Chapter 163: Sudden Attack.

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The Vion Star System was located on the border between the Io Federation and the Sierra Empire. It was one of the three nodes where the two civilizations shared a border.

Although the Sierra Empire was stronger than the Io Federation, they were still helpless against the heavily guarded Vion Star System.

Since 30 years ago, the Sierra Empire had not attacked this place after they had failed and suffered heavy losses.

However, at this moment, the alarm of Vion's Star Path, which had not sounded for 30 years, suddenly began to ring in all the warships.

"Report the situation immediately!"

Inside a huge military fortress, the Commander-in-Chief of the Vion Garrison, Bernice, shouted to her Adjutant.

"Commander Bernice, there are warships passing through the Star Path. It's coming from the direction of the Sierra Empire. The 9th Legion is currently confronting them on the Star Path's defense line!"

"These damned Sierrans, have you already forgotten what happened 30 years ago? Order the 10th and 11th Legion to rush to the Star Path's defense line immediately. The 6th to 8th Legions are to move to the rear of the defense line and be ready to attack at any time!"


However, just as the Adjutant was about to deliver the order, the communication device in her ears rang again, and her face changed dramatically.

"Commander Bernice, it's not looking good. The 9th Legion reports that all the ships of the Sierrans are equipped with Energy Shields! According to the database comparison, their warships are the ones sold by the Babawi Empire!"

"How many are there?"

Bernice realized the seriousness of the matter. Currently, the most important was to know exactly how many warships did they have?

If there were only 10,000 to 20,000 warships, it would be fine. Although it would be a bit troublesome, it was not impossible to handle. After all, they had 1.8 million warships on hand!

But if the number of warships was more, it was impossible to solve this matter by themselves.

"Commander Bonnie of the 9th Legion reports that 20,000 warships have sailed out from the Star Path, and the number is still increasing. She is requesting immediate reinforcements!"

"Order the 5th, 10th and 11th Legion to take over. Have the 6th to 8th Legion to be ready to replenish the gap in the defense line!"


"Also, tell Bonnie to report the number of enemy warships with Energy Shields, I want to know the exact number!"



Inside the Ten Heavenly Halls, Io Federation's Capital Circle, Io Star System.

Alfie was currently handling administrative affairs. She admired Bella immensely now. She realized that being the Queen was a hundred times harder than being a Commander!

Even more that the former Queen Bella had persevered for 1000 years of this type of work. This made Alfie admire the former even more.

"Your Majesty, there's an urgent communication request from Vion!"

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Io Federation and the Humans, in addition to Energy Shields and Warp Engines, they had also purchased a lot of quantum communicators from the latter, making communication between places much easier.


The current Commander there, Bernice, was her long-time subordinate.

Bernice was a very calm Commander, so for her to send an emergency communication at this time, it was very likely that something had happened to Vion, and it was not a small matter!

"Pick it up immediately!"


A few seconds later, Bernice's figure appeared in the room where Alfie was.

"Bernice, what's happening in Vion?"

"Your Majesty, the Sierra Empire is currently attacking Vion and their leading fleet is made up of the Babawi Empire's warships! 50,000 warships have already appeared, and more are still coming out of the Star Path."

"What? All of them are the Babawi Empire warships!?"

"Yes, Ninth Legion Commander Bonnie is trying her best to resist, and the rest of the Legions are on the way to support them. From the looks of the battle so far, all of the Sierrans's warships have Energy Shields, and it is confirmed that they are the warships sold by the Babawi Empire!"

Bernice was a bit anxious because the number of enemy warships with Energy Shields was beyond her capacity, and the enemy were about to build a bridgehead at the exit of the Star Path!

Once the bridgehead was established, the following Sierran fleet could continuously join the battlefield. Losing the advantageous terrain, facing the Sierran fleet – which were no less in number than their own and with stronger warships – the defeat of the Vion defenders was imminent.

Not only Bernice was anxious, Alfie was the same. After all, the Queen's Guard Fleet, which was reorganized from the 3rd Legion, had only completed the modification of 200,000 warships and were still in the Capital Circle.

If they want to support Vion, even with the Warp Engines, it would take more than 10 days for them to arrive. Vion obviously could not hold on for that long!

However, Alfie was a Commander of a large fleet before she became Queen, so after some thinking, she immediately made a decision.

"Bernice, immediately organize the evacuation of all the people in Vion. Have the front line try to hold out for a little longer. Once all of the people have evacuated, then the fleet can also evacuate, there's no need to fight!"


"What are you still staring blankly for? Go do it now! I'll let the Queen's Guard Fleet go to destroy the Energy Shield-equipped warships of the Sierra Empire, so you can start evacuating immediately!"

"Yes, Queen!"

After cutting off the call, Alfie felt that there was still a need for additional insurance. After all, the Queen's Guard Fleet was still essentially composed of Level 3 Civilization's warships. Although they now had Energy Shields and Warp Engines, their weapons and energy source were still that of a Level 3 Civilization's technology.

On the other hand, the Babawi Empire bought warships used by the Sierra Empire. Except for the lack of warping ability, it possesses Level 4 Civilization's technology in terms of weapons, energy source and Energy Shields.

The 200,000-strong Queen's Guard Fleet was still not safe, so Alfie decided to ask for help from the Humans!

Alfie then immediately contacted Lin Zhen using a special communication line.

"Queen Alfie, is there something wrong for you to use the emergency line?"

Due to his relationship with Bella, Lin Zhen had a very good relationship with Bella's successor.

"President Lin Zhen, I'm here to ask for help. The Io Federation is experiencing a sudden attack by the Sierra Empire, and they have a large number of Babawi Empire warships in their fleet!"

"Hm? Babawi Empire warships? Are they the kind of warship that were once used in the Ochs Empire's Aegis Fleet? How many of them are there?"

Lin Zhen frowned a little. The Sierra Empire obtained Babawi Empire warships? No wonder the Io Federation's front line couldn't stand their ground.

But the most crucial thing was, exactly how big was this large number?

"Yes, it is the same model as the Ochs Empire's Aegis Fleet warships. At present, they are attacking Vion through the Star Path. There are 50,000 warships that have already exited the Star Path, and more are continuing to appear! I don't know how many there are exactly for the time being!"

"Don't worry, I will let Liang Xingchen's 2nd Legion go to support you. But they won't be able to reach Vion in a short time, so why don't you let Vion's defenders retreat first?"

"En, I've already ordered the front line to start retreating!"

"Then, I'll send the 2nd Legion to Io to join you, and then we'll go to the front line together!"

"Thank you!"

"I will let Liang Xingchen contact you directly later!"


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