(EP-2.1) Slave Of Witch City #2

Edited by: Mochiusagi 


Inside the Academy, there was no separate place for people to wash their bodies.

In other words, they didn't even have a bathroom equipped with running water and indoor plumbing.

After taking off his dirty garments, Si-woo squatted by the well and poured ice-cold groundwater on his body.

Every time a dried-out piece of mud melted, his body would shiver as the cold penetrated his bones.

If he just had a little more time, he would have boiled some hot water.

At the thought that this was all because of Amelia, Si-woo gritted his teeth in fury. 

“It’s cold as fûck!”

5 years had passed since he was kidnapped to Gehenna and became a slave.

To explain this absurd city, it was essential to describe what Witches were.

Having read about them in the library and living together with Witches, Si-woo was deeply aware what kind of existences they were.

Witches were an arrogant, dangerous, selfish, and mad type of people.

However, this was simply Si-woo's impression and was far from the actual definition or concept of Witches.

Personal feelings aside, a Witch was someone who had a 'brand' engraved on her body and could cast magic.

The person who first informed him this, was the slave trader who had kidnapped Si-woo and brought him to Gehenna.

The scarred-face slave trader gave Si-woo some 'advice that was not really advice'.

'If you want to keep your life, never go against a Witch.'

Come to think of it now, it was ridiculous.

Si-woo was living his normal life well when he suddenly got kidnapped. Then, he really received such advice from someone who was going to sell him?

However, Si-woo still vividly remembered the near-instinctive horror on the slave trader's face.

Fast forward to 5 years later when he was sold to a City Hall Official at a slave auction, and then assigned as a Keeper of Trinity Academy.

Si-woo was finally able to understand what the slave trader said at the time, while eavesdropping on Amelia's lecture or reading the books in the library.

The fear of Witches did not just stem from their magic.

What was really frightening about them was their purpose and their way of achieving it.

Every Witch lived to reach the great magic used by the 'Witch of Creation'.

For a Witch who pursued a higher path of witchhood, experimenting with the line of ethics and morality were common issues. 

In fact, it was said that it was the private slaves, not common slaves, who were put under harsh work that was close to forced labor. Some even died during secret human experiments.

Well, the above might be a bit hard to comprehend.

So, in a nutshell, Witches were crazy magic wielding b¡tches.

The cravings of a middle-aged menopausal woman was nothing compared to a Witch's obsession with magic.

“Really crazy b¡tches…”

What would have happened if the City Official hadn't bought Si-woo at the slave auction?

He couldn't help, but have chills go down his spine every time he thought of that possibility.

Anyways, he didn't have much time left. 

After drying himself with a 3 year old towel that had holes in it, he put on some loose white clothes without wearing any underwear.

It was a stiff material that contained no synthetic fiber, and had a dress-like design that barely covered the body.

This garment, called a 'lab coat' within the Trinity Academy, was more suitable to be called a 'cleaning rag' than 'clothes'.

Just by peeking at this skirt-like hem, Si-woo’s national treasure would be revealed in its full glory. 

After wearing the lab coat that he could not get used to, no matter how many times he had worn them, Si-woo headed straight for the 2nd school building.


Trinity Academy was located in Lenomond Town.

This was where Apprentice Witches were trained, and fully fledged Witches did their research.

The Academy's campus was built in the shape of a cross, in alignment with the four cardinal directions: the East, West, North, and South. All of the buildings were made of stone, in a mix of Gehenna's unique architectural style and the 17th century Baroque style.

Among them, the most recently renovated 2nd school building in the North was reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles. It was because it was appeared luxurious and was lavishly decorated.

Although the class based society, the system, and the origin of Gehenna left a bad taste in Si-woo's mouth, but these aesthetic architecture would make anyone spit in pure admiration upon viewing.

As he entered the 2nd school building through a corridor that ran like a blood vessel to all the rooms; a crystal chandelier, a lit soothing candles, and a ceiling painting that portrays magical wonders and beauty greeted Si-woo.

Below him stood Amelia Marigold, who was currently looking at the ground with a troubled expression on her face.

Sometimes she would get lost in her thoughts.

She wore poulaines; shoes with pointed tips, a mermaid dress that accentuated her figure, and a cloak that wrapped around her shoulders.


Overall, her color scheme was dark themed.

Since it was a class for Apprentice Witches, she dressed formally.

Each piece of clothing that Amelia inherited from her predecessor 'Marigold' was larger than her body.

Thanks to that, the frowning Amelia, with the added fact that she was holding a book that was half the size of her, appeared very small.


Si-woo blanked for a moment and stared at her side profile as if he was possessed.

He must admit, although he hated Witches, they were beautiful.

Her luscious blonde hair freely draped over her cloak, her red lips that was akin to the forbidden fruit, and her soft curves that showed through her clothes...

She was so dazzling that it could no longer be considered within the realm of Humans.

Amelia, like a statue, blended into the scene of this gorgeous and luxurious hall.

“Associate Professor.”

Amelia slowly blinked at Si-woo's call.

Less than 5 seconds later, she looked at Si-woo with a cold expression.

She then pulled out a pocket watch from her cloak and checked the time.

“It's three minutes past noon. Do I look I have the time to idle?”

“I arrived on time, but I didn’t want to disturb Associate Professor. You seemed to be deeply contemplating about the magical truths.”

In fact, he was spying on her side profile, but this was best left unsaid.

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