EP - 037 - Class Observation (2)

   <System Message>


   [ ‘Skill: Fatal Charm’ Activated! ]

   [ Villain’s favorability has greatly increased! ]

   [ Rewards are added to the Gift tab! ]


That's right.

I smiled as I glanced at the audience.

I can’t see where Gideon was because there's simply too many people. But since I got this system prompt at this time, it only meant him. 

‘…Actually, this is a scam.’

The setting of the story was that the foundation of the First Archduke Tristan's swordsmanship is the ‘basics reaching the peak’.

Anticipating everything the opponent will do and moving one step ahead, dominating the opponent through defense alone.


Of course, if someone could do that, there wouldn't be any opponents they couldn't defeat.

It's a level of swordsmanship where one could slice through space and distort time. If you can't do such a thing, you wouldn't even be at the starting point.

And, if you can actually do that, then that’s a whole different story.

‘…I can use Elnore later.’

In the game, it's called ‘Infinite Veil’.

It is an absolute defense that blocks and deflects all attacks, needing nothing but a single sword.

Compared to such an insane skill, what I'm doing right now is practically a joke.

However, I can roughly imitate the effect. 

Swords, magic, miracles and blessings. Whatever it may be.

As long as I know the timing, I can ‘deflect’ all of them using Tristan Style Swordsmanship. 

“What, what is this?”

“How can you use a sword against magic…!”

I casually knocked down the poor confused fella who said that. 

Even when Desperation is only raised to C Grade, it's more than enough to deal with an average freshman. 

Having my back to the corner covers my blindspot, so I don’t need to worry about attacks coming from behind. I could simply focus on the students in front.

As a result, only a total of three people, including myself, were left standing on the arena.

Well, one person…

“I will forfeit.”


“I can’t beat Hyeongnim anyway. 2nd and 3rd place have the same reward, right?”

Tallion readily raised his hand, while saying so. 

His clean forfeit declaration was so surprising that even the referee was taken aback.

“…What were you even doing here then?”

“Oh, I came because they said there's prize money.”


Aren't you the son of a Viscount, why are you impoverished?

Don't you have pocket money? 

“I have to pay an additional fine for getting involved with Marquis Riverback.”

“…Is that so?”

“Yeah. Oh, by the way.”

As Tallion exited with light steps, he passed by me and slightly lowered his head.

“Be careful of that person, Hyeongnim.”

At the end of Tallion’s finger was the last other person on the arena, who's wearing gloves. 

They were cracking their knuckles.

Purple hair poked out from their hood. Judging by their physique...

‘…A woman?’

As I frowned, Tallion spoke again.

“I’m just here for the money… but that person over there seems a bit dangerous.”


“She seemed to enjoy beating people, and has been tormenting her opponents to the end.”

In fact, I could see several students lying around, half covered in blood.

As Tallion left the arena, I scanned the other party from head to toe.


Yes. I totally agree with what Tallion said.

A person like that would thrive in a place like this.

“What, you're not coming?”

As I looked at her with a firm expression, she suddenly said. 

“Then shall I go?”

Then, a chill ran down my spine.

It’s a familiar feeling.

This was the same gap that I felt when I faced Elijah without any stat boost.

   [ A moment of danger has been detected. ]

   [ Determined the situation as life-threatening. ]

   [ Skill: Desperation raised to EX Grade. ]


As soon as the opponent's figure "disappeared," I instinctively activated the skill. 

   [ ‘Skill: Swordsman's Focus’ has been activated! ]

   [ Reaction speed and precision has been increased! ]

The world around slowed down. 

My reaction time has improved dramatically to the point where it feels like the entire world had been turned into slow-motion footage. 

This was because of the overlap between this skill and Desperation EX.

‘…Such a cheat.’

While thinking so, my expression suddenly hardened seeing what's in front. 

Even in a slow motion world, someone was moving exceptionally fast.

Sure, it was at walking pace, but considering the speed at which the surroundings was slowed down, this was an insane speed.


I gritted my teeth and tried to take a defensive stance, but my body was too slow.

‘…Ah, that’s right.’

Just because my reaction speed is faster doesn't mean my body is the same.

After waiting for my body to be in position, I released the skill with a wry smile.

And at the same time, a fist came crashing against my sword. 


…Was there just sparks?

From a sword and a fist?


As I took a few steps back from the rebound, the woman wiggled her hand in surprise.

She didn't seem to expect that I could block her attack. 


“Eh, I thought you're inept?”

Soon, her momentum violently changed.

Since she's wearing a very low hood, her eyes weren't visible, but the sinister smile exposed under definitely was.

It's the look of a beast who found their prey.

“So you were holding back?”

Then her arms and legs started to emit a colorful aura.

It feels completely different from the magic that mages use or the divine power of priests.

As soon as I saw that, another chill ran down my spine.

“I concede.”

I promptly raised my hand and said so.

“… You concede?”


I replied to the dismayed referee. 

I didn't have a single scratch on me. And the situation became even more absurd considering that I boasted a speed that rivals Tallion's.


Uh. No. 

It would be delusional to think that I can defeat this person, who will be charging at me with full force, with my current strength.


Thinking so, I tried to quickly leave the arena, when the other party called out. 

“What are you doing? It was starting to get interesting.”



I already forfeited. 

But if I just leave without saying a word here, I felt like she would chase me down. So... 

“No, that would be troublesome.”


“If you start using magic here, what do you think would happen?”

It's true.

A magic power that only the members of the Tribal Union can use is particularly effective in body enhancement. Even with Desperation at EX Grade, I cannot guarantee victory against her.

No. It's impossible to confront this person in the first place.

‘Warchief’s daughter, please…!’

Riru Garda, a key character in Chapter 5.

The second daughter of the Tribal Union's Warchief. A sadist who enjoys beating people.

Above all...

‘…She's currently stronger than Elnore, right?’

Especially considering that Elnore and Elijah haven’t fully grown yet.

If I were to face her right now, I would be a cold corpse in less than three seconds.

I don't know why she participated in this event, but anyway, running away is the best course of action right now…!


I quickly made my way down the arena with my back facing the other party. I have no intention of turning around. Meanwhile, Riru’s eyes followed me all the way. 


Until my figure completely disappeared from her sight.

That is why. 

“…He knows my magic? A man from the Empire.”

I was no longer there to hear Riru’s muttering.

   [ Skill: Fatal Charm has been conditionally activated! ]

   [ Excellent timing! You planted a seed that will explosively increase favorability in the future! ]

   [ Next successful activation will have double the effect! ]


I don't know, I couldn't be bothered.

I have long given up trying to analyze why this happens.

I can understand that I'm starting to get Gideon's attention, but who is this supposed to be?



Of course, what is even more incomprehensible is the current situation.

Right after the sparring, I was kidnapped by someone as I was leaving the arena. 

A maid standing nearby hands me a cup of tea.

Of course, I don't have time to care about such things.

Because the person I was facing in front was enough to make me break out in a cold sweat.

“…It is an honor meeting you, Archduke Tristan.”

He simply closed his eyes and nodded.

It’s been this way since earlier.

It feels suffocating if I leave it quiet for too long.

The atmosphere felt like ice. There's a certain aura emanating from him that puts those around on edge. 

And, this person is a leading powerhouse of the Empire that could not only erase me, but also my entire family's territory with a single word. 

This is just one of the many reasons to be nervous about.

‘…I did expect him to be interested.’

For some reason, this man has great interest in the swordsmanship of the First Archduke Tristan.

Just by showing him a little bit of insight, he immediately called me for a 1:1 meeting. 

Or, perhaps, it's because of his daughter.

“Dowd Campbell.”

I jumped in surprise hearing him suddenly talk like that. 

“What is your relationship with my daughter?”


It sounded like a father grilling his daughter’s boyfriend, but I know that that's not what he meant.

“…The Princess always helps me. She has been of great assistance in my academy life-”

“Did you learn the sword from her?”


This is a signal. 

I forced a smile in front of Gideon, who's exuding an icy chill.

“…She only taught me the simple downward slash.”

Gideon’s eyes, which were closed, slowly opened.

The sharpness of his eyes made me feel like he could cut me with just his gaze. I could feel my palms getting moist. 

“Then where did you learn our family's swordsmanship?”


Facing his gaze, I took a deep breath.

Yes. There’s no way he wasn’t able to recognize it.

From here, it becomes crucial.

In fact, this is the beginning of the plan in Chapter 2 Boy King. 

First things first, let's do what we do best.

“I'm sure the Archduke is aware of it.”

And that is. 



“The Sword Saint has always been unpredictable. Even going as far as discovering ‘talented children’ in rural areas.”


“With enough talent, he even teaches them the difficult Tristan Style Swordsmanship.”

Gideon’s eyes narrowed.

The coldness in the air seethed even stronger, threatening to freeze up my blood. 

Of course, that's a lie.

The Sword Saint, who is both the teacher of Archduke Tristan and the current head of the Elfante Knights School, is a person who repeatedly seeks out geniuses throughout the continent and trains them in swordsmanship.

As his existence is hardly known to the public, just the fact that I know his identity adds some credibility to my lie.

“…Are you implying that we're under the same teacher?”

“That’s right.”

I dryly swallowed hearing Gideon say that. 

Next, the game starts.

To be honest, this lie will easily be exposed. Someone like Gideon has plenty of ways to verify the truth.


That's why, I have to cover it up.

“And, he entrusted me with a request. He asked me to do something if I ever meet the Archduke.”

From what I’ve experienced so far.

The best way to hide a tree is to create a forest.

A big lie to cover a little one.


So, what I’m going to do is...

“Archduke Tristan.”

Keep on scamming. 

“What do you think about learning the sword from me?”

And if I'm gonna do it. 

I'll do it as grand as possible.

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