Chapter 159: Lifetime President.

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Right after dawn, Ed had arrived at the residence of an independent Federal Justice and rang the doorbell.

The Justice's name was Eri Moss, 82 years old. He should have retired a few years ago, but with the advent of the Gene Enhancement Medicine, his lifespan was extended.

Now, he was full of vitality. His appearance had also changed, reverting back to the appearance he had from when he was about 40 years old.

"Ed, it's you. What is it that you came to see me for, so early in the morning?"

Looking at Ed, who was led into the house by the guard, Eri asked with a smile.

"Old man, I'm here for the matter about the presidential term!"

Ed's words made Eri instantly unhappy. A few years ago, Ed had come to him and wanted Eri’s support to revise the presidential term.

At that time, he did not agree. Although he also admitted that what Ed said had some truth, Eri still believed that the time had not yet come to implement such a change.

Hence, Eri lectured Ed, saying that the latter was too hasty.

In the following years, Ed did not mention this matter again. Eri thought that Ed had understood, but he did not expect that Ed would come here again for that matter.

Now was still not a good time, so no one will support such a change!

"Old man, don't rush to give me that look. Take a look at these documents first. This is a SSS top secret! But don't worry, I've already got authorization from the President's side, so that I can show you it."

Ed said, as he handed over the bag of documents in his hand.

Although Eri had some doubts, he still took it and seriously read over it.

However, as Eri read more, the more his face changed.

"The contents of these documents, are these true?"

Eri's eyes fixed on Ed. He wanted to see from Ed's expression whether the latter was lying to him or not.

Unfortunately, Eri was destined to be disappointed. Ed did not have any intention of deceiving him. No matter how Eri looked at Ed's face, he wouldn't be able to get anything.

"Old man, do you understand now? If we want to expand, we have to face the Babawi Empire. However, even if we can defeat the Babawi Empire, we would still be destroyed by the Vera Alliance!"

"The only option we have is to join the Theo Alliance. However, in the Alliance agreement, there's a clause regarding the tenure of Civilization Leaders."

"Old man, you have to understand, we are probably the only Level 4 Civilization in the entire galaxy with the shortest leader tenure!"

"Do you still think that the time is not ripe? Do we really have to wait for this outdated system to destroy us, before you acknowledge that the time is ripe?"

After saying that, Ed simply sat there quietly and stopped talking.

Eri, on the other hand, was deep in thought. He had to admit, Ed's statement was correct. A short presidential term of 10 to 30 years was indeed extremely unsuitable for the Interstellar Era.

Plus, there's the matter of joining the Theo Alliance. It would be stupid for the agreement to fail because of their leader's tenure!

Alas, he was now old. He no longer had the courage from his youth!

"Okay, I agree, but Ed, it's not enough for you to just convince me. You have to convince at least 3 more people to make this happen!"

"I understand, then I will go first. After all, I have to convince all seven of you. Time waits for no one, the Federation does not have extra time!"

"Yes, the Federation has no extra time to squander. All right, then you hurry up and go!"

Ed's words gave Eri a great feeling. Indeed, as he said, the Federation had no extra time to squander. They either live or die, there was no third option!

At 10:00 p.m. Ed had finally finished visiting all seven independent Justices. As for the results, how to say it...?

Ed had obtained the verbal commitment of three Justices, but there were three Justices that were still stubborn. The last one only said that they would consider it carefully, but did not give a clear answer.

The next day, with the endorsement of Eri, a meeting among the Federal Justices was convened.

The topic for the meeting was the amendment of the presidential term into a lifetime tenure.

As for the process of the meeting, it could be said that the atmosphere of the room was boiling like a pot of porridge. Finally, the votes were taken.

Before the vote, Eri made a speech. It was a speech full of threats. As for the specific content, Eri did not say it. Ed didn't know what had taken place during the meeting.

What Ed did know was that the vote that day was 5 against 2, favoring the amendment of the presidential term into a lifetime tenure!

The so-called lifetime tenure was that unless the President himself resigned, was physically unable to continue to perform Presidential duties, died, or the Justices removed the President, no one could change the President.

When this news came out, the Human Federation was thrown into an uproar.

Eri, as the representative of the Justices, publicly explained the reasons for this amendment. Of course, the part involving the SSS top secret information was not said.

After going through a number of explanations, although most of the public still did not understand, no one opposed it. It was mainly because of Lin Zhen and Lin Fan's fame.

Lin Zhen appeared and prevented the Federation's demise by appointing Liang Xingchen to lead the military.

Then it was also Lin Zhen that spearheaded the Human Race's counter-attack against the Ochs Empire. It even allowed them to expand their territory!

Many people jokingly called Lin Zhen an Emperor of the Ages, because his achievements were so great that no other President of the Human Federation could compare!

As for Lin Zhen's son, his fame was even bigger. Lin Fan was one of the two great Military Gods of the Federation, and had never been defeated in the more than 10 years of his career. Looking at his battle loss ratio alone, Lin Fan was even better than Liang Xingchen.

The most crucial thing was that things like longevity, increasing brain development, etc, that the entire population was currently enjoying, were all brought about by Lin Fan. It could be said that the entire Human Federation owed Lin Fan.

Therefore, most of the people of the Human Federation had no objection to Lin Zhen becoming the first Lifetime President.

Besides, wasn't there still an option left for the Justices to remove the President? Hence, people weren't really worried.

Although there was always some opposition, their number was too small to cause any waves.

Things had basically become a foregone conclusion. No matter how much some opposed it, it would do nothing.

The same day this matter was settled, Lin Zhen officially signed the Alliance agreement of the Theo Alliance and officially became a new member of the Theo Alliance.

Of course, in the Alliance Terminal, the current name of the Human Federation was confidential. Only the code name "047" was displayed.

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