Chapter 178: Chief Knight Delin.

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A month had passed since the Og Empire became an Affiliate Civilization of the Human Federation.

Through their contribution of technology and resources, they managed to exchange 300 Snow Leopard-Class Battlecruisers, 10 Mother Sky Carriers, plus 1000 sets of Energy Shields and Warp Engines.

After the delivery of these purchases were completed, the Og Empire would become the most powerful Civilization in the entire Loulan Star Field in terms of military power.

The Human Federation wanted to get rid of the Snow Leopard-Class Battlecruisers and Mother Sky Carriers, so they put them up for sale in the System.

If they used the resources contributed by the Og Empire to calculate the points needed to exchange for one Snow Leopard Battlecruiser, the Human Federation could build 10 Killer Whale-Class Battleships.

This was a win-win situation for both parties!

The Human Federation wasn't scamming the other Civilizations. After all, it's their product and only they had them. 

The other Civilizations being able to buy it was already good.

At least Augustus did not think that the Human Federation's exchange price was too expensive. He even felt that he had gotten quite the bargain!

The Og Empire was living very comfortably and relaxed this past month. But on the other end of the spectrum, the Human Federation were having some headache. Their plan was to visit the whole of Loulan Star Field. After a month, the 10 fleets have already contacted no less than 50 Civilizations.

It's just that, so far, after the good start with the Og Empire, no other Civilizations have met the requirements. Not only did they not meet the basic requirements, it could even be said that they were very bad.

After all, the Loulan Star Field was relatively peaceful. There was no Level 3 Civilization here, which means that there were basically no wars. Most Civilizations were not thinking about further progress, and after becoming a Level 2 Civilization, their development would stagnate.

Obviously, there would be no development if there was no driving force.

It was like this until Lin Fan brought his Guard Fleet to a Star System more than 50 light years away from Loulan. This was the 6th Civilization on Lin Fan's route.

According to the power distribution map given by the System, this was a Civilization called Laika. It was labeled as a Peak Level 2 Civilization, which had piqued Lin Fan's interest.

Soon, 20,000 Battleships suddenly appeared in the void without warning.

"Commander, there is something strange here."

Right after exiting hyperspace, Liang Xue ordered a scan of the entire Star System.

But when she received the scan results from the command team, she was puzzled.

"What's wrong?"

"According to the information we learned from the last Civilization, this should be a Level 2 Civilization called Laika, and it is very powerful! But after scanning the entire Star System, we have found not a single spacecraft here!"

This was indeed interesting. As for the name of Laika, Lin Fan already knew it. After all, the System clearly recorded it on the map, it was impossible for it to be wrong.

However, the entire Star System not having any spacecraft was a bit weird...

"Reporting, a large number of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) are approaching the fleet!"

While Lin Fan was thinking, the officer manning the radar suddenly shouted, bringing Lin Fan back to reality.

"Didn't you just say that there's no ships? Where did these flying objects come from?"

Lin Fan swiftly stood up and said to the officer who reported it.

"Commander, the targets are too small. Each one is only the size of a Human, so the omnidirectional scan simply ignored it!"

"Can you display an image?"

"Yes, putting up a projection."

After a few seconds, an image was projected in front of Lin Fan. Amidst the dark void, there was a large number of humanoid creatures, wearing full body armor, armed with lances and riding war horses!

The whole bridge was dumbfounded.

'What the hell? Are these knights? But the Sci-fi version?'

Lin Fan looked at the measurement data. Their size and height were similar to Humans, but their war horses were a little taller. They really exuded an aura of medieval knights!

The only problem was that they were in space!

"Captain, the other side is sending a communication request!"

"Answer it!"


Soon, a male voice with a tone of authority appeared on the bridge of the Uranus.

"I am the Chief Knight of the Laika Civilization, Delin. You have entered the territory of the Laika Civilization. State your purpose immediately, otherwise we will not rule out the use of force to expel you!"

In contrast to the somewhat threatening words, Lin Fan was actually happy. This was a completely different from the attitude of the Og Civilization!

"We are a Guard Fleet of the 1st Legion of the Level 4 Civilization called the Human Federation. Our purpose is to negotiate with your Civilization, we have no hostile intention!"

Hearing what Lin Fan said, Delin was stunned.

A Level 4 Civilization? The Kabat Empire came to Laika back then, and a big battle happened between the two.

Although the Kabat Empire struggled with their opponents' strange technology and fighting style, losing many warships, the enemies were still only a Level 2 Civilization. They could not fight against those who were a Level 3.

In that battle, 800,000 knights of the Laika Empire died in the battle. In the end, they had no choice, but to sign some unequal treaties with the Kabat Empire to save their Civilization from destruction.

Delin remembered very clearly that the Kabat Empire said that they were a Level 3 Civilization. But now a fleet of a Level 4 Civilization was in front of his face?

"If you are here for peace, the Laika Empire will welcome you. But if you want war, like the Kabat Empire, we will definitely fight to the end, even if you are a Level 4 Civilization!"

"Wait... uh, Delin, right?"

"Yes, I am Delin, the Chief Knight of the Laika Empire!"

"Well, Delin, since you're a little behind on your news, let me update you. The Kabat Empire you mentioned, has been wiped out by us a long time ago."

Lin Fan said with a slightly joking tone.

"Is what you said true?"

Delin's voice trembled a little. Lin Fan could hear that he was not afraid, but rather excited. He was trembling with excitement.

"Of course, it's true. Do you think we, a Level 4 Civilization, need to lie to a Level 2 Civilization like you?"

"You're indeed right..."

For Delin, the war 20 years ago was an absolute humiliation for the Laika Empire. They were forced to sign numerous unequal treaties and were constantly monitored by the Kabat Empire people that were stationed on Laika. 

The Emperor and the knights had no choice, but to endure it for the sake of survival!

Now, someone was telling him that the Kabat Empire had been destroyed?


Delin's crazed laughter rang out from the communication, making the people on the bridge of the Uranus feel puzzled.

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