Chapter 157: Another Emperor Down.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

The Kabat Empire's Imperial Planet was currently filled with smoke everywhere.

One reason was that the fortress debris had smashed into it. Before it could recover, it had been bombarded by another wave of attacks from the Human Federation warships, which were outside of the planet’s orbit.

Now all of the air defense systems on the planet, which had been activated, had been destroyed. Only some of the very well-hidden and unactivated defense systems remained.

After the wave of attacks from the warships, millions of fireballs appeared in the sky, falling at high speeds. They were none other than the first wave of Mechas belonging to the Human Federation, numbering 5 million.

Their mission was to search for and remove the missed defense systems, as well as providing security for the subsequent troops.

Currently, the Imperial Planet of the Kabat Empire was devoid of large defense systems. 

The small defense systems didn't pose much of a threat to the Mechas. After all, the mobility of the Mechas was high. Even if they were unfortunately hit, as long as it was not the cockpit, the pilots could safely eject.

However, it's a different case for the warplanes. If they were hit and exploded, at least hundreds of people would be killed.

Therefore, in the absence of security, the warplanes did not dare to enter the range of attack. 

15 minutes later, the Mechas on the ground sent a signal that they had cleared all of the defense systems they could find.

After receiving the go-ahead, the second group of troops began to burst into the planet's atmosphere. This batch was composed of 60,000 warplanes and 13 million Mechas.

In the middle of the warplanes, were the 13 million Mechas surrounding them. They formed an impermeable protection network.

Sure enough, there were still hidden threats and several, seemingly ordinary storefronts suddenly flipped upward, revealing defense systems!

Those with Mechas present on the side, were immediately destroyed. As for those without Mechas near it, they took a bombardment from the secondary cannons of the defense systems. 

Even if some of the defense systems managed to attack, there were still several Mechas protecting the warplanes.

Fortunately, the dozen or so Mechas that were hit, were not damaged to the core. Only three of them were badly damaged, with the pilots managing to eject. No one was killed in action.

As the second group of troops fell to the ground, the great purge began!

Now, the First Legion no longer needed Lin Fan to repeat his orders. They all understood what they should do.

The assault team and the Mechas cooperated, soon occupying the Kabat Empire Palace. However, no trace of Farhale was found. Finally, after a careful search, a secret passage leading underground was discovered.

It was just that the way down had been completely blocked.

When the news reached Lin Fan's ears...

"Have all troops within a 300 kilometer radius of the palace quickly evacuate. We're going to use the Drill Nuke MARK III!"

"Yes, Military Commander!"

The Drill Nuke MARK III was the most powerful drill nuke that the Human Federation had developed so far. Its drilling depth could reach a maximum of 1000 meters. It was called the nemesis of underground fortresses!

Meanwhile, 800 meters underground of the palace, the command post.

"Your Majesty, the Humans, who attacked the palace, have all started to retreat!"

"Hmm? They had clearly found the entrance to the bunker just now, why are they retreating? What do they want to do?"

Although the bunker was very strong, Farhale also understood that the Humans could break in if they took some time. It was just a matter of how long it took.

Therefore, when the Humans found the entrance, he knew it was over. The situation was hopeless.

However, the Humans suddenly began retreating. This move was incomprehensible. Though, he didn't need to wait for long, as his confusion was soon cleared up by the Humans.

On the Uranus, a missile launch port was opened. A minute later, a huge missile with a long tail flame was shot out of the Uranus. After adjusting its position, it plunged headlong into the planet.

When the missile passed through the atmosphere, the shell ejected revealing its true appearance.

At a glance, one could understand what this missile was for!

This was not the same as the old type of drill nuke. The old type relied on its solid body to smash into the target. However, it could only dig about 200 meters deep.

The Drill Nuke MARK III was something completely different. In addition to having a stronger body, it also came with a powerful drill head. The drill head was made of the hardest material that mankind could produce at present.


Once the drill nuke pierces the ground, the drill would start. The drill would start to turn and dig. This powerful drill could go on for at least 1000 meters down!

Farhale, in the bunker, also saw this from the screen.

How could he not guess what it was? Immediately his face swiftly became pale.

"Your Majesty, the Humans' weapon is drilling down continuously, it has already drilled 300 meters deep! No, it's 400 meters now, and it's still going on!!!"

In the command room, the Chief Guard said anxiously to Farhale.

Everyone was anxious, but no one had the means to stop this. They could only watch, as what was displayed on the screen got closer and closer to the bunker.

"Your Majesty, the Humans' weapon is less than 30 meters away from us!"

The Chief Guard shouted at Farhale, yet all he could see was Emperor Farhale completely dumbfounded and was motionless!

Finally, the Drill Nuke MARK III completed its mission and drilled its way to the top of the bunker's shell. The shell was very hard and the drill had also been worn out, meaning the nuke wouldn't be able to pierce through the shell. 

However, there was no need for it to drill through the shell. By arriving here, its mission had been achieved.

Inside the bunker, Farhale heard the sound made by the drill hitting the bunker's shell.

Farhale couldn't even generate his last thought because the Drill Nuke MARK III had detonated, destroying the underground bunker.

If one were to look at it from the sky, one could see a large area of the ground being lifted up. The palace immediately turned into rubble. The explosion even triggered a moderate earthquake.

On the planet's orbit, Lin Fan witnessed the whole scene from the bridge of the Uranus.

Speaking of which, this was already the second Emperor Lin Fan had taken out.

"Farewell, Farhale!"

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