Chapter 164: The 9th Legion's Sacrifice.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

Regardless of whether it was Alfie or Lin Zhen, both of them felt that this matter was very strange.

After all, according to the information, the Ochs Empire had even expended a whole century’s worth of savings in order to buy 5,000 Babawi Empire warships, which showed how insanely expensive the warships were.

Yet, the Sierra Empire had brought out so many of such warships at once! According to Alfie, 50,000 warships had appeared from the Star Path, and more were still sailing out.

What did that mean? It meant that the Sierra Empire had more than 50,000 warships with Energy Shields, maybe 100,000 or even 200,000 warships! But the question was, how did the Sierra Empire get so many warships?

Although the Sierra Empire was stronger than the Io Federation and the Ochs Empire, they still had a limited amount of money. They shouldn't have been able to buy such a large number of warships.

Soon after Alfie and Lin Zhen finished talking, the personnel on Vion's planets had already boarded their ships and started retreating.

After all, the planet was a military "town" at the border and no ordinary civilians were living there. There were only Io Federation soldiers and some related personnel. Their number was also not large, and most of them were in the fortress, so the evacuation was very fast.

However, although the evacuation did not take too much time and all of the personnel had evacuated in about half an hour, the defense line in the Star Path was not looking optimistic.

There were more than 70,000 Babawi Empire bought warships that had already exited out of Star Path and more were still coming out, making Bernice anxious.

She calculated that the defense line had to hold on for at least 1 hour to ensure the safety of other people to evacuate. Otherwise, they will definitely be caught and destroyed. After all, the Sierra Empire had bought warships that can travel up to 30,000 km per second.

However, if they wanted to hold on for an hour, they had to sacrifice at least one Legion to make it possible!

Looking at the 9th Legion warships being destroyed, Bernice felt a sense of powerlessness.

"Has the 11th and 12th Legion not yet arrived at the defense line? If this continues, the 9th Legion will suffer too many casualties!"

"We need one more minute, Commander Bernice!"

"Tell them to hold the line for one hour!"


At this moment, the casualties of the 9th Legion had already reached a horrifying 100,000 warships, and it had only been less than 10 minutes since the battle began. To top it all off, the 9th Legion was still in an overwhelmingly favorable terrain.

However, they only destroyed less than 1000 enemy warships in the 10 minutes, while their casualties had already exceeded 100,000. It was a 100 to 1 casualty rate! It can be seen how powerless the Level 3 Civilization warships were against Level 4 Civilization warships.

The enemy warships were even the weakened version of the Level 4 Civilization’s warships, and were weaker than the Killer Whale-Class Battleships used by the Human Federation.

A minute later, the 11th and 12th Legions arrived at the defense line and started to cover the firepower. The firepower from the Io Federation's side suddenly increased several times.

Alas, although the situation slightly eased with the addition of the two legions, it was too late!

At this moment, the 80,000 Babawi Empire bought warships of the Sierra Empire had already sailed out of the Star Path and established the initial bridgehead; forming the first sizable formation with stronger attacking capabilities.

Every second, a large number of Io Federation warships were destroyed and countless beautiful Angels had died.

After 120,000 Babawi Empire bought warships appeared from the Sierra Empire's side, they finally stopped coming. The subsequent ones were the main warships of the Sierra Empire. This was a relief to Bernice.

After all, if there were only 120,000 Babawi Empire bought warships, the current Io Federation would not be afraid of them, and Bernice knew that the Queen's Guard Fleet had 200,000 completed warships.

Although their individual warships may be weaker than the warships purchased by the Sierra Empire, the former still had the numerical advantage. The most important thing was that the Human Federation was also behind the Io Federation. 

Therefore, although the Io Federation might suffer heavy losses in this battle, Bernice had no doubt that the final victory would still belong to them.

With a sigh of relief, Bernice did not forget to inform Alfie about the 120,000 Babawi Empire bought warships of the Sierra Empire.

An hour later, the evacuees from the fortress and the planet had arrived at the back entrance of the Star Path, then began to enter.

"Notify the legions on the defense line to evacuate immediately!"

Seeing that the time had come, Bernice decisively gave the order to retreat.


At this moment, the total battle damage of the three legions on the defense line had reached a horrifying 450,000 warships. Among which, the 9th Legion had suffered the most casualties, losing 220,000 warships. The other two legions had lost 110,000 and 120,000 respectively. 

Meanwhile, the Sierra Empire had lost only 3,000 Babawi Empire bought warships and 50,000 regular warships.

In addition, at the exit of the Star Path, a huge formation made up of 117,000 warships and 400,000 regular warships had been formed by the Sierra Empire.

If the Io Federation don't retreat now, it won't be long before all three legions would be destroyed. Even if they retreated, they would have to pay a great price.

"Commander Bernice, the 11th and 12th Legion have started to withdraw from the defensive line, but 9th Legion Commander Bonnie refuses to do so!"

"What? Connect me to Bonnie immediately!"


A few seconds later, the moment the call was connected, Bernice roared!

"Bonnie, what are you doing? I have ordered the entire defense line to retreat!"

"Commander, you and I both understand that we will be chased as we retreat. Even more that the 120,000 Babawi Empire bought warships' speed is several times faster than ours. They can easily catch up and block our retreat route. They'll then drive us into a corner, with the rest of their pursuing fleet coming from behind. By then, we would have no chance of escaping."

"Bonnie, are you sure about what you're going to do?"

Bernice listened to Bonnie's words and had to admit that the latter was right. The chances of the three legions successfully evacuating were slim to none!

At the same time, Bernice also had some idea of what Bonnie was up to.

"Yes, I will try to buy you as much time as possible. Good luck, Commander Bernice."

After saying that, Bonnie gave a military salute to Bernice in the projection, and then directly cut off the call.

The remaining 80,000 warships of the 9th Legion then continued to hold down the defense line, which was not far from the exit of the Star Path.

Inside a magnificent white painted heavy Battleship, Bonnie was giving her last order.

"Order the whole fleet to break into the enemy's line and drag them into close combat, so that the rest of our sisters can evacuate safely!"


At this moment, all the remaining soldiers of the 9th Legion knew what they were going to face and what they were going to do.

Not a single one of the 80,000 warships hesitated, as they immediately started the assault according to the final order of their Legion Commander.

Bernice, who was watching this scene in the distance, opened a wide communications channel and roared.

"Everyone, move quickly. The 9th Legion sisters are using their lives to create opportunities for us, do not let their deaths go in vain!"

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