Chapter 160: Lin Zhen's New Idea.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

On Earth, inside the conference room of the Presidential Palace.

Lin Zhen, Ed, and a group of Board Members were currently studying the terminal system of the Theo Alliance.

The terminal had three major interfaces: Missions, Trade, and Points.

Mission Interface: This was where the Alliance released various missions from time to time. After completing a mission, the Civilization would be rewarded with the corresponding contribution points.

The crowd skimmed through the current missions available. It ranged from technology research and development missions, sieging Star Pirates, exploration, resource contribution missions and so on. Basically, they had a wide variety of missions.

Though, these missions were destined to be out of reach for the Human Federation for the time being. After all, Humanity cannot be exposed to the eyes of other Civilizations just yet.

Trade Interface: This was where transactions could be made between members of the Alliance. It was supervised and guaranteed by a special agency of the Alliance to eliminate any fraud. However, the Union will also charge 5% for development purposes.

The advantage of this option was that with the Alliance supervising as well as guaranteeing the products and services, one wouldn't have to worry about being cheated. 

Of course, in exchange for this benefit, they also need to pay 5% of the transaction fee to the Alliance.

The last interface was the Points Interface. This was where you could exchange points for many things. In the words of the Hitria Empire, 'as long as you have enough points, you would be able to access even the most sophisticated technology or equipment of the Hitria Empire.'

After entering the Points Interface, the crowd immediately found the display of the points balance at the top of the interface. They had 10 billion points!

For reference, the highest amount of points reward they have seen in a mission was only more than 1 million. From this, you could imagine how valuable 10 billion points was.

In the Trade Interface, that amount could be exchanged in a wide range of things, such as technology, warships, resources and so on!

"Ed, are all the groups you had formed in place?"


Lin Zhen asked as he looked at Ed.

"En, except for Bai Zixuan, they are all in place. Bai Zixuan cannot leave immediately because he's halfway through an important experiment. It will take him about a week."

Speaking of which, Ed originally had asked Bai Zixuan to give up the experiment and come over first to deal with this matter.

But with Bai Zixuan's temper, he simply told Ed to never mention such a farce again. 

In the end, Ed had to compromise. Bai Zixuan was expected to arrive in a week.

"Good, regarding how we use the points, I will leave it to you. Be sure to maximize the use of every point!"

"I understand!"

"President, take a look at this!"

Just as Lin Zhen was giving an order to Ed, a staff member suddenly shouted excitedly, drawing the two men's eyes to the Alliance Terminal once again.

When they saw what was displayed on it, they immediately understood the reason for the staff's excitement.


Warp Interference Technology

Technology Level: Peak Level 4 Civilization

Description: It can interfere with the Warp Engine that's within a certain range. Hence, the ships within the range would be unable to warp...

Exchange Points: 1 billion




Warp Blocking Technology

Technology Level: Early Level 5 Civilization

Description: It can block all warping within a certain range, forcing ships whose warping paths that pass through this area to exit the warping state, unless they go outside the blocking range...

Exchange Points: 2 billion



Warp Blocking Counter Technology

Technology Level: Early Level 5 Civilization

Description: It can make the ship unaffected by a Warp Blocking device...

Exchange Points: 2 billion


When they saw these 3 technologies, Lin Zhen and Ed's eyes were shining. It was impossible for them not to know what this meant.

These were definitely technologies that were needed for war between Higher Civilizations.

Especially the Warp Blocking Technology and Warp Blocking Counter Technology. These two could be used to create a safe base camp, so that the enemy couldn't directly warp into the Human Federation's territory.

This would put them in an extremely advantageous position in the future battle against the Babawi Empire.

After all, the Barbawi Empire was only a vassal of the Vera Alliance and was unlikely to get such advanced technology.

Of course, to create such technologies was not an easy task. Take the Warp Blocking Technology for example. From its description, it would only have a 1 light-year range.

If the Humans wanted to protect their entire territory, the project would be incomparably huge. Though if they just protect the Star Systems, it would become relatively easy. It would just need one such device per Star System.

"Ed, when Bai Zixuan arrives, let him judge whether we can practically apply this technology or not."


Turning off the communication device, Lin Zhen looked at the Board Members. An idea gradually ripened in his mind.

"Everyone, after looking at the system of the Theo Alliance, I have a new idea. Can we not also establish our own terminal system?"

Establishing our own terminal system? 

The Board Members froze.

"Everyone should know that there are no less than tens of thousands of Civilizations on the Orion's Arm Branch alone. On one hand, we can't exterminate every single Civilization. On the other hand, there are some very promising existences among these civilizations, so can't we follow the Theo Alliance and make a subsidiary civilization platform?"

"In this way, we can take some civilizations with high potential as our own affiliated civilizations, also issuing missions to them to give points and rewards. Points can be used to exchange for various things. In this way, we can not only obtain a constant flow of resources, but also outsource part of the scientific research work, right?"

"Let's say, for example, there is a Civilization that is not good in other aspects, but has an exceptionally developed technological prowess. After we take them as our affiliated civilization, can't we use them to feed our own technological tree?"

After all, they couldn't develop all technological routes independently, right? They could just outsource some branches and leaves on the technological tree!

Listening to Lin Zhen's words, everyone thought about it, and it was indeed very tempting. The benefits were very obvious.

Take the terminal of the Theo Alliance. Although everyone cooperates with each other, in fact, the one who gets the most was the Hitria Empire.

Other than that, the three technologies related to warping that they saw just now also needed 5 billion points to exchange. Just how much did they have to do and how many resources did they have to contribute to the Hitria Empire to make up the used points?

The benefits that the Hitria Empire gained from this were very scary.

Especially in terms of science and technology. The Theo Alliance had been releasing some scientific research technologies. All one needed was to pay some points and you could get the complete information.

They were on to something! Everyone's eyes were shining.

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