Chapter 172: Successful Operation!

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At this moment, the front formation of the Sierra Empire's Fleet was a mess, as the four Human Fleets harassed them.

The Guard Legion, where Basil was located, was infiltrated to its core by 40,000 Human warships. Finally, even his flagship was surrounded.

Not only that, the Humans had even infiltrated inside the flagship and were fiercely engaged in close-combat!

"Commander Basil, the opponent's combat troops have entered our ship. According to the report, there was already a battle inside the ship, but our weaponry couldn't match them. We are losing ground."

"Damn it, they want to capture me alive? Order the surrounding legions to ignore the annoying ships and come to the rescue immediately! Tell the combatants on board to hold on, help is on the way!"

"Yes, Commander Basil!"

Two minutes later.

"This is the 71st Guard Squad. There are too many enemies, we can't hold the passage anymore!"

"This is the 21st Guard Squad. Channel D17 has been lost. I repeat, Channel D17 has been..."

"This is the 97th Guard Squad. Enemy fire is too heavy, we need support!"

"This is the 47th Guard Squad. Channel D09 leading to the bridge is under heavy enemy attack."


This was all that sounded in the coms, and it made Basil's expression very gloomy!

"Have our legions arrived yet?"

"Commander Basil, besides the 1000 warships surrounding our flagship, the other 40,000 warships have formed a defensive circle around us."

"Tell them not to form any formation, just pierce through the enemy..."


Before Basil could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a huge explosion. He was even caught off guard by the shock wave and fell heavily on the ground.

In a daze, Basil seemed to see a large group of people in black combat uniforms rushing in, and quickly suppressing the entire bridge.

"Commander, all of the targets have been captured, we are now extracting them!"

"Good job!"

Lin Fan was very satisfied with Zhang Zhiwei's performance. It only took them 3 minutes to complete their mission. Even if he considered their extraction time, the overall time should not be more than 5 minutes!

"Attention all, the operation has been completed. I repeat, the operation has been completed!"

Lin Fan picked up his coms and sent out an announcement to all of the Commanders of the 1st Legion.

"Now, according to our battle plan: the 4th, 5th, 8th, and 9th Fleets will continue to pierce through the enemy fleets, with the 2nd Legion to attack the enemy's rear. Meanwhile, the four fleets are temporarily under the command of Commander Liang Xingchen until the end of this battle!"

"The other five fleets will accompany my Guard Fleet to the entrance of the Star Path and assist the Io Federation's Queen's Guard Fleet!"

"Yes, Commander!"

Three minutes later, all of the Mechas and warplanes had returned. Lin Fan then immediately ordered the six fleets to start moving towards the direction of the Star Path.

On the way, he also crushed the Sierra Empire’s second wave of attack.

The news of the attack on the flagship and the capture of their Commander started to spread among the Sierra Empire's troops, which led to their disarray.

As of now, both sides have been fighting for more than 20 minutes. The loss was mostly from the allied forces. Mainly from the Io Federation's Queen's Guard Fleet, losing about 20,000 warships. The Human Federation only lost less than 500.

On the other hand, the frontline of the Sierra Empire was completely destroyed by the Queen's Guard Fleet, and the second one was abused by Lin Fan's six fleets.

The Sierra Empire's rear was broken through in the center by the 1st Legion. Then the four fleets of the 1st Legion and 2nd Legion had pinned them down for more than 10 minutes – causing them to lose a total of more than 400,000 warships.

After the calculation, the battle damage of the Sierra Empire's fleet had already exceeded 900,000. Of course, this included the tens of thousands of warships that Lin Fan had destroyed before.

Without Basil's command, the entire Sierra Empire's fleet was like a herd of lost sheep.

Other than some, who could manage to put up a decent fight, the whole situation was a mess. Each legion just basically fought on their own, leading to total chaos.

With such a situation, even if the ability of the individual Commanders was very good, they couldn't reverse the tide.

The battle lasted for more than five hours before it came to an end.

The Io Federation lost 38,000 warships in total, while the Human Federation lost 2,800. On the other end, the Sierra Empire lost 3.5 million warships and the 120,000 warships that made up the Royal Guard Fleet. 

Currently, Elena was wearing an excited expression. After all, there had never been such a big victory in the history of the Io Federation.

At the same time, she also had a deeper understanding of the shield-equipped warships. After all, this was the first time that the Io Federation had deployed the Queen's Guard Fleet to fight.

This kind of battle power was definitely not something a Level 3 Civilization could compete with.

However, Lin Fan was a bit dissatisfied. Their technology completely crushed the enemy, but he still lost 2,800 warships. The key was that their number was small, which was also the biggest shortcoming of the Human Federation. Their population was small, so the number of people they could put in fleets was also small.

The enemies they faced often had millions of warships, while they only had less than 500,000.

A Level 4 Civilization was not completely invincible to a Level 3 Civilization. With sufficient numbers, the latter could make the former pay a big price.

Just like this time. If they didn't lure the Sierra Empire's Royal Guard Fleet, annihilating it first, and instead, had directly fought the main fleet, they would have paid a heavy price to win this battle.

Therefore, Lin Fan thought that Lin Zhen's subsidiary Civilization plan was a very good idea. Since the Human Federation itself cannot make up for the shortage of population in a short period of time, then they'll recruit a group of potential subsidiary Civilizations!

They'll equip the latter with Energy Shields or even Warp Engines to fight for them!

Of course, the equipment provided would be like those they gave to the Kabat Empire – having a back door!

In this way, the Human Federation could have a large number of Quasi-Level 4 Civilizations in a short period of time, just like the Io Federation's Queen's Guard Fleet. 

At the same time, they could also use new trade sources to obtain a large amount of resources, greatly accelerating the development of humanity!

It seems that after this time, they need to think about recruiting subordinate Civilizations. 

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