Chapter 173: Obtaining Intelligence.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

Three months had passed since the battle in Vion.

Under the leadership of Liang Xingchen, the 2nd Legion remained stationed in Vion, along with the Queen's Guard Fleet to prevent any accidents.

On the other hand, Lin Fan brought the 1st Legion to Leon, where the 11th and 12th Fleets were stationed, which were not involved in the battle in Vion.

Leon was a very special Star System. It was not because of what's there, but rather the ten Star Paths connected to it!

One of them leads to the back of Leon, and the other nine lead to nine different Level 2 Civilizations. Each of which was connected to many other Level 1 and 2 Civilizations.

After Leon was a vast area of Level 1 and 2 Civilizations, spanning more than 500 light years, which was what the Kabat Empire called the Farid Star Field.

However, instead of using this name, the Human Federation renamed Leon to Loulan, and renamed the Farid Star Field to Loulan Star Field.

According to data, the Loulan Star Field was composed of 339 Level 2 Civilizations and 2,716 Level 1 Civilizations.

Therefore, the former Kabat Empire turned Loulan into a trade hub, specializing in trading with these Level 2 Civilizations in order to extract their value.

Lin Zhen's plan was to have Loulan continue to serve as a trade hub for a period of time. This time, it was the Humans taking control instead of the Kabat Empire.

At the same time, Lin Fan also needed to find some potential civilizations among these Civilizations, recruiting them to become the first affiliated Civilizations of the Human Federation.

Therefore, Lin Fan decided to conduct a visitation program around the Loulan Star Field.

The program will be carried out by ten fleets of the 1st Legion. Each of which will bring along a professional team, who will be responsible for diplomacy and also for a comprehensive assessment of each Civilization.

After all, if the Human Federation were to take in affiliated Civilizations, they didn't need burdensome one. Naturally, they would only seek those with great potential.

After becoming an affiliated Civilization, the Civilizations could receive missions through the Human Federation's new Affiliated Civilization System, where they could earn points to exchange them for technology, equipment, warships, and other things.

The Human Federation would also have a set of support programs for Level 2 Civilizations, supporting them to become Level 3 Civilizations in the shortest possible time.

Lin Fan's plan had already been authorized by the top management, and he had full charge of it. As for the professional diplomatic and evaluation teams, they were already being formed. The ten teams would soon be sent to Loulan.

Actually, Lin Fan was not in the mood to handle this project. After all, he was still very worried about the relationship between the Sierra Empire and the Babawi Empire.

'Would the battle in Vion alarm the Babawi Empire and make them pay attention to the Human Federation?'

It was only a month ago when a piece of information from the President's Office arrived, did his worries get dispelled.

Three months ago, Lin Fan had captured one of the three Commander-in-chiefs of the Sierra Empire, Basil, as well as the 32 members of his command team in the flagship.

After the battle, Lin Fan arranged for a warship to send these captives to Earth. A month ago, the President's Office finally managed to obtain the relevant intelligence and sent it to Lin Fan.

According to the information, more than a 100 years ago, the wreckage of a buried warship was found on a planet within the territory of the Sierra Empire. According to the research of the Sierra Empire, the warship was several levels more advanced than their warships and was most likely a warship belonging to a Level 5 Civilization. 

Therefore, the Sierra Empire gathered a large number of scientists to research it. Alas, even after 100 years, it bore no fruit.

At this point, the Sierra Empire also understood why they were fruitless in the end. It was the same as giving a pistol to a primitive man. Even if you give him a 100 years, he wouldn't be able to study it.

After all, for technology, one needed to come across it step by step and have prior scientific research data to base it from.

For example, if one gave all of the technical information of the Energy Shield to a Level 3 Civilization, they wouldn't have any problem with it. But if one gave them the Energy Shield from a Level 5 Civilization instead, even if they were given all of the information, they wouldn't be able to create it because their foundational science supporting this technology would be lacking.

After the newest Emperor of the Sierra Empire came to power, he made a decision that since they couldn't study it, then they wouldn't. Instead, they might as well replace it with something practical, so that the Empire could obtain real benefits that could be seen and felt!

More than 20 years ago, the Emperor presented the wreckage of the warship to the Babawi Empire when the latter passed by the Sierra Empire.

Of course, the Emperor wasn't as stupid as to say that they had been studying it for a 100 years, which would be an act of seeking death. They simply told the emissary of the Babawi Empire that it had just been excavated.

After the team led by the emissary carefully identified it, it was confirmed that it was indeed a level 5 Civilization's warship. It wasn't the kind that was sold to other Civilizations, but rather a warship the Level 5 Civilization used for themselves. They knew this because there was a Warp Interference Technology on the wreckage, which wouldn't be present if this was sold to other Civilizations.

This meant that the Babawi Empire, after acquiring this warship, could start researching it and leverage it to break through to become a Level 5 Civilization in the future.

After the news was sent back to the Babawi Empire, their Emperor was so happy that he immediately bestowed 360,000 warships to the Sierra Empire as a reward!

So, 10 years ago, 360,000 warships were sent to the Sierra Empire. The Serra Empire then used these 360,000 warships to form three Royal Guard Fleets, each with 120,000 warships!

The one that Basil brought to Vion was the 3rd Royal Guard Fleet.

Reading this information, Lin Fan finally understood.

First of all, there was no special relationship between the Babawi Empire and Sierra Empire. It was only because the Sierra Empire donated the wreckage of a Level 5 Civilization warship and made the Babawi Empire's Emperor happy, that they were rewarded with 360,000 Babawi Empire warships. 

Secondly, the Babawi Empire conducted a patrol on the Orion's Arm Branch every 100 years. Their purpose was very easy to guess, that was to monitor if there's a Civilization that would become a threat to them. At the same time, they collected some tributes from the Civilizations. 

According to Basil's information, the last patrol took place 22 years ago, which meant that the Babawi Empire would not appear again in the next 78 years. Humanity was safe for the time being.

Lastly, there were still 240,000 Babawi Empire warships in the Sierra Empire, which was a major threat.

However, along with the intelligence, the President's Office also sent the prepared five-year plan.

There were two points in this plan that were the most intriguing.

One was that the Human Federation would build a 3rd Legion. The other was that they would urgently supply 500,000 Energy Shields and Warp Engines to the Io Federation.

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