Chapter 154: Joining The Theo Alliance.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Inside the conference room, everyone listened to Tetria's narrative and gained a basic understanding of the distribution of forces in the galaxy.

However, regarding the matter of joining the alliance, Lin Zhen still had some hesitations. After all, Tetria had said that the Orion's Arm Branch was currently attached to the First Main Spiral Arm and part of the Vera Alliance.

If one thought about it, it was easy to guess the Theo Alliance's intentions. It was simply to use the Human Federation to spread their influence in the Orion's Arm Branch.

If this matter was not handled properly, the Humans would be caught in the crossfire and become a victim of the two giant forces (alliances) secretly fighting one another.

Not to mention that Tetria had not clarified some key points: such as the system within the Alliance, the support they would receive, so on and so forth. So how could they just ask us to make the final decision?

Wasn't this too hasty?

Looking at Lin Zhen and the others hesitating, Tetria did not know what to say.

After all, he was not a specialized negotiator. The Humans could ask him to talk about the distribution of forces in the galaxy, but if they were to ask him to talk about something else, he wouldn't be able to.

Also, Emperor Sith's only mission to him was to make initial contact and send an invitation to the Humans.

As for anything else, it could be discussed by Emperor Sith himself once the two sides make a direct connection.

Originally, Tetria was thinking of just doing that and being done with it.

But now, it seemed obvious that it would not work. He can not afford to fail Emperor Sith's orders.

"President Lin Zhen, it looks like you still have a lot of doubts. Our Emperor, His Majesty Sith, has especially mentioned that if your civilization has doubts, he can personally make clarifications. Do you need my help to get an audience with His Majesty Sith?"

After listening to Tetria's words, Lin Zhen then remembered that when Tetria introduced himself, he said that he was only authorized to make the preliminary contact!

In other words, he was just a liaison officer. How could he act as the Alliance's negotiator?

No wonder he said nothing else, other than the distribution of forces in the galaxy.

"Then I'll trouble Sir Tetria to help us contact His Majesty Sith. We do have quite a few questions!"

Lin Zhen said, as he forced himself to hold back the thought of freaking out and managed to barely maintain a smile.

"Good, then wait a moment, I will now connect His Majesty Sith to the call!"

Not long after, a cockroach man, whose physique was obviously much stronger than Tetria’s, appeared in the conference room.

"All of you are the top brass of the Human Federation, right? I am the Emperor of the Hitria Empire, Sith!"

Sith's eyes gave off a feeling that was much deeper than Tetria's.

Lin Zhen knew with just one look that the (cockroach) man in front of him was not simple, and was definitely cunning.

"Greetings, Your Majesty Sith! I am the President of the Human Federation, Lin Zhen!"

"Hello President Lin Zhen, speaking of which, your Human Federation is really outstanding!"

Here, Sith was not just saying this for face or facade, he actually felt this way in his heart.

After all, what was the Orion's Arm Branch? Everyone in the entire galaxy knew that it was the most remote location in the galaxy and could be described as very rural.

Yet, even in such a rural area, the Human Federation was still able to develop into a Level 4 Civilization!

As far as Sith knew, the Orion's Arm Branch had never naturally produced a Level 4 Civilization.

However, when Lin Zhen heard Sith say such words, he thought it was just Sith putting flowers in the conversation.

"Your Majesty Sith is over praising us. We, Humans, are still very weak. I'm afraid we don't even make the cut when placed in the main spiral arm of the galaxy!"

Sith only smiled and did not continue to plow deeper on this issue. Instead, he directly turned to the main topic.

"President Lin Zhen, I do not intend to lie to you. The purpose of inviting you to join the Theo Alliance is actually to take the Orion's Arm Branch from the Vera Alliance!"

"But you don't have to worry about whether the Vera Alliance will take action against you."

"Because until you replace the Babawi Empire as the leader of the Orion's Arm Branch, we will not make it public that the Human Federation is a member of the Theo Alliance! You can continue to grow without worry!"

"As long as you can replace the Babawi Empire, and then we make public the fact that the Human Federation is a member of the Theo Alliance, then even the Vera Alliance will not dare to make a direct move against you! The premise is that the Human Federation will be able to finish off the Babawi Empire before the Vera Alliance reacts!"

"Otherwise, if the Babawi Empire is still alive and kicking, the Vera Alliance will certainly make a move against you. By that time, the Theo Alliance will have no reason to intervene. I hope you can understand this point."

"At the same time, I can provide the Human Federation with 10 billion Alliance Points to support the development of your civilization. The Human Federation will be a full member of the Theo Alliance, bearing in mind that the Babawi Empire is only attached to the Vera Alliance, but not a full member of them. It's similar in nature to an Affiliated Civilization. But the Theo Alliance can grant the Human Federation the treatment of a full member."

"By the way, 10 billion Alliance Points is roughly equivalent to 300 years of accumulation for a Level 4 Civilization in the Alliance. It can be used to exchange for technical information, finished warships, and many other things."

Hearing Sith's words, Lin Zhen nodded. Compared to Tetria, the Emperor was much more reliable to talk to.

Sith's every word was straight to the point, which also made clear of things to Lin Zhen, and that this invitation was an exchange.

Theo Alliance gave them support to help their civilization develop faster, and in exchange, all they had to do was to replace the Babawi Empire, becoming the new leader of the Orion's Arm Branch. At that time, they would publicly join the Theo Alliance.

This was the same as cutting a piece from the Vera Alliance's pie. Although the piece was small and irrelevant to the Vera Alliance, that's one less piece for them.

The most crucial thing was that once the Theo Alliance took over the Orion's Arm Branch, the Vera Alliance would not be able to say anything. After all, the Human Federation was a Natural Born Civilization of the Orion's Arm Branch. If they defeated the Foreign Civilization Babawi Empire and then joined the Theo Alliance, the reasoning was completely reasonable, right?

Besides, the Babawi Empire was not a member of your Vera Alliance, so what does this have to do with you?

For Humans, this deal was a steal because the defeat of the Babawi Empire and domination of the Orion's Arm Branch was the centennial goal of the Humans anyways.

More importantly, if the Humans had just followed their original plan, after they took out the Babawi Empire, they would never be able to afford being attacked by the Vera Alliance. After all, the latter was composed of a Level 5 Civilization and dozens of Level 4 Civilizations.

However, the situation was different now. The Theo Alliance would be able to provide them the protection they needed, once the Babawi Empire was gone.

For the Humans, there was no need to think much further.

"Alright, then I agree on behalf of the Human Federation!"

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