(EP-1.2) Slave Of Witch City

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“Dog-like b¡tch.”

It had been a long time since Si-woo got angry like this. At best, his heart would just thump whenever he uselessly complains. Somehow, Amelia always manages to torment him, getting under his skin.

All Witches were a privileged bunch.

In addition to having an immortal body, they wield the mysterious power of magic and would relentlessly take revenge for the most trivial matters. 

Si-woo didn't like the Witches. Especially Amelia!

Unable to swear to his heart's content because someone might overhear, a rough hand suddenly grabbed his shoulder. 

Then, a smirking voice sounded.

“Oh Brother, what's with that dead face?”

“Who's your brother, you bastard!?” 

“You're talking a lot today. Did something bad happen? Tell me.”

There was only one person in this entire Academy, who would not hesitate to hold onto his shoulders while Si-woo was in such a dirty state. It was Takasho Mimaya, a Japanese man from Hokkaido.

“Where the fück have you been?” 

“The majestic Hokkaido pagoda does not distinguish day or night.”

Takasho made a sly expression and flicked his little finger. In short, while Si-woo spent the entire morning struggling in the rain, Takasho was rolling around in the bed of some Researcher or Professor.

Si-woo and Takasho had many similarities.

Both were 28 years old, forcibly taken from Earth to come to this damned Witch's city, Gehenna, and were slaves to the City Hall.

On the other hand, there was a stark contrast between the two. 

While Si-woo had been serving five years of honest, but miserable servitude, Takasho was guaranteed various conveniences by having s3xual relations with some Witches in the Academy. 

Si-woo's face was once painted again with anger. The anger he felt towards Amelia a while ago, became worse when he saw the smug Takasho.

“Do you even have any sort of dignity? Did you forget who brought us here into this situation? And now you're just rolling around in the same bed as them!?” 

“Yes, I have always dreamed of being a pimp. Besides, the women here are the best!” 

“They are beautiful women, flowers! This is infinitely better compared to being in some granny’s crotch. You should stop being stubborn and enjoy the ride. If you just throw away that humble pride of yours, this place will become a paradise!”

Takasho smiled brightly, to the point that his gums were visible.

All of the modern people who were brought to Gehenna, the city of Witches, would become slaves. 

There were two types of slaves. One was a 'common slave', a slave belonging to the City Hall, and the other was a 'private slave' owned by an individual.

In this classification, the common slaves must have their own merit in order to be treated like human beings.

For example, one must have a pretty face like Takasho, or have abilities to contribute to public affairs like Si-woo.

They say this, but neither Si-woo nor Takasho knew the exact criteria.

The only thing that was clear, was that Takasho was fully using his experience of working at a host club in order to comfortably live in this foreign place.

“Associate Professor Amelia is interested in you, yeah? The opportunity is dangling in front of you, why don't you take it? I can give you the talking points. All you have to do is to properly cook the rice. Once such a hard-nosed woman melts, she is devoted.”

Hitting the clinging Takasho, Si-woo said, “I won't fücking do that!"

“Young Si-woo-kun, you have lived a good life in Korea. However, although your attitude may be regarded as that of a noble scholar there, in Japan, it is called arrogance.”

“I already said I won’t! Why are you so persistent today?” 

“Come on, I was just lightening your mood.”

As a former host, Takasho also seemed to have noticed that Amelia was particular towards Si-woo. 

When he first got assigned to the Academy, Si-woo had refused to attend to Amelia that night.

At that time, Si-woo didn't know much about this world and was embarrassed, so he refused... He didn't think that Amelia would still be spiteful. But despite knowing that, he intended to keep his stance. 

One could say that it was a matter of pride in not dropping one’s pride, even if they knew it was useless.

"I'm busy. Don't get in the way."

"Again? You just came back from work. Haiz- Being a scholar is really hard."

Although the way he comforted people and his teases were irritating, Takasho was a good friend. Si-woo received a lot of help from Takasho, who was in a more affluent environment. Moreover, he was the only one with whom Si-woo could openly talk to. 

Not to mention a friend who had been in the army for two years, they had been slaves together for 5 years.

“Is it being the Assistant?" 

“It is being that b¡tch's Assistant. Fück...”

But unlike the fuming Si-woo, Takasho had an interesting expression on his face.

“It's that… class?” 

“Yeah, that class.”

Looking at the downcast Si-woo, Takasho was confused. 

“Then why are you so depressed? You should be happy.”

Any guy would love it.

“You have no idea how comforting it is to see new, green Apprentice Witches.” 

“Look at this old pervert. You know what happens when you touch an Apprentice Witch, right?”

If one did that, their head would fly off without any question. This was a taboo topic that was best left buried. 

Seeing the solemn Si-woo, Takasho answered with a big smile.

“Sometimes, just looking at flowers makes you happy. Anyway, that’s why. How about I go instead?” 

“I would love to, but it's impossible. It's a summon from Associate Professor Amelia herself.”  

“Waa, look at what a hard time you're having.”

Takasho clicked his tongue in regret. 

From his point of view, someone who was crazy about women, it was like denying him joy.

However, for Si-woo who had a very normal s3x drive, it was tougher than any other labor.

"Then I'll be on my way. I'm kinda busy too. See you later."

Takasho patted Si-woo on the back to cheer him up, and then disappeared to the end of the hallway. From his words, another patron was waiting.

With Si-woo being delayed by Takasho earlier, washing and changing clothes was a tight race. Who knew what kind of scolding and nagging he would get if he was late to Associate Professor Amelia's appointed time. 

Once Si-woo finished changing into the lab coat, he would need to wait 5 minutes in advance at the meeting place. 

A long sigh escaped his mouth.

“This damned city.”

Other than that, Si-woo had nothing else to say.

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