EP - 038 - Scam

Sometimes, if people are too dumbfounded, their reaction wouldn't be as expressive.

Looking at Gideon's unchanged poker face, it seems that it's true.


No, is this really dumbfounded?

Say something, anything.


But the silence continues.

He just gazed at me with an emotionless expression. Then, he snapped his finger.

In empty space.


What is he doing? 

I have no idea what he's doing, so I just stayed still.

“Learn the sword from you?”

Finally, after a long time, these words broke the silence. 

“Master asked for it.”



Gideon fell silent again.

As if trying to measure something, he continued to gaze at me with slightly narrowed eyes.

“…You don’t seem capable of that.”

Again, it's only after a long silence, did words come out of his mouth. 

And well, his words is only natural and for him to think that-

“You, are already dead.”

Having said that, Gideon flicked his fingers.

And at the same time.


The space right in front of me was ‘cut’.

It's as if someone put it in the void of nothingness in advance. 

‘…Intangible Sword?’

A skill that allows for a fatal strike even without a sword. A state where killing an opponent is just a matter of snapping one's fingers. 

Although it is not at the level of the First Archduke Tristan, who can slice through entire spaces, it is still a crazy skill that can penetrate through most armor when used with a sword. There are records of it even piercing through dragon scales.

‘…Is he insane?’

No, isn’t this near the final tier of knight skills?

This made me truly realize that the title of the Empire's Strongest Knight couldn't just be obtained by playing cards.

Considering the unknown whereabouts of the current Sword Saint, there is practically no one else in the Empire who can use this skill, and reaching such a level of mastery.

Meanwhile, here I am conning such an existence.

“You have to be better than me to teach me. But you couldn’t even react.”

Gideon continued, still expressionless.

“If you’re going to make a ridiculous proposal, why don’t you make it a little more believable?”

“I simply thought there was no need to react to something unfinished.”


‘…Got you.’

I inwardly smiled. 

If I did react even a little bit, it would simply expose my weaknesses. 

But because I didn't show any reaction, I still have an opening I can exploit. 


“If it was a completed technique, the 'action' itself would have been omitted. Don't you think so?”


Originally, this is information that no one should know

It is only an imitation skill, and not a single soul should know the completed version.

‘…Except me.’

Uh. Really. 

Even though it was a movement used by a character in a game, I perfectly understand the direction, completion, and application of this skill.

I have grounds to ‘pretend to know’ as much as I want.


In fact, Gideon’s eyes slightly widened when he heard my words.

He should agree with me.

He knows best that this is incomplete.



Silence follows.

Gideon was glaring at me with a slight frown.


However, it is different from before.

Because I can clearly feel that I have the upper hand. I can just sit back and relax.

Calculations are probably racing like mad in Gideon’s mind right now.

Like 'who is this guy?' Or 'what's his identity?'

Despite showing his strongest skill, this kid saw through it while sitting and doing nothing.

“…You’re quite good with your tongue.”

He's backed off and will continue observing for now. 

Which is a relief for me. 

I've passed the most difficult obstacle. 

The worst case scenario was that he put a blade to my throat, believing that I was mocking him. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Perhaps the points I scored during the previous sparring was playing a role here. 

Then, one more thing.

“Try to increase the rotation a bit more.”


“The line is not drawn perfectly when the image is formed. Try to rotate it a little more at that moment.”

In fact, I don’t even know what the hell I'm saying. 

But these are the words that this person himself leaves in the future.

‘Gideon’s diary.’

This is an item that Elnore obtains after Gideon’s death in the story. It lays out everything, detailing the process through which he trained his swordsmanship. 

Elnore's growth also exponentially increase because of this. It could be said that Elnore’s combat prowess, capable of slicing through dozens of regular knights with a single strike, can be attributed to the foundation laid by this person.

And I remember all the contents of that valuable diary.

I inwardly let out a wry smile.

‘…The whole Master thing is all bullsht.’

In other words. 

I am simply giving Archduke Tristan the enlightment he will gain in the future.

And wrapping it up as ‘teaching’ him with a bow on top.


Gideon, who had a frown upon hearing what I had just said, was silent for a moment before closing his eyes.

And, this time.

Without any movement or gesture, a slash magically appeared above the space. 


Witnessing such a sight, Gideon's eyes widened.


Accompanying Gideon's slightly trembling voice were several windows, appearing before my eyes in succession.

   [ Skill: Fatal Charm has been activated! ]

   [ The villain is shocked at your far-reaching achievement! ]

   [ Rewards are added to the Gift tab! ]

   [ The number of villains who felt emotions other than ‘like’ to you has exceeded a certain range! ]

   [ Gift enhancement condition fulfilled! ]

   [ ‘Gift #1: Fated Love’ has been enhanced! ]

…This can be enhanced?

As I silently blinked at such prompts, I heard Gideon's voice. 


But what hangs on Gideon's face was not the icy expression from earlier.

“…Just, who are you?”

And, there was undeniably ‘tension’ laying underneath. 

It can be said that the Empire's strongest knight has now acknowledged me as a 'powerful opponent.' 

‘…Well, not really.’

He can literally kill me with just one finger.

However, making him react and think like this was already a success.

“Didn’t I tell you?”

That is why, this time, I calmly delivered my words.

“I was asked to teach you.”


I continued speaking to the silent Gideon. 

“I heard that you have a purpose you want to achieve.”

I chose my words carefully.

“You have someone to defeat.”

This time, there was a reaction.

Seeing how his brow twitched, he seemed somewhat surprised.

The only other person who knew this was the Sword Saint himself.


However, the problem is that the person he wants to defeat is a crazy guy who rivals a natural phenomena.

This is also why Gideon wants to reach the level of the First Archduke Tristan.

The madness that has been passed down through generations in the Tristan Duke Family is all derived from the curse associated with that person. He wants to cut it off. 

Finally, after a long silence, Gideon opened his mouth.

“…That’s something even Master couldn’t do.”

Those words bring a smile to my heart.

“Do you have confidence that you can do it?”

The strongest knight of the Empire,

Is looking to accept ‘teaching’ from me.

So, I sincerely answered.

“It is possible.”

Gideon’s expression became serious.

Yes, it is possible. If you think about how far Elnore's abilities could reach, it is plausible that this person can experience a similar growth. 

And if that’s the case, he can definitely do it.

He can break the family curse.

‘And if I were to strengthen this side…’

It can drastically reduce the likelihood of Elnore's degradation.

It is no exaggeration to say that the catalyst for the Gray Devil's resurrection depends on whether this man is dead or alive.


However, who says I'm ending it here?

Gideon's expression momentarily froze at my addition.

“I haven't said that 'I' will do it for you yet, have I?”


I gave the dazed Gideon a broad smile. 

“…What do you mean…?”

Gideon asked with an incredulous tone, to which I replied, still smiling. 

“Honestly, what's in it for me?”


“Let's talk negotiations, shall we?”


I will do it. 

But I never said a word about doing it for free.

I want compensation. 

I looked down at the sheet of parchment in my hand with a grin.

After I made this demand, Gideon was hesitant. But it was completely overturned with my remark, "So you don't want to learn swordsmanship?" I can’t help but laugh thinking about it. 

   [ Exemption Writ ]

   [ Item: Special ]

   [ This document delegates the privilege of exemption granted to Archduke Tristan for one instance. ]

Being granted the privilege of exemption means that, in short, regardless of the situation, one will never face the judgment of the law.

Even for an Archduke like Gideon, possessing such an extraordinary legal authority is enough to cause a sensation.

This aligns with the reason why he is assigned as a "villain."

‘The Empire's Executioner.’

Hidden in the background, he takes on all sorts of dirty tasks from the imperial palace.

However, although he seems to hold unparalleled power, in the end, he's tied down in a leash by the imperial palace.


I couldn't help but sigh when I think of the garbage littering the imperial palace. 

It would be best if I don't get involved with them.

Anyway, obtaining this is a remarkable achievement, even if it's only for 'one time.'

‘…Midterms are coming up soon, right?’

Going through the timeline in my head, it’s about time for the event to happen.

An event that marks a pivotal moment and the official start of Chapter 2 in the scenario, involving Saintess Lucien and the Boy King. 

It is also the time when one of the villains who accounts for a large proportion of the scenario, the ‘Pope’, makes his entrance. 

And I'll be there. 

Making sure that the Boy King and the Pope is screwed over. 



Originally, doing so would be sprinting to your own death, but the mess will be taken care of by Archduke Tristan, who gave me this document. This is enough.

‘Oh, one more thing.’

Come to think of it, I obtained something else besides this.

   <Special Gift> 


   Gift #1- Fated Love


   [ Obtain rewards as you gain favorability of characters with an evil alignment. ]


   □ First Enhancement


   [ The more evil characters acknowledge you, the more rewards you receive. ]


   ▼ Related Individuals


   Crescent Moon's Hasmed

   Riverback Galdier

   Gideon Galestead La Tristan


   [ Rewards Available! ]

‘Gain their acknowledgment?’

The meaning is a bit vague, but I can grasp the general nuance.

Perhaps the more they feel fear, admiration, or awe towards me, the more rewards I can obtain.

So, what's the reward?

  <System Message>

   [ ‘Skill: Guidance’ has been obtained! ]   


   < Skill Info >


   [ Skill: Guidance ] [ Grade: E ]

   [ If you improve the ability of an evil character, the same ability is added. The added ability can be used temporarily in the same manner. ]


I halted as soon as I read the description. 

‘…Am I going crazy or what?’

If I improve others' abilities, I can acquire those same abilities?

Although it comes with the limitation of being temporary, I literally have just established a teacher-student relationship with the Empire's strongest knight.

One can only see it as an incredibly opportune reward, the timing couldn't be better. 


And, in addition.

This skill will be giving me wings to what I am about to do.

I stride towards the Student Council room.

I am, of course, looking for Elnore. 

We need to do something together.

‘The ability I need to grow…’

After improving my swordsmanship, the next one to develop is my divinity. 

It won't be long before I awaken the consciousness of the spirit embedded in the amulet, and divinity itself will play a significant role in the upcoming Midterm Exam event.

And right now, I'm about to employ one of the easy methods to enhance it.

“I'm looking for Professor Griver Lanfeld. Is he currently in his office?”

“Ah, that bast… I mean, the Professor is on probation right now, so he’s probably in the Theology School's faculty building. You can try finding him there.”

“I see, thank you.”

Hearing such a response from the faculty member on the way brought a smile to my face. 

Professor Griver Lanfeld is that guy.

The priest affiliated with Marquis Riverback's faction, who intentionally refused to unleash his blessing, when Elnore asked him to, during the commotion at the Freshman Welcome Party.

I still remember how people were on the verge of death because of inaction due to his political interest. If I hadn't intervened, Elijah and Elnore would have killed him on the spot.

It’s obvious why he’s on probation. With the r evelation of Marquis Riverback's association with devil worshippers, all related individuals are being punished. Naturally, he wouldn't be safe either. His reputation within the academy is in the gutters. 


A chuckle slipped out of my mouth. 

In other words.

No one would give much care even if something were to happen to him.

‘It's not like I spared him for no reason.’

Now is the time to make full use of him.

Albeit, I might be a little rough.

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