Chapter 156: Sneak Attack On The Capital Circle.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

In recent years, Farhale had been living prosperity.

The Empire had finally solved its centuries-old problem, the Ochs Empire, and they managed to expand their territory by more than 10 Star Systems! Not to mention that they had another 50,000 Trap Fleet warships coming, seperate from the original 80,000!

Soon the Empire will have 130,000 Trap Fleet warships. Regardless of which Level 3 Civilization in the Orion's Arm Branch they fought, Farhale was confident!

Also, not long ago, Hamid sent back some news. They had completely annihilated the last 1.2 million warships of the Ochs Empire, officially declaring their complete victory of the battle!

This news was so exciting to Farhale, that he immediately announced a three-year long festival to be held in the Capital Circle!

From the 600,000 warships of the Close Guard Fleet, only left 100,000 warships were left for guard duty. The rest were docked in the fortress, and the crew was allowed to take special leave.

This information was also naturally communicated to Lin Fan, who at first, sighed; feeling that the Kabat Empire's army was really... interesting. They simply weren't  battle-ready and were too lax.

Though, not all the blame could be put to the Kabat Empire. After all, for them, the Ochs Empire had already been extinguished and the surrounding civilizations were just Level 1 and 2, except for the Human Federation. There was no need to be that alert.

They were a big customer of the Human Federation, and the two sides had maintained a friendly deal for many years, so where would the threat be?

Therefore, after a rare, large victory that lifted the centuries-old problem that lay on the borders of the Kabat Empire, Farhale naturally wanted to celebrate.

Unfortunately, everyone, including Farhale, overlooked one thing. That was, they blocked the path of the Human Federation's expansion.

If Farhale was a little wiser, he would have discovered this problem and taken the initiative to give up some areas to the Human Federation, providing them an outlet to the outside world.

Alas, it seemed like none of the top dogs in the Kabat Empire was smart enough. All they had on their minds was their own expansion. They did not consider the Human Federation as a factor at all!

Since this was the case, there was nothing much left to say. The Kabat Empire would have to be exterminated, and it would be well-deserved.

While the Kabat Empire's Capital Circle was reveling in their success, about 1 million kilometers away from their Imperial Planet, the void contracted violently and 60,000 warships appeared.

The next moment, these warships launched a fierce attack on the fortress located in the Kabat Empire's orbit and their Starport Group.

Only after the fortress was hit by a large amount of firepower and dozens of large explosions appeared, did someone finally realize the situation.

"Enemy attack!!!"

But before the people inside the fortress could start their defense, the second wave of attack had come. The fortress became riddled with thousands of holes. Even the hundreds of meters of thick armor could not bear two consecutive attacks from 60,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships.

Inside the fortress were also explosions, that set off one after another. A large number of Kabat Empire personnel, who were left behind in the fortress, were hit by the explosions and lost their lives.

Even if they were lucky enough not to be hit by the explosions, they could not escape from the collapsing passages and infrastructures inside. They were buried alive.

After the third round of firepower hit the fortress, the fortress finally could no longer support itself. It fractured into countless pieces, the vast majority of which were affected by gravity and fell towards the surface of the Imperial Planet.

Of course, the 300,000 warships of the Kabat Empire's 30 Close Guard Fleet docked in the fortress, could not escape the fate of destruction. They were either blown into pieces or fell to the surface of the planet, along with the debris. 

Fortunately, there were a large number of ground troops, as well as air defense systems on the Imperial Planet. They activated and intercepted the falling debris.

Although it was not possible to intercept all of the pieces, as long as the large pieces were reduced to smaller ones, the damage to the planet could be minimized.

At this time, Lin Fan led his fleet towards the Starport Group and launched an attack.

The Starport Group also had 200,000 docked warships, they were also one of the primary targets of this operation.

2 AU away, two groups of 50,000 warships of the Close Guard Fleet that were on patrol, had also received the situation from the Imperial Planet and were frantically rushing back.

At this moment, Farhale had been brought by the guards to the bunker, hundreds of meters below the palace.

"Are you sure it's the Human Federation?"

Farhale was still a bit unconvinced, even now. After all, in his opinion, the Human Federation did not have any reason to make a move against them.

"Your Majesty, although the appearance of those warships do not match the ones in our database, their warships do have the emblem of the Human Federation engraved on their hulls!"

"Damn it, bring the Quantum Communication Device that the Humans gave us, I want to talk to the President of the Federation!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Soon, the Quantum Communication Device was brought over, but no matter how Farhale initiated the communication request, the other party did not respond.

Obviously, the other party was deliberately not answering it.

Farhale sat down on the ground. He understood that with only 100,000 warships of the Close Guard Fleet, it was impossible to beat 60,000 warships of the Human Federation. Was the Kabat Empire really going to perish in his hands?

In the orbit, the Starport Group had been almost destroyed by Lin Fan. It would take nearly 20 hours for the Close Guard Fleet, 2 AU away, to get here.

Therefore, Lin Fan simply ordered to keep an eye on the enemy's position at all times. He was not going to pay them much attention for the time being.

"How much longer before the Starport Group's debris fall?"

"Military Commander, it's expected to take another 2 minutes, there are still many in orbit."

"Use the warships as shields to isolate a safe zone, and order the entire fleet to conduct atmospheric operations as soon as the safe zone is isolated!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"

Soon, the warships activated their shields against the debris scattered everywhere and formed several walls in a dense formation, isolating a temporary safety zone in orbit.

Then, using the secondary cannons, they began to attack towards the surface of the planet. However, each time they fired, it only charged up to 10% of the full power.

If they fully charged it, then the planet will not be habitable for a long, long time.

The weapons in the Interstellar Era were too powerful and not suitable for attacking the surface of a planet. Therefore, they control their power.

Immediately afterwards, the warships also began to eject their Mechas and Warplanes. The current Killer Whale-Class Battleship could carry 300 Mechas and Warplanes each.

A large number of Mechas and Warplanes then began to form a formation in the planet's orbit.

They were waiting for the warships to clear the area before they start executing atmospheric operations.

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