Chapter 162: Childbearing Frenzy.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

Lin Zhen's idea simply stunned all the Board Members.

Was this the Interstellar Era's version of "fight the rich and divide the land"? So it's "give birth and divide the land"?

"President, I think you should add in how we allocate the land. A family with more than 10 members will have an additional 10,000 square meters of land!"

Ed suddenly said.

Immediately, everyone looked at him strangely.

'Are you the devil? This is too cruel! Isn't this the same as forcing everyone to give birth to eight children!?'

"En, I think your suggestion is good!"

To top it all off, Lin Zhen agreed with Ed!

'Have you two turned into devils? Why are you being this cruel!?'

"Alright, in addition to Ed's suggestion, I have another idea. Those who meet the requirements and apply for land, can freely choose the area where the land is located. First come, first served!"

This time, even Ed looked at Lin Zhen with a bit of shock.

'After all these years, how come I didn't realize that you were this wicked?'

'Also first come, first served?'

'You are forcing a large group of people to give birth, one after the other. Especially since if they applied too late, the good areas would've already been selected!'

After all, who doesn't want the whole sea view area, build a few villas with ocean views and have their own private beach!?

"President, you are too harsh. If the people are desperate for land, they will immediately have a second child after one. Their bodies will not be able to withstand it, and they will easily get into trouble!"

"That's not a problem, did you forget that Gene Enhancement Medicines are now popularized? The technology today is not like the olden days. People's bodies are now twice as good, and much stronger!"

The Board Members were speechless as they looked at Lin Zhen. How come they suddenly felt that their President had changed into a different person, and a sinister one?


In a week's time, after many revisions to the details, the Government announced its latest immigration policy. The key points were as follows.


[1] Anyone can apply for immigration and get free permanent land. A single person can receive 200 square meters of permanent land.

[2] A married couple with two members can apply for 500 square meters of permanent land together.

[3] Families with three children can apply for 3,000 square meters of free land.

[4] Families with more than three children can apply for an additional 2,000 square meters of permanent land with each extra child.

[5] Families with 10 or more children can apply for an additional 10,000 square meters of permanent land in addition to the regular land application.

[6] All land is available on a first come, first served basis.

[7] This time, the Federation has opened 10 Natural Life Planets and 50 Modified Life Planets in which people can choose from. If you choose to live on a Modified Life Planet, your land size will be doubled.

[8] This policy applies to all future immigration programs of the Federation.


The whole population was in an uproar, and some parents had even called meetings at home!

"You didn't listen to me when I told you to have children earlier, now look!"

Similar arguments were taking place all over the planet.

Three days later, when the newly formed Federal Bureau of Interstellar Immigration conducted a survey, it was found that 80% of the applicants were over 60 years old!

The statistics were not difficult to understand. After all, the younger generation was either not married or married, but without children for the time being. Even if they had a child, they only had one.

Obviously, for the younger generation, it was not worth it to apply for immigration now. It was better to seize the time to get married, have more children, and then wait for the next wave of immigration to open.

As for the previous generation or even the last two generations, they already had their own children. After the use of Gene Enhancement Medicines in the past few years, they had regained their youth and were very "vigorous," adding 2 to even 3 more children.

In addition to the children they already had before, the older generations had the proper capital. This was why there were many applicants from their age group. There were even a large number of families with more than 10 children in this group!

Of course, if the older children of the older generation applied, they wouldn't be able to apply on their own. They were already counted in the application as a family. However, their next generation – their children – can still apply. After all, they were not counted as immigrant applicants.

One week after the opening of immigration applications, more than 500 million people had applied. Including the applicants' joint immigrant family members, the number of immigrants in the first wave had reached 3.2 billion people!

As for the large number of planets left in the hands of the Federation, Lin Zhen was not prepared to develop a second wave of immigrants right away. After all, they had to give people some time to "create", right? Ahem~ No, it's giving people some time to "prepare." 

In the end, after various high-level discussions, it was decided that the immigration would be every five years!

The Board Members even gave Lin Zhen's immigration program a nickname, the Labor Program.

One had to admit that the name of the program was really apt. The Federation's population was expected to continue to rise for a long time in the future!

When the population exploded to several times more than that of the Angels, it will be the day when the Io Federation will be merged into the Human Federation. By then, the Human population will directly break a trillion!

Soon, the first wave of migration started. The planets in this wave were all within the Capital Circle of the former Ochs Empire.

This area was guarded by the 1st and 2nd Legions respectively. With two external channels, it could be said to be a very safe area. In terms of security, it and the solar system were not very different!


On board the Uranus in the Kabat Star System, Lin Fan was watching the news from Earth in his room with interest; which was the news of the immigration.

"Who would've thought that this old man has these ideas?"

Lin Fan looked at the policies and couldn't help, but laugh.

"Now the people on Earth will probably be desperate to have children, right?"

Liang Xue, who was sitting next to him, also laughed. Her father-in-law was really...

"That's for sure. According to my estimation, in 10 years' time, the Human population will at least triple. In 20 years' time, the population should exceed 100 billion. In 100 years, we should be able to complete the goal of one trillion people!"

"But what about the soldiers in the Interstellar Fleet? What's their reaction? After all, this policy is very unfair to them!"

Liang Xue was a bit worried. The Officers in the fleet were always away on combat missions.

Even if they had children on leave, it was impossible to have too many. After all, they didn't have as much time and energy.

"The President's Office has issued another document, which is specially designed for the Interstellar Fleet. Some planets available for immigration will be set aside for the Officers and men in service. The conditions will be no worse than those of regular citizens, if not better!"

"Well, Uncle Lin is really thoughtful. In this way, the Officers in the fleet wouldn't have any complaints!"

"I say, my dear wife, now that the Kabat Empire has been defeated, shouldn't we also take advantage of our rest time to be an example and do our part for the development of the Federation?"

Hearing this, a touch of red immediately crept onto Liang Xue's face. 

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