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(EP-2.2) Slave Of Witch City #2

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“Wrong. You should have called out to me instead of just standing there. The confirmed arrival time of the Keeper is three minutes after the appointed time. That is, you are late. Unless I'm aware of it, there's no way to tell if you're on time or not, right?"


"I'm sorry."

Si-woo was quick to apologize. It was not his first time being in this situation.

Amelia always looked like she was about to eat him whole, but she didn't say much if he immediately apologized.

She seemed to think that it was beneath her to criticize a lowly slave's words

"Never mind. I would rather teach a lab rat magic than to expect wise judgment from you."

"I'm very sorry."

But today, Amelia's nagging was long winded.

Amelia's stinging rebuke continued through the back of Si-woo's bowed head.

“I think I have pretty much overlooked the Keeper’s mistakes so far. Since there is no proper punishment, the same obvious mistakes are being repeated.”

Si-woo felt a sense of foreboding.

“For the next week, after you finish your afternoon work, clean up my lab.”

"I beg your pardon?"

This was outright harassment.

If she used her magic, she could clean the place up in 3 minutes. Meanwhile, Si-woo, who was not a Witch, would need more than 3 hours to clean such a complex lab.

Si-woo was already working more than 12 hours a day, and Amelia had just imposed 3 hours of overtime because he was three minutes 'late'.

“Are you not going to do it? You didn't follow the appointment time.”

Si-woo couldn't say anything.

Amelia ended the conversation by showing that she would not accept any objections or complaints.

She then threw the large book towards Si-woo's chest, before walking up the stairs.

Si-woo almost couldn't hold back the words he was ready to spew out of his mouth. 

He could see Amelia's back as she climbed the stairs, and the long cloak that was dragging on the floor, which was too long for her shorter height.

Si-woo really wanted to step on it and make her fall.

However, he didn't have the confidence to deal with the consequences.

In the end, feeling even more burdened than before, Si-woo followed Amelia.


“Sit down.”

Amelia entered the classroom and said without any sort of greeting.

The classroom, which did not fade even in gloomy weather, exuded an elegance. It had a terraced structure with a desk centered behind a large blackboard.

Compared to large lecture halls, the space could only fit 20 people.

But there was nothing to worry about, as there were only two Apprentice Witches waiting to attend the class.

The two girls were clinging to each other, as if they had one body. They were grinning at Si-woo from their desks.

The atmosphere was a bit cluttered, probably because they were chattering up until now.

Si-woo put down the heavy book on the table and stood next to Amelia.

He then became startled by the purple eyes staring at him.

The girls were identical twins, who seemed to have been copied and pasted with each other. They had been paying attention to Si-woo from the moment he and Amelia entered the classroom.


Odette and Odil.

They were the only Apprentice Witches who had been taking classes at Trinity Academy since 2 years ago.

They had dark hair and bright purple eyes.

They were innocently sitting there, as if they didn't know anything about the world, but Si-woo knew.

Being innocent doesn't always mean good.

Like, think of a child stepping on an ant to death with an innocent looking face.

Arguably, the innocence of these twins was close to such pure ferocity.

“Professor Amelia! Is today's class with Assistant Shin Si-woo?”

“Professor Amelia! Is today's class with an assistant?”

They said almost at the same time. Their voices were clear and high, like a bird’s chirping.

Even their voices were so similar. It would be difficult to tell who was speaking, unless one looked closely at the shape of their mouths.


Amelia secretly sighed, as if she was already tired. At the same time, Odil and Odette faced each other. It looked like there was a mirror, treading an uncanny valley.

““What kind of experiment are we doing today?””

Amelia, the 15th Marigold, was an Associate Professor at Trinity Academy and achieved a high level of 22 Paths.

She was a 'Baroness', an extremely rare noble in the Witch society.

In other words, the twins, who were just Apprentice Witches, couldn't just talk to Amelia however they wanted.

Not that Amelia was a snowflake, who cared too much about such things.

“Men’s body fluids and…”

“Kyaa! It’s so indecent.”

“Kyaa! How can you be so obscene!”

Odil and Odette were making a fuss before Amelia could even finish speaking.

Seeing Amelia biting her lips, Si-woo felt refreshed.

It was almost only when dealing with the twins that Amelia wore this type of expression on her face.

Si-woo didn't know how Odil and Odette, who were only green Apprentice Witches, could elicit such a reaction from Amelia.

But still, this rare sight from Amelia was quite spectacular.

“....its relationship with magic.”

“Is he going to strip?”

“He's going to strip, right?”

"That’s right."

Alas, the refreshing feeling was temporary.

Amelia might have been feeling perplexed, but Si-woo must be careful no matter what.

He would have to shame himself in front of the twins yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow.

This wouldn't change until he escaped from this damn city.

“But before the actual experiment, we need to check how well Miss Odette and Miss Odil are following the class.”

“But theories aren't interesting.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Witch Gemini said that magic theory without practice is meaningless.”

But Amelia didn't always get swayed by the twins.

She had the dignity of an Associate Professor. Once she set the tone, the twins would have to follow suit.

Amelia slammed the desk, completely ignoring the twins' complaints.

“Please submit the last assignment I gave you.”


"Yes! Professor."

The twins glanced at each other, turning into obedient children and submitted bundles of paper.

They may be young and immature, but they were still Apprentice Witches.

Looking at the papers, they seemed to be filled with complicated magic formulas.

Si-woo, who was interested and tried to peek at the contents of the assignment, became startled.

It was because the eyes of twins were fixed on him.

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