(EP-14.1) Monster Trouble 

014 - Monster Trouble 

The Berkeley Hall, where the freshmen welcome party is held, is one of the largest and most complex buildings in Elfante.

In order to receive and control the influx of freshmen from all over the continent at once, there is no other way than a building of this size.

In other words, unlike the enticing name of 'Freshmen Welcome Party', the atmosphere of the actual event was no different than being in the middle of a market.

So much so that I pity the faculty members shouting their throats off, and trying to control the students in any way possible.

This is good news as it significantly reduces the chances of me being ‘caught’. People don’t have time to care about other people.

So now it’s time for this.

   ◎ Clone Walker

   [ Item: Special ]

   [ Price: 1,000pts ]

   [ Creates an alter ego that mimics the main body’s personality and behavior. You're able to use buffs! ]

   [ Remaining Points: 1,000pts ]

An alter-ego that feels almost no different from my real body. It can even learn my usual behavior and conversation patterns, and move on its own.

Of course, it's not perfect, but I am able to add to it.

   ◎ Buff: Enhanced Charisma

   [ Item: Special ]

   [ Give it some personality! You can add various properties. Two options currently available! ]

   Option: Cool Gentleman

   [ You're not smooth and you're clumsy! Why don’t you wrap it up with some coolness? ]

   [ Price: 500pts ]

   Option: Pheromone

   [ Become a playboy! Your every move has an added point that makes it easier for the opposite sex to like you! ]

   [ Price: 500pt ]

   [ Remaining Points: 1,000pts ]

I can apply the cool gentleman option to the clone. So that even if I control the clone a little loosely, they'll just wrongly assume that I'm doing cool shi†!

As for the pheromone.


I will not buy it.

I will never buy it!

Not for Elijah, and especially, not for Elnore. Her favorability is rising faster than a h0rny rabbit's thrusts.

No matter how fatal my charm skill is, it's still growing way too fast.

To the point where I start to doubt whether or not this person was actually easily seduced.

‘I’ll have to eventually deal with it someday.’

I smiled bitterly at that thought.

I know that running away will not solve the problem.

After all, that person is the most important character in the scenario related to the Gray Devil. There are many scattered problems that must be solved in order to reach the ending.

As long as I have my gift, I will inevitably be involved.

‘…But still.’

There is such a thing as degree.

I haven’t taken a single class at the academy right now. Isn’t it too soon to get involved with something more than this?

‘Let's start with what needs to be done first.’

Sighing inwardly, I pulled another status window.

   【Event: Double Date】

   -Great! Seducing two key characters at the same time!

   -Don’t get caught until the end of the event!

   -Failure will result in a penalty for scenario progress!

   [ Remaining time: 20 minutes ]


I don’t know what it meant by seducing since that's not it at all.

In the first place, the plan itself is a mess. I'll get caught if someone says that they saw me in different places at the same time.

However, I think it's possible to hold on until the end of the time limit.

So let's set aside the penalty for now. Even if I get caught after, I'll deal with it by then…!

“Ah, you! This way!”

I see Elnore, who spotted me in the distance, waving her hands at me.

She was raising her arm above her head.

It's a mess here so if she doesn’t do that, I won’t be able to see her.

Alright, I'll apply the option to the clone and then meet with Elnore…



Just as I was about to press my option on the screen, a sudden scream from nearby startled me, making my body jump.

I was so surprised that I accidentally tapped the shop window in front of me.

“Get out of the way!”

“It’s dangerous, all students stay back!”

When I looked outside the hall, I saw a huge bear-shaped monster chained behind bars being escorted by several knights.

Sometimes, monsters captured outside are brought inside the academy as test subjects or research material.

It is definitely dangerous, but some professors vehemently argue that there is no better research subject than a living specimen.


Of course, because of that, an accident will happen at the freshman welcome party.

There is a reason why I chose the Ultima first among all the other items.

‘Well, at any rate…’

Since the main character and the final boss are in the same place, the suppression itself shouldn't be too hard.

I just need to get those two in the right place at the right time.

With this thought, I turned my gaze back to the window.

   [ Option: Enhanced Charisma has been purchased! ]

   [ Option: Pheromone has been purchased! ]

   [ Option Allocation Completed. ]

   [ Body – Option: Applied Pheromone! ]

   [ Clone – Option: Applied Charisma! ]


What the f*ck?!

Why was pheromone purchased, and it's even applied to me?

In the first place, can this be put in the main body?

‘…Come to think of it.’

I got startled earlier and tapped the shop window.

But how in the heII it resulted with this?

“Why are you spacing out…”

Elnore, who had come closer, stopped mid sentence as soon as our eyes met.

   [ Pheromone effect is applied to the target ‘Elnore’! ]

No. Don't do that.


Elnore’s eyes widened and her breathing gradually became ragged. 

An alarm immediately goes off in my head.

I've already seen this before…!

   [Skill: Fatal Charm has been Activated…]

   [… Skill ineffective! ]

   [ The target forcefully resisted the feeling of affection! ]


Yes. I have indeed seen this pattern before.

Though, the system prompt is a bit strange.

I don’t know how and why she's suppressing it, but I guess this is good for me?

As I mulled over such thoughts, Elnore had regained her expressionless look and was muttering something while patting her chest.

“Calm down. It's noisy.”


“I didn’t mean it for you.”

Then who did you say that to?

“I was talking to my heart.”


“It was noisy.”

I didn't even know how to respond to that. Elnore just said that without a change in expression.

This woman, as in the original work, is seriously sometimes in the 4th Dimension.

“…Let’s go.”

After saying so, she began moving.

By now, the clone would have made contact with Elijah. We need to move anyway to run into them.

But I’m a little worried about the pheromone effect.

It will be fine, right…?

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