident was impossible to get rid of.

This time there were a total of six guests who came to the show and they were divided into two groups to carry out a few mental and strength games. Mo Fan and Xiang Jing were in two different teams. Dring the period due to Mo Fan's presence, Mo Fan's team was always in the lead.

"It's definitely possible to make a living relying on your face But you also need strength. Our Mo Fan could answer this kind of questions! But It's true. Mo Fan has always occupied the first place in school. A top student."

On the third round, The host asked an academic question and apart from Mo Fan nobody else could answer.

"The game has finally came to an end, our red team had won a complete victory in the competition while the blue team has to take a punishment oh~"

The so-called punishment was a complex drink that made by mixing it with all kinds of thing. Many celebrities have been defeated by that drink in previous episodes, exposing various kinds of disgraceful situation.

Since the program is about exposing celebrities' private life, there are about to be many Q&A segments. The question wouldn't be too deep but they are a good way for fans to find out the celebrities' true self. In order to increase the authenticity, the questions are not be shared with the program's guest in advance and some directors would go on stage to decipher the questions.

At the end of the program there would be a grand finale, the dare segment. The program would placed six slips of paper in an airtight box and each person would take a piece and followed the above instructions.

The program set the content within acceptable limits. The first four were followed one by one , Mo Fan was the fifth and Xiang Jing was last.

The program used celebrities' privacy as a platform for celebrities to raise their popularity by arousing the audience's curiosity. It rank the top among the same category. In addition, some popular celebrities like to use this platform to attract fans and increased their popularity. Later on, it becomes more and more difficult to get on to the program

"Let's take a look at what did Mo Fan get?"

After the lottery, the guest are not allowed to read their slip of paper. Only when it was their turned will the host annouced it in order to prevent the guest from preparing in advanced.

The content of the slip of paper was clearly displayed on the large screen . It was one of the least difficult tasks.

---Call the person on the latest call history on your mobile phone and confessed.

In the mobile phone directory, the calllers are all people who they are extremely closed with. Even with the addition of a confession, it wouldn't cause any great waves. As such, it is the easiest tasks. The other easiest task is 'look through the last ten photos on your phone."

"It seems that Mo Fan's luck is great. First, let's get our staff members to return their phone. Audience don't worry, the mobile phones are all kept by the staff member in advance to avoid any tempering offstage.

Mo Fan reluctantly unlocked his phone. For privacy purpose, the camera did not display the mobile phone's interface.

"Do you want to know who was Mo Fan's recent call?" The host asked on stage.


"Alright, let's see...." The host line of sight fell on the phone's interface and he let out a soft "huh"

Mo Fan wasn't fond of the programs but signed up for the convenience of the operation. However, even if he was blown up, Mo Fan felt like there was nothing wrong with that. They had already discussed the issued and had planned ahead.

"The wave of anemic. Would you like to say anything in advance, Mo Fan?"

"No Need." Mo Fan said helplessly.

The audience on the floor urged softly. The host's performance had piqued their curiosity.

"Good, Don't worry everybody. You're going to make ton's of money from this info." The host uses his hand to block out any unnecessary information. The screen displayed Mo Fan's most recent caller - wife-.

"Ah--" Screaming and buzzing could be heard as the audience began disucssing.

"Quiet everyone." The host began to maintained the order on the set," I'm so amazed at how great Mo Fan kept such a secret! Im also curious as to who is this 'wife', but let's let Mo Fan finished the call first and complete the task before we can do other things, Like asking for the real identity of the person himself."

The audience quited down and they looked forward to see who owned the title rather than the call itself.

Mo Fan had a helpless look on his face with a faint smile the whole time. At first, Lu Mingyuan lable his number to 'husband', but Mo Fan had threatened not to sleep with him until he changed it to one that Mo Fan was satisfied with. For Lu Mingyuan, as long as he maintain his position in bed, he would be happy.

"du du du" the connection sound echoed loudly and clearly around the set. All at once the set were silence as the audience maintained quiet.

"Hey". A deep and sexy male's voice.

Some audience cover their mouth in alarm, but most are guessing that someone else had picked up the phone.

"I like you."Mo Fan sounded a bit helpless but with a hint of warmth.

There was no sound coming from the phone.

Mo Fan knew that Lu Mingyuan was watching the programs, movies and TV show he was in, back and forth for several times.

Mo Fan once asked Lu Mingyuan why would he watched the person on TV when the real person were right in front of him?

"It's a different you. All of you." Lu Mingyuan replied.

The entire audience held their breath, waiting for the other side's responsed. The people crouched in front of the screen watching the live broadcast also subconsciously breathed lightly.

"Xiao Fan."

Mo Fan gave a 'En'.

"Let's get married."

The live audience and the entire TV audicence were all stunned.

What kind of operation is this? Proposing in front of the entire audience?

At last, everyone reacted to the fact that they were watching the program.

---My Fan have a lover

---It's a man. It's a man. It's a man

---Where do i attack? I can't believe it.

The audience began exchanging of words and crazily scrolling down the barage on the screen, expressing their surprise.

As the calls continued, the host felt that the phone in his hand was extremely hot.


---I can't believe he just said yes.



The sentence was on everyone's mind.

The man on the other end of the phone laughed softly, very attractively.

"I'll be waiting for you to come back."

The call wass disconnected and the host was unable to react.

---This isn't just a declaration of love but also coming out of the closet!

"So surprising." The host mumbled the phrase multiple time. "May i take the liberty to asked you, who you're future....... spouse is?"

"It might not be convenient but we'll let everyone know once we get married."

"Forgive me for bring rude. I think everyone is as surprised as i am that you came out of the closet like that. Are you not afraid of your family opposition?"

"Our family has consented."

"It seems that you have received everyone's bessing. Here, i offer my blessigns too."

Mo Fan smiled bashfully.

"So, have you considered how this would affect your career?"

Mo Fan thought about it and said," He was the reason why i got into the entertainment industry, so i would probably retire."

Screams of 'no' suddenly echoed below.

"So he's someone in the entertainment circle?"

"Sort of."

"I guess the other guy isn't an actor."

Mo Fan nodded.

"The we will look forward for Mo Fan to introduced the real identity at the wedding."

Even though there were still many questions, the host kept his duty in mind.

"Audience don't forget. Although Mo Fan had brought us a huge surprised but there is still the final guest. Aren't you curious? Maybe something more exciting contents ~"

The audience's minds were not paying attention because everyone know that there was nothing as surprising as Mo Fan getting married to someone of the same sex. However, this time, they had guessed wrong, and today's program was filled with up and down.

The slip of paper Xiang Jing drew was -View ten photoes from the recent album in the mobile phone.

Xiang Jing was indifferent as the latest photos in his phone were just some newly taken selfies. But when the photos were shown on the big screen, it turned into pictures of silvery image od fleshy lust(照片却变成了一幅幅肉体横呈的银欲画面). The program quickly stop recording but the audience had already seen that one of the faces highlighted was that of Xiang Jing.

If Mo Fan's coming out was a blessing after surprise, then those photos of Xiang Jing were companied by crusade of disgust.

At the same time, series of photos were spread on the internet. Because of this, the program was quickly ended because of the incident. When Xiang Jing stepped down from the stage, the eyes of the off stage staff were disgusted, unbelivable and evil....the manager's face were anxious as he step forward and hand back the mobile phone to Xiang Jing.

No, they didn't see it, it didn't happen.

Xiang Jing's mind was a mess and one line finally crossed his mind - He was finished.

The author has something to say: Suddenly wanting to abuse. In the end, halfway through the abuse, the abuse stopped. I wonder if it would be unbecoming.

The author's brain is full of ideas. If you can't torture the heart, then torture the body. The author's next story is going to be a torture story!

Rau has something to say: Arc 3 ended. Arc 4 has 21 chapter. Spoiler for arc 4. Its an age gap story.

Ending it in a suspense. I am going for a 10 weeks internship so until late Feb there would not be any released. I will try to translate as much as possible when i'm free and probably do quick released as a celebration. See yall next time.

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