Chapter 151: Refuse To Accept Surrender.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

At the entrance of the Star Path, the fierce battle between the two battlefields still continued.

In the first battlefield, the original 700,000 Kabat Empire warships were now down to 100,000 or so. They were scattered throughout the battlefield, without any formation to speak of, just futilely and needlessly making their last stand.

In the second battlefield, although there were still 500,000 left from the 1.2 million Kabat Empire warships, they had been repeatedly cut down by Sophia, Dennis and Elio. They were now split into four small divisions.

In the first division, 150,000 Kabat Empire warships were fighting with the two fleets of Emma and Ayako, trying to find a way to the Star Path.

In the second division, 100,000 Kabat Empire warships were being attacked by Lin Fan and Chris from both sides. They were in an extremely passive situation. If this situation continued, they would be wiped out in less than half an hour.

The third and the worst division, 150,000 Kabat Empire warships were repeatedly attacked by three Human fleets, led by Sophia, in a violent manner. They had almost collapsed!

The last division, could be said to be the most stifling one. 100,000 Kabat Empire warships were being chased by Yunting's 10th Fleet.

The Kabat Empire had already tried to get rid of the Humans several times, but their warships couldn't compare to the maneuverability, nor speed of the Humans' Killer Whale-Class Battleships.

One must also be aware that Lin Fan had left Yunting behind to continue the pursuit, rather than one of the other two women for a reason. He didn't just haphazardly pick one of the three women.

It can be said that of the 11 Fleet Commanders under Lin Fan, the one who was most adept at chasing was Shangguan Yunting. Not to mention that the performance of their warships was much better than their enemy’s warships. Even if the performance was almost the same, Shangguan Yunting could still definitely bite the enemies to death from behind!

The only thing that needed attention was the 800,000 Kabat Empire warships that were coming from the other side. These last 800,000 Kabat Empire warships would arrive at the battlefield in 10 minutes.

Of course, Lin Fan had also arranged a 'feast' for these 800,000 Kabat Empire warships. After all, they still had two fleets in hand, which had now taken care of Viter III, and were ready to be put into a new battlefield.

However, a few minutes later, a surprising situation emerged.

The last 800,000 Kabat Empire warships had actually stopped advancing, and incidentally sent out a surrender signal!

Lin Fan couldn't help, but laugh bitterly. He was already used to the su¡c¡dal, never surrender, troops of the Ochs Empire. He forgot that not all races were as headstrong as the Ochs Empire.

"Military Commander, what should we do with this surrender request?"

"No need to reply to them for now. Since they stopped, then take this time to quickly clean up the two battlefields on this side."


Lin Fan never thought of leaving them behind. In surrending, it also depended on whether the latter would accept the surrender!

Since Lin Fan had already torn his facade and decided to exterminate the Kabat Empire, it would be foolish to completely destroy them, leaving himself with the aftermath, right?

5 million kilometers away, a huge fleet was parked in the void, their engines had been turned off.

"Commander, do you really want to surrender?"

The Adjutant asked Commander Firas with some reluctance in his voice.

In his opinion, they still had 800,000 warships and could have charged into the Star Path in one breath, while the Humans were still fighting furiously with their comrades.

Why did they surrender straight away? Couldn't have they tried battling their way through first, before surrendering?

"Stup¡d, what do you think a Level 4 Civilization is? Even Military Commander Hamid has forgotten what a Level 4 Civilization signifies!"

"Energy Shields?"

The Adjutant asked uncertainly, after thinking for a moment.

"Do you really think the Humans sold us Energy Shields because they only have Energy Shields? Use your godd@m stup¡d brain to think about how the Human fleet came to Viter!"

Firas glared at the Adjutant with some hatred on his face.

"Ah, it's the Warp Engines!"

"Now think, are we really safe if we escape to the Star Path? The Humans don't even need to rely on the Star Path and could just reach Cecil in just a few days! Even if we escape into the Star Path, what do you think we'll face once we arrive at Cecil?"

The Adjutant now understood, completely understanding what situation they were in.

Indeed, Humans do not need to rely on the Star Path. They could simply reach Cecil in a few days. Escaping into the Star Path will not help!

The moment the Kabat Empire warships arrived at Cecil and sailed out of the Star Path, it would also be the moment of their demise, because the Humans would have already arrived in advance, setting up a blockade in the Star Path!

The Adjutant finally understood Firas' decision.

"Now, shut up and just quietly wait!"

"Yes, Commander!"

Half an hour later, the battle near the entrance of the Star Path had subsided. The entire area was littered with the wreckage of warships. Of course, the vast majority of them were from the Kabat Empire.

According to statistics, the 1st Legion's total battle damage was only 12 Killer Whale-Class Battleships, of which 7 were from Sophia's 5th Fleet. After all, she was the lead assault role from beginning to end. Her fleet was hit by too much gunfire at the same time. Even with the Killer Whale-Class Battleships, they wouldn't be able to withstand it.

As for the other 5 ships, 2 belonged to the 2nd Fleet and 3 to the 6th Fleet. They were lost during their interception at the entrance of the Star Path.

Other than that, the 11th and 12th Fleet's losses were 39 Mechs, which they lost during the capture of the fortress.

However, most of the pilots were fine, and only one pilot died in the battle. This pilot was unfortunate because when his Mech was damaged, it caused problems with the cockpit ejection module, making him unable to escape in time.

"Military Commander, the other side has once again sent a surrender request, declaring that all warships have shut down their engines and are waiting for our troops to receive them!"

"That's really interesting, but I refuse! A war between civilizations, once fought, must not leave any aftermath! Order the entire fleet to depart immediately and siege them!"


The 800,000 warships that had shut down their engines and came to a complete stop were like 800,000 lambs waiting to be slaughtered. If they wanted to have the power to fight back, they would have to restart their warships' engines, which would take at least three minutes.

Lin Fan's 10 fleets were only 5 million kilometers away, and the Killer Whale-Class Battleships have a range of 3 million kilometers. Meaning, they could start attacking as soon as they advance 2 million kilometers forward!

For the Killer Whale-Class Battleship, 2 million kilometers was just 40 seconds of time!

"Commander, the Human fleet is coming!"

"Has there been a response to our surrender request?"

"No! Should we have the fleet restart the warships? In case the Humans attack, we are completely defenseless right now!"

After all, they had already expressed their desire to surrender and yet the Humans did not answer after so long.

But if they let restart their engines now, wouldn't it lead to the Human's misunderstanding their intentions?

Just as Firas kept thinking and hesitating, the Adjutant's face suddenly changed.

"Commander, it's not good, the Human fleet is firing at us!"


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