Chapter 161: Having Children and Bestowing Land.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

It had to be said that Lin Zhen's idea was something that none of the people in the conference room had ever considered, and it was very attractive.

The more the Board Members thought about it, the more they felt that it was very feasible and the benefits were obvious!

"President, that's a wonderful idea!" 

"That's right, every civilization is not multi-sided in the path of technology, they all have their own specialties. So we can make our technological tree as multi-sided as possible, by having many civilizations feed us technology instead!"

"Let's do it. The sooner the better! Maybe we can realize an era where all  civilizations come together!" 


The Board Members were all breathing heavily and were very excited.

"President, we can directly refer to the terminal system of the Theo Alliance, and just modify some of it to make it more in line with our needs!" 

Ed said after thinking for a while.

Since there was already an existing system that had been running for tens of thousands of years right in front of them, why not just use it? They could just modify it, and there was no need to unnecessarily build a new one.  

"En, that's the same as my idea. We could copy the terminal system of the Theo Alliance, and after slight general modifications, we could then make specific changes according to the actual situation."

"I'll take care of this. There's still a week before Bai Zi Xuan arrives, so I'll lead the team to finalize the basic system first!"

"Good, I will be counting on you, Ed!"

Lin Zhen was very optimistic about this plan, which would most likely lead to another rapid development of the Human Federation.

"Now, we proceed to the last topic of the day. That is, the immigration issue!"

The latest territory of the Human Race was then projected.

"Look here, this is the territory before the war with the Kabat Empire, with a total of 28 Star Systems, including 13 Natural Life Planets and 87 Modified Life Planets!"

Lin Zhen pointed to a blue area in the projection, and then the projection zoomed in on that area.

"This is our territory after the First Legion completed the second phase of Operation Dawn; a total of 40 Star Systems, including 19 Natural Life Planets, 135 Modified Life Planets, and then..."

With the blue area in the projection zooming in again, the area covered by the whole area had almost doubled in size.

"This is the territory that we will have after the final phase of Operation Dawn; a total of 78 Star Systems, including 39 Natural Life Planets, 278 Modified Life Planets!"

Seeing the massive expansion of their territory via the projection and Lin Zhen's description, the Board Members were hyped. 

More than 10 years ago, the Human Race was driven into a corner by the Ochs Empire. They were forced to retreat behind the asteroid belt of the Solar System, with a possibility of perishing at any given time looming around.

Who would have thought that in just over a decade, mankind had not only turned the tables on the Ochs Empire, they now ruled a terrifying 78 Star Systems, with more than 300 Natural and Modified Life Planets combined!

It was a magnificent feat!


Looking at the excited Board Members, Lin Zhen continued to speak.

"Our population is still only at 15 billion! Do you understand what this means? It means that we are now sitting on a vast amount of treasured land, but we don't have enough people to develop it!"

This statement made all of the Board Members come back from their fantasies.

Indeed, the population problem was too big, especially now that the lifespan of Humans had increased. It was so much so that the number of people getting married and having children had decreased dramatically!

Fortunately, because of the increase in life expectancy, many of the old people, who should have died in these years, had reverted back to their middle ages, which maintained the growth of the Human population.

In other words, although the number of people giving birth had decreased significantly, since less people die of old age, the rate of increase of the population was not much different from before.

However, such growth cannot satisfy the expansion demand of the current situation. Not to mention other things, there were nearly 3 billion people serving in the Interstellar Fleet. Do note that this was only for 2 legions, plus some local fleets.

If the expansion continued, sooner or later, the Human Race would have to develop a third legion, a fourth legion... When the time comes, where would they get the manpower?

Therefore, solving the population problem was the top priority right now!

At once, the excitement on the faces of all the Board Members had disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by an incomparable gloom.

"Gentlemen, if we fail to solve this problem, the development of mankind will come to a complete standstill!"

Lin Zhen said with a solemn face.

No one in the audience felt that Lin Zhen was making a big deal out of it, as they all agreed that this was indeed a serious problem!

"How about forced childbirth? For example, once one reaches xx years old, we legislate them to have an offspring?"

"No. If we do that, the entire population will immediately vote to oust the President tomorrow, believe it or not."

"How about linking childbirth to tax revenue? The more you have, the less you pay in taxes?"

"Oh, that could work!"

"No, we do whatever is feasible, but the tax revenue must not be touched. Do you want to divide people into three, six, nine classes? If everyone pays different taxes, sooner or later, something will happen!"

"If this and that won't work, what else can we do?"

Gradually the voices of the Board Members became louder and louder. Finally they started glaring and arguing at each other!

"Alright, everyone quiet!"

Lin Zhen couldn't stand it anymore. He slammed the table and said loudly!

"I have a preliminary idea here, you can refer to it!"

Every time Lin Zhen said he had a preliminary idea, it would always end up brightening the atmosphere.

"Indeed, as you just said, forced birth or anything linked to the payment of taxes are not feasible options, but we can link it to land!"


The Board Members did not understand Lin Zhen's meaning.

"Human beings have an innate and fanatical desire for land. There used to be only one Earth and everyone was so crazy for such a small amount of land, but now we have 39 natural planets as well as 278 modified life planets!

"We could perhaps introduce a policy that, roughly; a family of three can immigrate to other Living Planets and receive 3,000 square meters of permanent land for free. A family of four can receive 5,000 square meters of permanent land for free, and a family of five... Basically, with each additional member, the family gets 2,000 square meters of more land!"

"Ahem~ Of course, this is limited to two generations only!"

At this point, all of the Board Members understood... 

If they really did this, the whole Human Federation would probably start a fertility, child-bearing frenzy!

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