Chapter 171: Breaking Into The Ship.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

In the Sierra Empire fleet, front formation, Commander Basil was staring at the changes in the battlefield from his flagship, with a tight frown on his face.

The four fleets belonging to the Humans were making an arcing detour from both of their sides, and were obviously coming towards their front formation.

Based on the magnitude of this arcing circle, their final target should be the advancing second wave of the assaulting legions!

'Are they planning to support the Io Federation's fleet?'

The problem was that Basil couldn't stop it, even if he wanted to! The opponent's speed was too fast, and the rear formation could not catch up, even if they wanted to divide their troops to intercept.

"Move two legions from this formation to block the attack. If the opponent assaults the second wave of the assault formation, launch an attack from its flank!"

"Yes, Commander Basil!"

The two legions, each with 300,000 warships, immediately began to accelerate and charge to the sides of the second wave in an assault formation.

If the situation developed as it was, the four Human Fleets – two on each side – would each draw a big arc and then appear on both sides of the assaulting legion. Thus launching a heavy attack on their flanks.

The two fleets sent by Basil would also appear on the flanks of the four Human Fleets, so that the four Human Fleets would not be able to do things as they wish.

However, what Basil didn't expect was that Lin Fan had predicted his move and had the four Human Fleets perform a show. Their real target was not the second wave, but actually himself...

Commander of the Sierra Empire fleet, Basil!

Just as the two legions of the front formation of the Sierra Empire came forward to support their assaulting comrades, a gap was revealed on both sides of their core formation. It was no longer as tightly protected as before!

This scene naturally was seen by Lin Fan, and he immediately ordered his four fleets in the roundabout to start moving!

After receiving the order, the four Commanders immediately followed the battle plan and increased the arc of their fleets. The final target of their detour would be the front formation of the Sierra Empire's Fleet.

Basil was caught off-guard by such a change. After all, the Humans' warships' speed was too fast. The Humans would only take 2, 3 minutes to kill, while they would take a few minutes just to make a turn. 

They certainly wouldn't have the time to come back. They also did not dare to fire long range attacks, as they would be attacking in the direction of their own fleet. Would they want to take out their own people together with the bombardment?

Not to mention that this bombardment would only take out a few Human warships. After all, the other side had Energy Shields! The sacrifice wouldn't be worth it.

"Tell the Guard Legion to thicken the formation, and get ready to prevent any surprise attacks!"

"Yes, Commander Basil!"

While Basil was urgently adjusting his formation and preparing for the upcoming surprise attack, the rear formation was being pierced through by six Human Fleets.

Although the warships on both their sides wanted to lean towards the middle, as a way to thicken their formation and block the Human Fleet from piercing through, Liang Xingchen was providing supporting fire. He had already completed his formation and was in position long ago. At this point, it was impossible for the Sierra Empire to effectively fill the center of their formation in a short amount of time.

Of the six Human Fleets that broke through, four began to turn, while the other two were rushing towards the front formation of the Sierra Empire!

The distance of about 2 million kilometers between the front formation and the rear formation of the Sierra Empire's Fleet was no problem for Lin Fan or Shangguan Yunting!

At a speed of 50,000 kilometers per second, 2 million kilometers was just a matter of a few tens of seconds, it was almost instantaneous.

At this time, the four fleets that arced around on both sides had ruthlessly plunged in from both sides of the Sierra Empire's Guard Legion, instantly cutting it into three sections!

Even though Basil had prepared in advance and thickened their formation, 200,000 ordinary warships were completely defenseless against the two-way assault of the 80,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships!

The entire Sierra Empire's Guard Legion was immediately thrown into a mess!

"Quickly, reorganize the formation. The other side won't end their assault with just one attack!"

"Commander Basil, it's not good. About 40,000 enemy warships in the rear have arrived!"

"Damn it, tell the legions on both sides to come over to provide support immediately!"

"Oh no, Commander Basil, the fleets that just assaulted us are blocking the four legions around us!"

At this moment, the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th Fleets of the 1st Legion were each wrapping around one of the Sierra Empire's legions, while following Lin Fan's instructions to not fight them head-on. Instead, they relied on their speed to circle around and used their secondary cannons to strike. They were not giving the enemy's main cannons a chance to attack!

Therefore, the four Sierra Empire legions could only use their secondary cannons to return fire.

However, for the Killer Whale-Class Battleships, these enemy secondary cannons were no different from a scratch. They were not much of a threat at all.

After listening to his Adjutant's words, Basil still couldn't believe that the other party's goal was him all along! He was fooled!

Now, the 40,000 warships that were breaking through from their rear should be the final nail in the coffin!

Lin Fan and Shangguan Yunting were so fast that they didn't give Basil time to think or react. The two fleets approached the area where his flagship was located and surrounded the 15-million-ton Heavy Battleship.

Of course, it was impossible for the Humans to use their warship's guns. After all, they're here to capture people, not bring back corpses!

Instead, they used close range defense weapons. Although this type of weapon had limited power and could not shoot through a warship's thick armor, it could clean up the enemy weapons. It was not necessary to destroy them, just making them unable to function was enough.

After all Basil's flagship's surface weapons were cleared up, Lin Fan said to the coms.

"Zhang Zhiwei, I'll only give you five minutes to bring back all the members of the enemy command group, understand?"

Currently, Zhang Zhiwei was promoted to the Commander of the Mecha Legion in Lin Fan's Guard Fleet. It's a pity that he had no talent in fleet command, so he could only go on the Mecha path.


The next moment, a large number of Mechas and warplanes in the first Sub-fleet that were surrounding Basil's flagship, quickly sailed out of the warship and swooped towards it.

The Uranus on the other side also cooperated by blasting at it, with its 30% charged secondary cannon, opening a not very large hole not far from its bridge!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhang Zhiwei immediately took the Mechas into the clearing first, followed by more than 20 warplanes.

A large number of soldiers wearing interstellar combat suits left the warplanes and used the micro thrusters on their combat suits to fly inside the blown hole.

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