(EP-14.2) Monster Trouble 

014 - Monster Trouble 

It was, quite frankly, a series of crises.

“Oh, there’s a place that sells some snack over there. Shall we go eat a bit?”

   [ Skill: Fatal Charm has been Activated…]

   [ …Skill ineffective! ]

“…I quite like that… What a coincidence.”

Oh. Truly a coincidence.

In the first place, I don’t even know your taste in food.

“This button is nice. Do you want it?”

   [ Skill: Fatal Charm has been Activated…]

   [ …Skill ineffective! ]

“Just in time, one just fell off and needed a replacement. You're always so attentive of... me. Um.”


I'm intentionally giving her strange things like a button, but she's somehow finding meanings behind them.

It is to the point that even I am fascinated by the way she interprets each and every trivial action I make. It's driving me nuts.

‘My head hurts…’

Still, I’m glad I'm accompanying her without much problem. The clone on Elijah’s side also seems to be getting along well.

If it's like this, it won’t be a big deal if I just proceed as it is now.

With some free time, I was able to scout the landscape in the reception hall.

Overall, it's just groups of students socializing with the seniors of their chosen major.

I am not officially assigned to any class yet, so I don't receive that kind of guidance.

“By the way, have you decided on a major?”

“Ah, I did.”

This is actually a matter of considerable concern.

In the world of Sera, choosing a ‘major’ means deciding on your main 'build'.

“I’m thinking of the Theology Faculty.”

Hearing this, Elnore’s expression instantly darkened.

“…It’s a waste of your talent if you don't enter the Knights Faculty. How about you reconsider?”

Well, that's definitely a fair thing to say.

I mean, I've experienced the power of the Tristan Style Swordsmanship, paired with the Desperation skill. 

But I chose this path for a reason.

“There is something I want to learn in the Theology Faculty.”

“What do you want to learn?”

“There's something I've been meaning to protect.”


Mainly my life.

Divinity-related skills are the most ‘survival’ specialized builds among all the builds that exist in Sera. You can tell just by looking at the blessings that have been put into the Ultima.

Especially if I am able to obtain high-level skills such as ‘miracle’ later on. I could be rest assured.

Anyway, it must be a build that complements my goal of surviving till the end.


What follows immediately after this freshman welcome party is the ‘Secret Society Storm’, which is Chapter 1.

So taking a major in sacred studies gives me a higher chance of receiving advantageous benefits. The chapter boss is particularly vulnerable to divinity.

Currently, I have Percy's one-time 'request', the item to be obtained from the Vision Warehouse, and the skills inside the Ultima.

   [Skill: Fatal Charm has been Activated…]

   [… Skill ineffective! ]


Why are you still going?!

As I was staring in bewilderment, Elnore quietly muttered next to me.

“…So, don't do that.”


“I can't tell... Whether you're serious or not. Were you born this way?”

Elnore brushed her hair as she spoke.

The atmosphere is heavy.

“Do you know of the curse that resides in the Tristan Family?”

The topic suddenly turned serious. As I was feeling a bit panicked, Elnore continued in a calm voice.

“It's a type of madness that takes over everyone in the family, rendering them unable to live even half of the life they were given. The only way to control it is to suppress it through mental training. Do you know what's the only solution to such a terrible curse?”

I know.

An angel’s blessing.

But it's not just the same humble blessing that the Ultima received. No, it would need a miracle-class blessing given by multiple archangels at the same time.

That's something straight out of the creation myth. It's practically impossible.

“It is that difficult. That's why, despite his achievements and prestige, Duke Tristan is never respected. Rather, he's just an object of fear where he can go mad and go on a slaughter.”


“So why are you coming to me? What is your intention?”

There is a slight chill in her voice. She's showing a lot more emotions than usual.

She was suppressing her feelings because she doesn’t know why I’m approaching her. 

“Even though I don't know you, I'm strangely conscious of you. When I heard that ‘there's something you've been meaning to protect’ which drove you to enter the Theology Faculty, I subconsciously wondered if it was me. You, who the heII are you? Just what are your intentions and what do you want from me-”

Seeing Elnore mutter sent chills down my spine.

This was done by Fatal Charm and Pheromones. This got her all worked up. 


Doesn't this look a little dangerous?

If left alone, it might crack her psyche and worsen the effects of madness.

It's clear that my existence is having more influence on this person than I thought.

“My intention is obvious.”


My words snapped Elnore out a bit.

“…What do you mean obvious?”

“I am trying to protect you. There’s no need to think too hard.”

For the situation, it's better to reveal my intention.

Because my survival is directly related in protecting her psyche, and making sure that her mentality wouldn't collapse.

It's technically not wrong.

“…So what is the reason-”

“If I don’t do that, I will die.”


“Like really. If I don’t protect you, I will die. There is no other reason.”


It's pure straight fact without any exaggeration.

This is all I can say for now.

Elnore blankly blinked her eyes with a dumbfounded expression.

“…I felt it from the first time we met, but you are a very strange person.”

“Haven't I told you? I hear that often.”

With that reply, I stood up.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like Elnore is having any signs of mental collapse. I'm satisfied with the result-

   [ Skill: Fatal Charm has been conditionally Activated! ]

   [ Great timing! You have planted foreshadowing that will make you explosively liked in the future! ]

   [ The next time the skill is successfully activated, the effect will be tripled! ]

   [ The possibility of awakening a second gift increased! ]


   –I did something.

What 'planted foreshadowing'?

Why do these types of things keep popping up?

It was fine not long ago, but now it's being weird again.

I couldn't help but sigh inwardly, when...





Out of the blue, a huge explosion suddenly occurred.


No, like it really is without warning.

What is this?

In an instant, heII let loose. The entire floor collapsed due to an explosion that erupted from the basement, and a huge hole appeared in the Berkeley Hall.

“In the basement…!”

“What in the world?!”

Screams and shouts were coming from every direction.

It was a somewhat familiar sight. At the same time, my body went cold.


The explosion was an intentional sabotage. The basement is where the monsters were being kept.

Monsters were running rampant. Obviously, the ‘main quest’ event that takes place at the freshman welcome party is now underway. However, it’s much bigger and more terrifying than I remember.

In the first place, there was no huge explosion. At most, it was just a few monsters being released and going wild!

I quickly checked the clone’s location. My plan is definitely…

   [ Clone Location: Floor B1 ]

   [ Status: Seriously Injured ]

   [ Companion: Elijah Krisanax ]


Well, f*ck.

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