EP - 036 - Class Observation

   < Gift-related Character Notification >


   ▼ Yuria Greyhounder


   [ Interest Level 1 ]

   [ Rewards Available! ]

I stroked my chin as I stared at the system window in front of me.

‘…Interest Level 1 right from the get-go.’

I guess it's because her affiliation is evil, that's why her favorability progressed faster than normal.

It’s all the more if you consider that Elijah was still at Interest Level 4.

I have no idea how this happened. 


Well, when has this ever happened at a time I expected?

And this. 

   [ Received Gift Reward from ‘Yuria’. ]

   [ ‘Skill: Swordsman's Focus’ has been acquired! ]


   < Skill Info >


   [ Skill: Swordsman's Focus ] [ Grade: B ]

   [ Temporarily grants heightened focus during combat. When used, reaction speed and precision are maximized. ]

‘…Is this allowed?’

Desperation increases my stats, therefore increasing my physical abilities. However, this particular type of enhancement had a different feel to it. 

It maybe graded as B, but if combined with Desperation, the performance it would yield would be close to a cheat.

Even when used alone, the benefits that can be gained during combat would be tremendous.

“Young Master! Long time no see!”

As I was thinking so, I saw a gentleman in a suit waving at me from afar.

Butler Herman is an elder who has served the Campbell Family for a long time.

He has been with the family longer than my own father, who is the master of the house.

With the above said, Herman had a peculiar aura that only a master of their craft exuded. Everything he does felt unhurried and relaxed. 

“…Is Elfante always like this?”

“You could say that.”

Yet, even someone like Herman couldn't hide his surprise by the scale of the event that is Elfante's Class Observation. 

In fact, there's not that a lot of people nearby. 

However, if you look closer on who they are...

There were big-time merchants, nobles, and even a nation's royalty.

Who would've thought that such giants would gather in one place for some school ‘class observation’?

“No, even so…”

Herman brushed his beard and looked at the massive square arena in the center of the building.

“…That, doesn't it seem a little dangerous?”

Herman's gaze was drawn to the magitech display installed near the arena.

With such a heavyweight crowd, the class observation is filled with things that deviates significantly from its original purpose.

Presenting subpar spectacle that would bore high-profile people, that came here from all over the place to watch, is simply impossible. 

That's why they've prepared this.

A student battle royale.


This isn't an event you'd normally expect to find in an academy but rather in a colosseum. However, surprisingly, this is a historic tradition that's been going on since the early days of Elfante's establishment.

Truly a dreadful place.

“But, if I may ask, is the Young Master also participating in the middle there?”

“…Well, yes.”

Herman said with worry. However, I can’t just let this opportunity pass. 

This is my only chance to capture Gideon's attention.

“…I don’t know if the Lord will be proud or terrified with this.”

I smiled wryly as Herman said so. 

‘We're not even at the terrifying part yet.’

Be it Elijah or Elnore, no joke, even one of them will turn the whole territory upside down. 

′′This matter… concerns me. It seems like all sorts of people are in attendance. I even saw people from the Holy Kingdom on my way here.”

“…Is that so?”

I responded with a squint.

Considering the timing and affiliation, that group probably includes the Saintess and the ‘Boy King’.

Their time of arrival was much faster than expected. Originally, the earliest they come should've been the next month.

‘As expected.’ 

The flow of the scenario is accelerating.

The fact that both of them are coming here means that both the Holy Kingdom and the devil worshipers are starting to make big moves. 

The reasons may be different for each, but it is clear that both sides want something within this academy.

‘…I have some rough ideas on what they might be.’

And my task is to make it hard for them. 

I neither want to get close to the Holy Kingdom nor the devil worshipers.

As I pondered, Herman continued with a smile.

“Well, since it's an event with a large number of participants, it would be nice to show a great performance. It will also increase your popularity among the female students.”

“…Yes, well.”

“That's right, isn’t there another event following the class observation? It will be easier to find a partner. I heard that the Lord also met the Lady there…”

“…I’ll take my leave now.”

You shouldn't bring up such scary stories.

I could feel cold sweat rolling down my spine as Elijah and Elnore’s faces came to mind.

‘I got work to do…’

That is, to impress Gideon, who will be among the crowd, using the Tristan Style Swordsmanship.

   < Mastery Info >


   [ Attribute: Tristan Style Swordsmanship ] [ Grade: General ]

   [ Current Proficiency: 0% ]


   [ Master Sword Technique of the Tristan Duke Family. ]


   [ ■ Can exert a certain level of power regardless of weapon. ]

   [ ■ When equipped with a longsword, can use ‘Deflect’. ]

   [ ■ When equipped with a longsword, can partially ignore the opponent's defense and inflict damage. ]

The key thing here is the second effect.


It's a parrying technique that can neutralize the opponent's attack if timed correctly. It's a system that exists in almost every game in some shape or form.


For a veteran who has mastered the ‘timing’ in the game to a perverted level, one would be able to create some pretty interesting situations. 


With a bitter smile, I grasped my longsword.

To be honest, what I'm about to do is halfway between a scam and a farce. You could even call it a skit.

However, this skit...

Will be gobbled up by the Empire's strongest Knight. 

A dry tension filled the spectator stands.

Given their status, they'd probably chat and have some social interaction with each other.

After all, everyone here is either a Leader or a Head, or someone close. 

Well, 'probably'.

That's what would have happened if it had not been for the presence of the man sitting in the middle. 

“Why is he here…?”

“Um, I don't know either…”

The two people talking look like royalties from somewhere.

However, this 'person' was someone even they cannot afford to offend. 

Gideon Galestead La Tristan. The Empire’s strongest Knight. Archduke Tristan.

Everyone's eyes were focused on him, but despite being in the spotlight, the man remained unfazed. He simply looked down at the arena with indifference.

“Huh, Gideon? What brings you here?”

Of course, in Elfante, there is usually at least one individual who can initiate a conversation regardless of the other party's position or title.

For example, Conrad Baltador, the Dean of the Knights School.

Gideon’s gaze slowly turned to his direction.


Seeing Gideon only give a slight nod, without getting up or saying a word, Conrad smirked.

That's right. This much of a response is already significant. 

If it weren't for the fact that they both trained under the same Master, Gideon would have just completely ignored him.

“So what kind of wind blew a guy with such a heavy hip here?”

Without waiting for an answer, Conrad casually slumped down beside Gideon. 

Being so close together, Conrad was able to discover something that others hadn't noticed.

“…What happened to your arm?”

Conrad pointed out Gideon’s bandaged arm, which made him momentarily frown.


Seeing Gideon quickly cover his arm with his cloak, Conrad chuckled.

“You're still at it, huh? Catching up with the First Archduke Tristan?”

If the Empire's strongest knight was getting hurt to this extent, then there's no other explanation. 

Gideon often does this. He would engage in crazy endeavors that others would not imagine as 'training'. And all of it was to catch up with the First Archduke, the Sword Saint.


“Hey, you don't need to push yourself too hard, you have a child-”


Gideon spoke in a low voice.

“That's enough.”

At the same time, a chilling air swept up like blades slicing through the air. 

“You know what I hate.”

The surrounding people were cold sweating buckets. Meanwhile, Conrad was surprised. 

‘…This bastard, he got even stronger?’

Although Gideon was stronger than him before, the gap he felt from the aura just now was bewildering.

In the past, he's at least able to win three or four times out of ten fights. 

But now, he feels that no matter how many times they would fight, he'll lose every single one.

“…Ah fine. I get it. I won't bring up your daughter. So, how did your arm end up like that?”

As Conrad causally let it go, Gideon took back his frown and regained composure. 

Then, with a shallow sigh, he replied.

“…I was training based on the passages left by the Sword Saint. It is a virtue that is the foundation of all swordsmanship he left behind.”

“What was it?”

“Take Mt. Tai as your own.”


Is he serious, what the hell is he talking about?

Conrad asked with a frown. 

“So what did you do?”

“I tried cleaving a mountain first.”


“It didn’t go well.”

“…You thought that would work?”

Right. Looking at it like this, they are definitely father and daughter.

They're so similar to each other. Elnore inherited that blank expression while saying something outlandish. 

‘Blood doesn’t lie…’

Right in time as Conrad smiled bitterly, the ‘players’ also started entering the stage.

They were all carrying their respective weapons with a tense atmosphere. 

Conrad snorted seeing one person trembling all over. 

Although they are highly regarded talents from various regions of the Empire, most of them are inexperienced and have never been in a real battle. It's only natural for them to tense up in front of a large crowd. 

There are also those who's pushed by their families in the name of honor.

Meanwhile, one of them stood out like a sore thumb.

‘He's here too?’

Among the group, one person didn't seem to be tense at all.

No, rather than a lack of tension, he almost looks bored.

Dowd Campbell.

With a dazed expression, he walked out using a long sword like a cane.



Noticing Gideon’s gaze also fixed in Dowd's direction, Conrad grinned. 

“So, did you come to see him?”


But Gideon merely continued looking without giving any answer. 

Every move, each gesture, he was scanning everything. 

It's as if he's trying to analyze something.

Then, his eyes flickered for a moment.



“What is the relationship between that man and my daughter?”


“Has my daughter ever taught him the sword? No…”

Gideon paused for a moment, before he continued.

“…He definitely learned something. How much did he learn? A few months? A year?”

“Hey, hold on. Wait a moment.”

Facing such sudden questions, Conrad responded bewildered.

“They seem quite close, but I don't know anything about learning swords or something similar. Besides, he’s a freshman. It’s only been two months since he came to the academy.”


Confusion crossed Gideon’s face.

Cosidering how he usually doesn’t show any emotion on his face, no matter the circumstance, this was very unusual.

“…it can’t be. That's definitely our family's-”

“All players, mutual salute!”

The resounding voice of the referee in the center of the arena cut off Gideon's words.


At this time, everyone in the arena took their positions.

The Knights School with their weapons, Mage School with their spells, and Theology School with their blessings and miracles.


With the referee’s declaration, the arena quickly plunged into chaos.

You are left to fend for yourself, no allies other than your own efforts, and surrounded by enemies from all sides. It’s a messy mix of multiple battles unfolding in every direction. 

In an instant, nearly half of the participants were wiped out. Even in the ongoing battle, the numbers were also dwindling at a terrifying speed.

Likewise, the hidden gems were also quickly getting uncovered. 

Conrad smiled as he looked down at the arena.

The reason why such a crude and savage event had continued for so long was because it's amazing at what it does. That is, to find talent. Some individuals would showcase their true worth in such chaotic combat situations.

With enemies on all sides, they would display overwhelming skills and abilities.

‘There are already some decent ones.’

A man wielding a spear, overwhelming his surroundings. Conrad was familiar with him. Tallion Armand. The eldest son of Viscount Armand.

And there's also a woman with only her fists and some gloves on, knocking down everyone around her. But her deep hood made it difficult to see her face.

‘These two are the most overwhelming.’

At the freshman level, these two are almost beyond the standard. If it weren’t for Elijah, the hero candidate, they're more than capable of aiming for the top of their grade.

“So, what do you think? See…”

Just as Conrad turned his head to ask the opinion of the person next to him, he suddenly stopped.

It was because he noticed that Gideon’s gaze never once moved.

The Empire's strongest knight was solely focused on one person right from the beginning.


Dowd Campbell.

As soon as the sparring started, he positioned to a corner of the arena and holed himself there, not moving a single step.

Yes. That’s all.

‘…He’s holding up well.’

Though, he remained on the defensive. 

Standing in place, blocking and repelling those who come at him.

Well, it's a survival strategy, it's not hard to understand. But compared to the previous two stars, he's only like a firefly next to them.

“This is unexpected. Did you like such a modest way of fighting?”

“Is that all you see?”


“In my eyes, it looks a little different.”

Saying so, Gideon rose from his seat and walked towards the fence.

It was as if he wanted to get a closer look at the man.


Gideon laughed.

“You're laughing now?”

There's not even a point denying it.

It felt like a puzzle he had been pondering for a long time was solved all at once.

Take Mt. Tai as your own.

This is what the Sword Saint said. 

He continued to watch the man standing in a secluded spot, defending against the attacks.

However, it wasn't simply defending while standing still.

He anticipated every attack, waited for the perfect moment, and "deflected" them.

‘The basics of Tristan Style Swordsmanship.’


The fundamental technique of 'bouncing off' the opponent's attack to create an opening.

But used to its extreme.

Magic, miracles and blessings,

Everything was nullified as if blocked by a massive wall.

With just that, the opponent's attacks were rendered futile, as they stumble and lose their ground.

And with those openings, he inserts a light attack and effortlessly push the opponent back.

‘…a freshman.’

What a joke! 

If he's "just" a freshman, then the Empire's Knights, including himself, are nothing more than inexperienced novices.

Conrad’s eyes widened when he saw the other party's expression from the side.

A twisted smile hung on Gideon’s lips.

It was as if he had discovered something genuinely interesting.


‘It's not just about defending.’

It was an expression of ‘Win-win’[1].

The Empire’s strongest knight to a mere freshman.

‘You win by blocking.’

Fancy attacks and all, they mean nothing.

Everything is optimized.

Standing in place, not moving a single step, all while creating a suffocating pressure.

It almost looks like... 

“Mt. Tai.”

This is probably the ‘virtue’ that the First Archduke Tristan spoke of.

Gideon’s eyes flashed fiercely.




TL Notes:

[1] 'Win-win' or 호승심(Hoseungsim) is the hunger or desire to succeed or win. 

*specific term/word taken from https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Rivalry 

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