Chapter 152: An Invitation From A Level 5 Civilization.

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Just as Lin Fan launched his attack on the last 800,000 warships of the Kabat Empire, over 10 million kilometers away on the Scout ship of the Hitria Empire, Tetria subconsciously let out a cheer.

He had also received the signal of surrender from the Kabat Empire from before, and Tetria was not surprised about it. After all, being from a Level 5 Civilization, he was all too aware of how large the gap between a Level 3 and Level 4 Civilization was.

As for how this Level 4 Civilization would respond, he was very interested.

Generally speaking, there was no such thing as captives in Advanced Interstellar Civilizations, and there were generally only two ways to deal with them.

The first was the choice of most Senior Civilizations, which was to directly exterminate the enemy cleanly, not taking chances of what it may lead to in the future.

The second was the choice of Civilizations with a developed slave industry. Obviously, they would choose to capture the enemy and sell them as slaves.

In the dictionary of High-Level Civilizations, there was no such word as captives. From this, the cruelty between civilizations was evident.

As for the Level 3 Civilizations or below, they were naive because they had not yet really stepped into the vast arena of the universe.

Tetria appreciated Lin Fan's choice of simply attacking the Kabat Empire fleet, despite it already expressing its intention to surrender.

This was how an Interstellar Civilization should be. If the Human Federation didn't even have this kind of heart, then it's not worth the support of the Hitria Empire!

At the same time, Tetria also infinitely mocked the Kabat Empire in his heart.

Their decision was outright brain-damaged. Not only did they surrender, they also shut off the engines of their warships!

200,000 Killer Whale-Class Battleships were currently surrounding the Kabat Empire. With each wave of the Humans' attack, about 100,000 warships of the Kabat Empire would get destroyed.

This was the result of the Kabat Empire turning off their engines. They were basically sitting ducks.

The Human fleet did not even need to cover fire or precisely aim. From the whole of Lin Fan's battle experience, this was the first time he encountered a 100% hit rate. The enemies were no different than target practice!

In just a few minutes, the Kabat Empire's 800,000 warships were all wiped out before they had time to restart their engines.

However, just as Lin Fan was about to order the fleet to clean up the battlefield, Liang Xue reported a strange thing to him.

"Military Commander, we received a communication request. It was sent 13 million kilometers to our flank, but after scanning, there's nothing there!"

"Hmm? Could it be an equipment malfunction?"

"No, it's been checked 3 times and there's nothing wrong with the equipment. The communication request is also still there. Should we pick it up?"

"Pick it up."


Soon, a figure was projected inside the bridge. When the people saw this figure, some of them got so scared that they even took a few steps backwards.

It was a Humanoid figure, dark and muscular, with a distinct antennae on the top of its head and an ugly cockroach face.

"Please allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Tetria, I come from a Level 5 Civilization located in the Second Main Spiral Arm of the galaxy, from an ally of the Theo Alliance, the Hitria Empire!"

Level 5 Civilization.

As soon as these three words came out, Lin Fan wouldn't help but shake a bit. Others may not know what a Level 5 Civilization really meant, but he knew it clearly.

This was a civilization that's able to initially apply Space Technology. Compared to a Level 4 Civilization, it was simply the distance between Heavens and Earth. It could be said that 10,000 Level 4 Civilizations' main warships would not be able to contend with a Level 5 Civilization's warship.

Against a Space Shield, all traditional weapons would be meaningless!

"Hello, I am the Military Commander of the 1st Legion of the Human Federation, Lin Fan."

Lin Fan was puzzled at how a Level 5 Civilization had found them. The Humans hadn't even gone out of the Orion's Arm Branch yet, so they shouldn't have crossed paths with any Level 5 Civilization.

But from the other party's expression and what 'he' said, they should not be carrying any malicious intent.

Regardless, no matter what the other party's intentions were, they would soon find out.

"Military Commander Lin Fan, is it? Just now, I witnessed the entire battle. I must say that you performed excellently, and tactically speaking, you're not worse than any veteran Level 4 Civilization at all!"

Tetria said with a smile, except that his smile was very ominous in the eyes of Lin Fan and the others.

His face was really not suitable for a smile.

Of course, everyone only thought of this in their minds. No one would dare to say it out loud and offend a Level 5 Civilization.

"I wonder what purpose His Excellency Tetria has with us?"

"Well, the purpose of my visit is to invite your civilization to join the Theo Alliance!"

"Theo Alliance?"

This was the second time Lin Fan had heard this word.

Previously, Tetria had said that his civilization, the Hitria Empire, was located in the Second Main Spiral Arm of the galaxy and was also an ally of the Theo Alliance.

From here, Lin Fan could deduce that this Theo Alliance must be a joint organization of multiple civilizations. Most likely, all of them were above Level 4, and dominated by the civilizations in the Second Main Spiral Arm.

But the question was, how could an alliance in the Second Main Spiral Arm come to a place like the Orion's Arm Branch and specifically invite the Human Federation to join them?

"Yes, the Theo Alliance is made up of 36 civilizations, including one level 5 Civilization and 35 Level 4 Civilizations. The Level 5 Civilization is none other than our Hitria Empire!"

"As long as you join the Theo Alliance, your civilization can obtain the military protection of the Alliance. Your civilization can also exchange points for supplies, technological information, warships and anything else in the Alliance!"

"And the only thing that all member civilizations need to pay attention to, is to participate with the Alliance operations. As in the Alliance War, whether it be diplomatic or military!”

Lin Fan immediately understood that this was a military alliance, only adding elements such as contribution, as well as point exchange.

As far as the current Humans were concerned, there were benefits to joining.

Just now, Tetria mentioned the Alliance War, which meant that there was definitely more than one alliance in the galaxy. There's at least 2, or even more.

Now the question was, was the Theo Alliance considered strong or weak? If they just joined without knowing the situation clearly, it may instead bring the greatest disaster to the Human Federation.

"Sir Tetria, about joining the Alliance, we still need to discuss with the President of our Federation. After all, I'm just a Military Commander, I can't make decisions on such matters!"

Hearing Lin Fan's words, Tetria nodded, of course the latter understood this point.

"Then I'll trouble Military Commander Lin Fan to help me contact the leader of your civilization!"


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