Chapter 155: Entering The Final Phase.

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After thinking clearly about the gains and losses, Lin Zhen very decisively accepted the offer.

In the current situation, there were only benefits and no disadvantages for the Humans. It was also a good move to find a big tree that they could find shelter in, before they were strong enough.

Hearing Lin Zhen's decision, Sith smiled.

"Good, later I'll have Tetria send over the terminal device for the Alliance members. With this terminal you can access the Alliance Terminal and use contribution points to exchange for what you need."

"But your terminal will not currently label you as the 'Human Federation,' but only a temporary code '047.'  For now, only I know your true identity. After all, you are not yet ready for exposure!"

It could be said that Sith was very cautious. After all, no matter which Alliance, there would always be people who would sell information for profit.

If the Human Federation appeared inside the Alliance Terminal, the possibility of getting exposed was high.

Once exposed, the Vera Alliance may allow the Babawi Empire to immediately send heavy troops to directly exterminate the Humans. They may even take action themselves!

The current Humans do not have enough strength to resist either the Babawi Empire or the Vera Alliance.

"Yes, my thanks to His Majesty the Sith!"

"Marshal Sanders, issue an order to Lin Fan to receive the Alliance's terminal device from Sir Tetria and send a fleet to escort the device to Earth without fail."

After ending the call with Sith, Lin Zhen ordered Sanders.

"Understood! I'm going to convey the order right now!"

After Sanders finished speaking, he left the conference room. He had to go sign the order and convey it to Lin Fan as soon as possible.

After Sanders walked out of the office, Lin Zhen looked at Ed and continued.

"Ed, you are responsible for forming a special team that analyzes how to best use the 10 billion points when the terminal arrives!"

"Yes, but I want to transfer Bai Zixuan back to Earth to participate in this group. I need his professional advice!"

Ed said, after some thought.

"Alright, you can transfer whoever you want. No matter who comes to mind, just report the name to me directly, this matter is ranked as the highest priority!"

Lin Zhen said without any hesitation. How to spend the 10 billion points was more important in his mind than anything else.

After all, the Alliance only gave them 10 billion points, and since they needed to hide for the time being, they probably can't earn points.

Therefore, maximizing their spending was the most important thing right now.

"Understood, I'll start processing now!"

Ed nodded. He naturally understood the importance of this matter, otherwise he would not have specifically proposed transferring Bao Zixuan back to Earth.

"Now, let me finish the meeting by saying that this matter is classified as an SSS Level Top Secret. Anyone is forbidden to speak about it, without the approval of the Presidential Administration!"



A few dozen light years away, inside the Uranus, Lin Fan was reading the order sent by Sanders.

"It seems that the old man has decided to join the Theo Alliance. Liang Xue, help me contact Tetria!"


Soon, the figure of Tetria appeared in front of Lin Fan once again.

"Sir Tetria, I just received an order that I need to receive a terminal device from your side."

"En, I also received an order from His Majesty, I can hand it over to you now."

"Great! But Sir Tetria, can your ship cancel its invisibility first?"

"Yes, wait a moment!"

The next moment, a battleship appeared in the radar of the Uranus, at a distance of just ten million kilometers away.

Lin Fan could not help, but sigh. Their technology was really advanced. It was just that Lin Fan was not sure if this technology was exclusive to certain types of ships or if all of their ships were equipped with it.

The former was fine, but for the latter... Lin Fan's head was spinning just thinking about it.

"I now see you, Sir Tetria." 

"I'll arrange for a Shuttle Ship to go over there and receive the equipment later on."


Half an hour later, a Shuttle Ship received a device and a description of Tetria's Scout Ship. It was about the size of a marble and was packed in a small box. It was really small.

According to Lin Fan's order, the Shuttle Ship brought the equipment to the 12th Fleet, Qin Tian's flagship Atlas. The entire 12th Fleet then started its Warp Engines and left.

Although this episode came after the end of the battle of Viter, it would not interrupt the original battle plan of the 1st Legion.

"Everyone, now that the battle in Viter is over, we will enter the final phase of the operation. Since the 12th Fleet has been temporarily assigned to carry out a top secret mission, there are some slight adjustments to the plan."

Inside the conference room, Lin Fan looked at the ten Fleet Commanders, pointed to the Star Map provided by the Lunar Headquarters and said.

"According to the intelligence, there are currently four remaining legions of the Kabat Empire. Namely the 1st and 2nd Legion of the Imperial Close Guard located in their Capital Circle, along with the two Border Legions located on the other side of its border in Afife and Fedele, which have 300,000 warships each."

"The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Fleets are responsible for the Kabat Empire's Capital Circle, the 4th and 5th Fleets are responsible for Afife, the 6th and 7th Fleets are responsible for Fedele. Finally, the 8th through 11th Fleets are responsible for splitting up and sweeping the Star Systems within its borders!"

"After destroying the Kabat Empire's last four main legions, all fleets will join the sweep. We must clean the entire territory within a month!"

"If the mission is clear, go back and get ready, the whole fleet will depart in three hours!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"

After everyone's virtual figures disappeared in the conference room, Lin Fan also began to think.

This speed was still too slow. The System only gave him 100 years, but just destroying a poor Kabat Empire took nearly 2 months.

If this continued, the Human Federation fighting all the way to the Babawi Empire would absolutely be impossible to achieve in just 100 years.

He might have to change his way of thinking. The System only said to dominate the Orion's Arm Branch. It did not say that he had to expand their territory little by little, to the edge of the Babawi Empire.

Although there were not many civilizations on the Orion's Arm Branch, Lin Fan had seen the power distribution map of the Orion's Arm Branch. He knew that there were tens of thousands of Level 3 and below Civilizations.

Fighting them all one by one was simply a brain-dead behavior.

In fact, it would be fine as long as he took out the Babawi Empire and replaced its position. 

However, before clashing against the Babawi Empire, the Human Federation still needed to expand for a while. 

It was necessary to have enough resources and strategic depth, as a guarantee that they could really compete with the Babawi Empire.

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