Chapter 150: Hidden Level 5 Civilization.

Edited by: Mochiusagi 

Inside the bridge of the Uranus, Lin Fan was looking at the tactical panel of the three fleets approaching at a high speed.

"It's really just like the Military Commander had guessed, Sophia is indeed coming over!"

"It's not even necessary to guess, right? If she could honestly stay over there and deal with the enemy's remnants, she wouldn't be Sophia."

"Also, Dennis and Elio coming with her should be requested by Li Cangdou."

"Be confident, remove the 'should.' This IS what Li Cangdou had requested and he probably promised the two certain conditions."

Lin Fan and Liang Xue both guessed things straight away.

But for Lin Fan, Sophia's action was already within his calculations. If she hadn't come over, then he would have to modify the plan.

"Order Emma and Ayako to start moving!"


Originally, Emma's group of three women were in the rear of the Kabat Empire's fleet, maintaining their speeds, which was 5,000 kilometers per second, and maintaining a pursuit at a distance of 1 million kilometers.

But when Lin Fan's latest order came, the two women started to accelerate with the 2nd and 6th Fleets respectively. They flew in an arc to both sides, leaving only Yunting's 10th fleet to continue the pursuit.

By flying in an arc, the two fleets came to the two sides of the Kabat Empire's fleet respectively. They then started overtaking the Kabat Empire fleet at a speed of 50,000 kilometers per second on both sides, at a distance of about 500,000 km away.

50,000 kilometers per second of the girls versus 5,000 kilometers per second of the Kabat Empire's Fleet, the overtake was simply too easy.

However, because they were parallel to the enemy, they couldn't use their main cannons.

Though they still had their secondary cannons, so both fleets ordered the secondary cannons of all the Battleships to face the Kabat Empire's fleet in the middle at 90 degrees and started a barrage.

Each Killer Whale-Class Battleship had 96 3M Caliber Twin-Armed Positron Cannons, which were weaker than the main cannons of the Kabat Empire's warships. A full round of fire was 184 beam attacks!

The most critical thing was that the Kabat Empire's warships would take the hit at their sides, the largest and weakest place to receive attacks.

Instantly, the Kabat Empire's damage soared, with losses breaking 10,000 per minute.

At the time of the dramatic change in the Kabat Empire's fleet rear, Sophia's and the two fleets arrived in front of the Kabat Empire's formation. They were like three arrows that pierced through the bullseye.

Sophia, who was getting HIGH, was like a war general spilling blood all over the battlefield.

After cutting through the Kabat Empire's formation, arcing and drawing a semicircle trajectory, she continued to burst in the Kabat Empire's fleet. She seemed to be continuously painting a semi-infinite symbol amidst the Kabat Empire's fleet.

Emma and Ayako, who were overtaking on both sides of the Kabat Empire's fleet while firing with their secondary cannons, spent just 3 minutes to overtake them, going to the very front of the Kabat Empire's fleet.

After completing the overtaking operation, the two immediately regrouped towards the center and quickly spread a thick line of defense.

An impenetrable wall was then erected on the last stretch of the Kabat Empire fleet's path to the Star Path.

If one were to look at the tactical panel, it was very interesting.

In the middle was the Kabat Empire's fleet, whose formation was about 2 million kilometers long and 150,000 kilometers wide. There was a Human fleet attacking behind it and also on each side, while in the front were another 2 Human fleets completely blocking its way forward.

The most critical thing was that there were 3 Human fleets constantly assaulting and cutting the Kabat Empire's fleet. Now, their formation had already been cut into several sections. Gradually, chaos began to ensue and a full collapse was just a step away!

Once the Kabat Empire's fleet collapsed, they would no longer be able to form an effective formation.

In an Interstellar warfare, if a fleet cannot form an effective formation, it meant that there was no combat power to speak of, and what awaits it was simply destruction.

However, what no one noticed, even Lin Fan, was that within this void was a third civilization's warship!

It was a black colored warship.

The warship was about 500 meters in length, and was quietly parked about 10 million kilometers outside the battlefield.

Interestingly, neither the Humans nor the Kabat Empire had found this warship!

Meanwhile, the beings on this warship were observing the entire battle.

"It's really unexpected, I didn't think that the Orion's Arm Branch would hide another Level 4 Civilization besides the Babawi Empire! From the looks of their technology, they should only have just became a Level 4 Civilization not long ago."

Inside the bridge, a Humanoid creature was looking at the virtual image projected in front of him and said with slight surprise.

Although it was a Humanoid creature, its appearance and a Human's was very different. It seemed as if a cockroach-like creature had evolved into a Humanoid, but still retained a lot of its cockroach characteristics; such as dark body, antennae on top of the head and so on.

From a Human aesthetics standpoint, this creature was too ugly.

The creature who spoke was named Tetria, and he came from the Hitria Empire on the Second Main Spiral Arm of the galaxy. The ship he was on, was the newest strategic scout ship of his Empire.

The Hitria Empire was a powerful Level 5 Civilization, and was also the ally of the Theo Alliance in the Second Main Spiral Arm, which had more than 30 Level 4 Civilizations within its alliance!

The Babawi Empire, the overlord of the Orion's Arm Branch, was attached to the Vera Alliance in the First Main Spiral Arm.

Tetria's mission this time was to scout the Orion's Arm Branch and see if they could find a potential Level 3 Civilization to support. So that the Orion's Arm Branch would eventually become the frontier of the Theo Alliance.

Tetria came to the Orion's Arm Branch more than 50 years ago, but he had a hard time finding a suitable target. Just when he thought the mission was about to fail, surprisingly, in the most obscure, border area of the Orion's Arm Branch, a war was occuring, that made him unusually excited.

It would take at least a few hundred to 1000 years to find a suitable Level 3 Civilization to support all the way to a Level 4 Civilization. The midway of the process was simply filled with too many uncertainties. It was hard to say whether that civilization would eventually succeed in defeating the Babawi Empire and become the new overlord of the Orion's Arm Branch.

But now, what did he find?


Surprisingly, he found a civilization at the early stages of Level 4, which was much more reliable than a Level 3 Civilization. It also saved a lot of time and resources.

After all, one don't need to support a Level 3 Civilization from scratch to become a Level 4 Civilization, right?

Tetria felt like he had finally seen the light in the darkness. A mission that had no hope at all, had a huge turn for the better!

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