Chapter 176: Exchanging Points.

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Augustus took a closer look at the Human Federation's Affiliated Civilization Agreement.

The Affiliated Civilization Framework of the Human Federation was more like a framework of cooperation between Civilizations, rather than the control of the affiliated Civilizations.

After reading the entire agreement, Augustus summarized the following points as the most important.

One, the affiliated Civilization needs to be militarily aligned with the Human Federation, and will provide military protection to all of the affiliated Civilizations under its command.

The affiliated Civilizations were also free to choose to participate or not. The participants will be rewarded with points according to their contribution to the war, and they can share part of the fruits bore from the war.

Second, the sovereign Civilization (Human Federation) would not force the affiliated Civilizations to submit their own technology. In the Affiliated Civilization System, there would be a dedicated Technology Contribution Area with a built-in Technology Tree!

Any technology that was not available in the Technology Tree could be voluntarily filled by the affiliated Civilizations. After filling it, it will be verified by the Human Federation's Expert Team, and points would be awarded according to the level of the technology.

Third, the sovereign Civilization would support the Civilizations in the 1st and 2nd level.

During the support period, the Civilizations would only need to pay half of the points when buying technology in the Affiliated Civilization System. This will remain in effect up to Level 3.

Fourth, in the System, one could exchange all kinds of things and technologies. Even the technology or equipment owned by the Level 4 Civilization was available, as long as they had enough points!

Of course, although exchanging was easy, the detailed technology of the Level 4 Civilization would have a sky-high price. In a Level 2 Civilization's case, even if they obtained the technology of the Level 4 Civilization, they wouldn't be able to study it. After all, the gap was too large. They'll only waste points doing so.

After summing up the most important points, Augustus looked confused.

'You Humans call this an affiliated Civilization?'

"Is your Civilization sure that the terms are right?"

The unsure Augustus needed confirmation!

"Of course, the Human Federation needs affiliated Civilizations that can progress with us, not one that can only contribute resources and be cannon fodder."

The negotiator smiled and replied to Augustus.

"Your Majesty Augustus, are you interested in becoming an affiliated Civilization of the Human Federation?"

Augustus did not hesitate at all. It would be foolish not to join, right?

As long as everything stated in the agreement was true, the Og Empire could take advantage of the Affiliated Civilization System to rise to a Level 3 Civilization in a very short period of time. Even Level 4 was possible in the future!

So on that day, Augurath formally signed the Human Federation's Affiliated Civilization Agreement and received a terminal device.

When Lin Fan returned with his ladies, the Og Empire had already uploaded nearly a thousand technical details through the System. Not to mention, that it was said that the uploading was still going on, with no sign of stopping!

Even at this moment, the Expert Team specially formed on Earth were a bit dumbfounded. They did not expect that the project that had only started a few days ago would already produce results. An affiliated Civilization had already contributed so much technology at once!

So, the specially formed Technology Validation Team immediately went to work, and started to validate all of the uploaded technologies.

It must be said that with a completely different Technology Tree, even with detailed technical information and it was only from a Level 2 Civilization, the whole team still encountered a lot of problems during the verification process. With many technologies, they spent a lot of time trying to understand it.

Hundreds of experts were continuously being amazed. Could Steam Technology really be used like this? This was an eye-opening experience for all!

When Lin Fan and the others returned to the Guard Fleet in orbit, a batch of relatively simple technical verification results had already been fed back to the System.

{Ding, the technical data submitted by your Civilization with the number S611 has passed the verification. You have received 57 points.}

{Ding, the technical data submitted by your Civilization with the number S617 has passed the verification. You have received 89 points.}

{Ding, the technical data submitted by your Civilization with the number S629 has passed the verification. You have received 72 points.}

{Ding, the technical data submitted by your Civilization with the number S651 has passed the verification. You have received 198 points.}


In a day's time, more than 100 technologies had already passed the verification. Although the points given were pitifully low, Augustus didn't mind it at all.

In his opinion, the technologies that had passed the verification were just some of the most basic and simple ones. They had no value at all. Yet these low-grade technologies, without any value, had already earned them more than 10,000 points?

Augustus just looked through the System and knew that a set of Energy Shield Devices was only 10,000 points, while a Warp Engine costs 30,000,000 points.

Does it mean that after all their technologies were verified, he could even exchange a batch of Energy Shield Devices and Warp Engines to build a powerful fleet?

Augustus wasn't overthinking. After all, the Og Empire was only a Level 2 Civilization and the whole empire had only one fleet of 100 ships!

The Og Empire was still far from a Level 3 Civilization, with a fleet of tens of thousands of ships.

The most exciting thing for Augustus was the Warp Engine.

With this thing, they no longer take years to travel through the Star Path. They would now only take a few days to get to their destination, which made Augustus crazy excited!

When Augustus finished submitting the technologies, he once again turned his attention to the Resource Contribution Module.

To put it plainly, this was where the Human Federation buys resources with points, but the price was really... 'black.'

For example, a 100 tons of steel is only worth 0.01 points, which means that only 10,000 tons of steel can be exchanged for 1 point!

But Augustus did not feel much. After all, steel was the most worthless thing.

After all, this thing was everywhere in the universe. There's even some asteroid belts that had steel, it was simply everywhere.

Therefore, Civilizations do not try to accept this stuff. Since the Human Federation was willing to accept it, why not? Why would they even think that the purchase price was too cheap?

Just as Augustus was frantically exchanging points, Lin Fan and others continued their journey, the news of the battle in Vion finally reached the ears of Emperor Imran of the Sierra Empire.

"Your Majesty, there's an urgent message from Commander Basil!"

In the Imperial Palace of the Capital Planet of the Sierra Empire, a guard was kneeling on one knee in front of Imran, making a report.

"Haha, did he conquer another one? Read it!"

Imran was in a good mood. After all, Basil had just sent back a message a few months ago, saying that he had taken Vion.

There must be new progress now!

"I encountered a counterattack from the Io Federation in Vion. They had 200,000 Quasi-Level 4 Warships, and then an unknown force joined the battlefield, helping the Io Federation attack our army. Its fleet had more than 400,000 warships, all of which were all Level 4 Civilization warships. I have ordered the entire fleet to retreat through the Star Path, I hope Your Majesty will prepare early!"

After the guard's words sounded, the audience room became silent.

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