Chapter 177: Reluctant Imran.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

In the Capital Circle of the Sierra Empire, inside the Imperial Palace's audience room.

Imran looked at the guard, who was half-kneeling on the ground in front of him, while in a daze.

"Say that again?"



"I encountered a counterattack from the Io Federation in Vion. They had 200,000 Quasi-Level 4 Warships, and then an unknown force joined the battlefield, helping the Io Federation attack our army. Its fleet had more than 400,000 warships, all of which were Level 4 Civilization warships. I have ordered the entire fleet to retreat through the Star Path, I hope Your Majesty will prepare early!"


Imran slammed his palm on the table, scaring the half-kneeling guard.

"Go, bring the Minister of War Harun to see me!"


The guard quickly retreated. It was only after he exited the room, did he realize that his back was completely drenched in cold sweat.

Ten minutes later, the Minister of War Harun came to the audience room.

"Harun greets Your Majesty!"

"Harun, I expect you already know of Basil's news, right?"

"Your Majesty, if General Basil's message is true, then our Empire is in danger!"

Harun cautiously said, while glancing at Imran.

"Your Majesty, judging from the message sent by Commander Basil, I have concluded three main points!"

"First, the Io Federation has a large number of Quasi-Level 4 Civilization warships, which is quite unfavorable to us. We'll probably be equal in terms of advantage again, or worse, they'll turn our advantage into a disadvantage!"

"Second, there is an unknown force behind the Io Federation. All of the warships belonging to this force are all Level 4 Civilization warships, and not the kind of Babawi Empire sold warships. Otherwise Commander Basil would definitely have said something."

"Third, the warships that the Babawi Empire sold only had Energy Shields. Meaning, it is impossible for the Energy Shields and Warp Engines of the Io Federation to be provided by the Babawi Empire."

"If we look at all the information, it is very likely that a new Level 4 Civilization has appeared in the Orion's Arm Branch. This civilization is supporting and arming the Io Federation!"

Imran felt the seriousness of the matter after hearing Harun's words.

A newly upgraded Io Federation and a Level 4 Civilization that the Sierra Empire did not know of... It was not something that a Level 3 Civilization like them could handle!

If there was no Io Federation, the Sierra Empire would have immediately become a dog to the Level 4 Civilization. However, the Sierra Empire and the Io Federation had been enemies for hundreds of years. This new Level 4 Civilization was supporting the Io Federation on all fronts. There was no chance for them!

One slight misstep would lead to the demise of the Empire!

"Harun, how do you think we can get through this crisis?"

Even after thinking for a while, Imran could not think of any good countermeasures, so he asked Harun. He was hoping that the latter could think of some good solutions.

"Your Majesty, I do have an idea!"

"Oh? Come on, let's hear it!"

Hearing that Harun had an idea, Imran's eyes lit up and he immediately let Harun speak.

"Yes! Your Majesty should know that in Orion's Arm Branch, there has always been only one Level 4 Civilization, the Babawi Empire. It can be said that the Babawi Empire is the overlord and de facto ruler of the entire Branch."

Hearing this, Imran nodded.

Although the Babawi Empire had not yet ruled the entire Orion's Arm Branch, it had been conducting inspection tours once every 100 years.

Well 'inspection' was a nice way to put it. In fact, they actually collected tributes. Therefore, it was not wrong to say that the Babawi Empire was the overlord of the entire Orion's Arm Branch and its actual ruler.

"Your Majesty, the supremacy of the Babawi Empire is based on the fact that there is only one Level 4 Civilization in the Orion's Arm Branch. But now, there are two. If this news reaches the ears of the Babawi Empire, then..."

Imran instantly understood Harun's meaning.

'Yes, why didn't he think of this before? There was only one Level 4 Civilization, which was the Babawi Empire. Now that there was a second one, how could they sit still?'

'The Babawi Empire would certainly mobilize their force, once they come to know about this matter!'

Imran looked a little excited, but then, as he suddenly thought of something else, his expression darkened.

"Harun, your solution is good, but we need a way to contact the Babawi Empire!"

The Babawi Empire was nearly 20,000 light-years away from the Sierra Empire. With their level of communication technology, the Babawi Empire would only receive it after more than a 100 years!

When that time comes, the Sierra Empire would have long become history.

Another way was to wait for the next Babawi Empire inspection.

But the next inspection would be 78 years later!

"Your Majesty, don't be hasty. It's true that conventional means don't work, but have you forgotten the Interstellar Merchants of the Babawi Empire?"

Harun's words were like a bright light in the darkness of the night, and immediately made Imran's eyes light up.

Yes, there were Interstellar Merchants in Orion's arm, and all of them were from the Babawi Empire. After all, only the Babawi Empire had the Jump Engine, other Civilizations were not capable of being Interstellar Merchants.

The Interstellar Merchants of the Babawi Empire would go around the Orion's Arm Branch every 10 years. The last time they appeared in the Sierra Empire was two years ago, which means they will come again in eight years.

Those Interstellar Merchants had an ultra-long-range instant communication that could contact the Babawi Empire's base at any time.

But there was still a problem to be solved here!

"Harun, you must know that even the Interstellar Merchants will not arrive until almost eight years later. We are still in great danger in those eight years!"

This was the problem that Imran was thinking about. In these eight years, the enemy who had Warp Engines, would have more than enough time to destroy themselves several times over!

"Your Majesty, what we have to do is to stabilize our situation within these eight years. We should cede land and pay indemnity, or whatever is required, as long as we can persist these eight years."

After speaking this, Harun once again sneaked a glance at Imran. Usually he would not dare to mention this humiliating proposal, otherwise he would definitely be executed.

But in the current situation, other than this, there was really no better way!

Imran's expression was very complicated. As the Emperor, he was not willing to do such a thing, like ceding land and making reparations. Especially to the Io Federation, which was weaker than his own Empire.

However, Harun was right. If they did not do this, the annihilation of the Empire would really be close at hand.

"I agree!"

Despite his reluctance, Imran gritted his teeth and declared. 

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