(EP-13.2) Double 

013 - Double 

“Well, that’s fine.”

It is, in many ways.


Attributes are mostly built up from real combat experience, so this event significantly increased my proficiency in the Tristan Style Swordsmanship.


Next to me, Elijah was patting her forehead.

Why are you getting angry?

“No, this…”

She stared at the papers in her hand in disbelief.

On the other side, Conrad was wearing a proud expression while Percy looked lost as she handed it over.

It says that we can select and rent an item from Elfante’s ‘Vision Warehouse’.

“Doesn't it need the Imperial Family's permission to open the Vision Warehouse…?”

“That's why it's written as for 'rent'. Otherwise, if it's 'awarded', there will be a problem.”

I calmly replied, but this was a very big deal.

Just the act of opening the Vision Warehouse was a rare event itself, only happening twice in the entire game.

And both of those openings were only possible after resolving major events in the story. This is absolutely not something you can do as a freshman.

Above all, Percy, the Magic Faculty Dean, has given permission to ‘request anything’…

‘This is really good.’

This is a very good start even for a veteran like me. 


As I was in my thoughts, Elijah looked at me with a strange expression.

“Mister, I've noticed that you’re always calm regardless of anything.”

{T/N: changed Instructor to Mister since it felt weird, just realized Mister is also applicable }


“You already planned out everything. It feels like you already knew what to expect. Hmm…”

She said while thoughtfully stroking her chin.


“Umu, yes. I should prepare at least one surprise.”


“I have been thinking about it before, but it became clearer during the mock battle. If I don’t do something now, I would lose it sooner or later.”


What is she saying?

I looked at Elijah in confusion, but she just grinned and held her fist out in return.

“…What's this?”

“Oh, a fist bump. Don’t men do this with their friends?”


This is new.

She seems to have a good affinity with people like in the original game, but there is something different somewhere that I can't quite put my finger on.

Our fists bumped and Elijah hurried away with a bright smile.

“Then, see you tomorrow, Mister! I’ll be sending you a letter back to your dorm!”


Hearing her say those words was making me worried.

In the first place, she's saying that we'll meet tomorrow.

   < Gift-related Character Notification >


   ▼ Elnore

   [ Trust Level 5 ]


   [ Close to favorability status change! ]

   [ She is an important character. A special event will trigger after a successful status change! ]


   [ D-1 until related event occurs ]

   ▼ Elijah

   [ Curiosity level 5 ]

   [ Rewards Currently Unavailable! ]


   [ Close to favorability status change! ]     

   [ She is an important character. A special event will trigger after a successful status change! ]

   [ D-1 until related event occurs ]

Tomorrow is the day when the main quest and character events overlap.

‘Thinking of the original game, nothing much happens at this time…’

The only thing I remember happening as slight ‘monster trouble’.

However, I can't help but be nervous knowing that two major character events would intertwine.

“What are you thinking about?”

I suddenly heard such a question while I was preoccupied with my thoughts.

When I turned my head, I saw Elnore, who was exuding a gloomy aura all over her body.




What's wrong with her?

She still had her expressionless face, but seeing the wrinkles between her eyebrows and twitching eye corners, she is really angry.

“Looks like you two had a good time together. Do you like that freshman named Elijah?”


What's happening right now exactly?

Desperation did not activate, so it seems that she has no intention of hurting me. But even so, I feel like something big will happen if I don’t appease her here.

I have to say something…!

“Um, Student Council President?”


“I missed you.”


The moment Elnor shut his mouth, nonexistent words from an imaginary dictionary flashed through my mind.

A fool – it's synonymous for Dowd Campbell.

There’s no way someone high-profile like the Student Council President would fall for this.

“…Did you?”

How, her voice actually became much softer than before.

And her expression also feels more relaxed, perhaps because of her lightening mood.


That worked?


A bad throw away, hail mary nonsense?

While I was stumped at this unexpected development, Elnore crossed her arms and said sharply.

“You mean you wanted to see me even while being with that freshman?”


No, I didn't mean that actually.

“Ah, don’t get me wrong. Not in the sense of a male-female relationship… Hmm. I meant it like between friends. We’re not in that type of relationship yet.”


I was speechless for the most part.

“…Umm, yes.”

“Then that’s it. Just remember your priorities.”


What priorities?

What do you mean?

“Well, since I'm already her, I’ll pass this on in advance. It's originally meant to be delivered tomorrow.”

Having said that, Elnore handed me a letter.

What is this now?

“…Make sure to open it somewhere quiet. Alright, then...”

After saying that, Elnore left just like a passing wind.

She seemed embarrassed handing this over.


But what is it though?

Both Elijah and Elnore are suddenly giving me letters.

I gotta go and see what's the deal.

“I shouldn't have opened them.”

I squeaked like a dying old man.

On the desk were Elijah’s and Elnor’s letter.

They have the same content.

An invitation to be their ‘partner’ at the freshmen welcome party.


In fact, being a 'partner' is not a big deal in itself.

It’s just going around and having fun together during the event. So to speak, a date.

It's the fresh spring bloom of youth.

But I know the implications of this event since this happened in the game. The favorability of the rejected party drastically drops, and later, there would be a severe penalty when proceeding with the related scenario. It's to the point that it's no different than digging your own grave. 

That's why, I usually choose the character that I can ‘bypass’ or at least able to handle.


But the people involved in this is the main character and the final boss!

Regardless of who I choose, hell is the only thing that's waiting for me. If I turn either of them into enemies, my life would be no different than a candle in a storm. 

Events cannot be avoided either. As mentioned before, this is part of the ‘main quest’. Not participating in the event would most likely lead straight to death.

How about rejecting both? Then the penalty would be doubled! It’s still death.

I'm stuck in quite the predicament, having enemies on all sides.

This is a life or death situation.

No, this is just unfair. Especially so when this isn't even considered a real date. 

In the first place, there is no goddam way these two would ask me out for a date. The last time I checked, their favorability status is only at ‘Curiosity’ and ‘Trust’. It’s not something like 'affection'. 

It would be more appropriate to call them 'interest'.

‘I can’t just die like this.’

I gritted my teeth and squeezed every bit of power from my braincells.

Think Dowd Campbell, think!

There has to be a way to save my life without antagonizing either of them…!


At this time, a plan came to mind.

A plan that would inevitably lead to death if it fails, but could overcome the situation if it succeeds.


It’s kind of trashy though.

But this is the only way out. My life is at stake here, I don’t have a choice…!

I closed my eyes and began to flesh the plan out, extracting key information in the event.

“It's worth the shot…”

It doesn’t seem impossible, does it?


Come to think of it, no matter who I choose, I'm practically dead.


“…Why not both?”

All I have to do is to not get caught, right?

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