Chapter 153: The Four Alliance In The Galaxy.

Edited by: Mochiusagi

On the Scout Ship, Tetria sat leisurely in the Captain's seat, obviously in a good mood.

Just half an hour ago, he sent the information back to the main camp, and soon, this information was relayed to Emperor Sith.

When Emperor Sith knew that the Orion's Arm Branch was hiding a Level 4 Civilization that no one knew about, he understood that the opportunity for the Theo Alliance had arrived!

Hence, he directly communicated with Tetria, which excited the latter. After all, the Emperor and Tetria had personally communicated!

Emperor Sith praised Tetria without mincing any words, then gave him the latest mission, which was to contact and invite this Civilization to join the Theo Alliance.

The Emperor Sith personally giving the mission was an honor in Tetria's eyes. He confidently patted his chest and promised that he would complete the mission successfully.

For this reason, when Tetria communicated with Lin Fan, he behaved politely. Otherwise, coming from a Level 5 Civilization, he would not have been looking eye to eye with a Level 4 Civilization. It's the same as a Level 4 Civilization looking down on a Level 3 Civilization.

When Lin Fan sent this news back to Earth, it shocked Lin Zhen to the point that he immediately convened a high-level meeting.

The President, Vice President, nine major Board Members and the Commander-in-Chief of the Interstellar Fleet had all gathered together.

Everyone knew that something big had happened. After all, the last meeting that involved so many people together, was the one regarding the rectification of the Seniority Faction. It had also been three whole years since so many people had been called.

"Everyone, Lin Fan's side has completely wiped out the main fleet of the Kabat Empire – a total of 3.8 million warships!"

The moment Lin Zhen opened his mouth, the people present were shocked.

Being able to destroy 3.8 million warships in one battle, Lin Fan was truly worthy of being one of the two great Military Gods of the Human Federation!

Moreover, had the war even lasted for 10 days? 

The Kabat Empire had now lost more than 4 million warships. Meaning, the Kabat Empire was practically crippled!

In other words, the territory of the Human Federation would soon be expanded again!

"Gentlemen, now that's out of the way, it's time for the main matter of discussion!"

Looking at the excited members, Lin Zhen continued with a serious face.

"As you all know, Civilizations are divided into levels. We, the Human Federation, should currently be classified as half a step into Level 4, while the Io Federation, the Ochs Empire, and the Kabat Empire are all classified as Level 3. There is only one Level 4 Civilization in the Orion's Arm Branch, acting as its overlord, and that is the Babawi Empire!"

Listening to Lin Zhen's words, the members nodded their heads.

This information was already known to everyone a long time ago, they just didn't understand why the President was saying this right now?

"Just a moment ago, after the 1st Legion eliminated the main fleet of the Kabat Empire, a Level 5 Civilization from the Second Main Spiral Arm of the galaxy contacted Lin Fan!"

When Lin Zhen finished these words, the entire conference room boiled.

What, a Level 5 Civilization?! From the Second Main Spiral Arm of the galaxy?

The current Humans cannot even defeat a Level 4 Civilization at full force, but a Level 5 Civilization had appeared?!

But the President had said that this Level 5 Civilization took the initiative to contact Lin Fan, so what was the situation?

"Don't be nervous, according to Lin Fan, the other party is inviting us to join a military alliance called the Theo Alliance!"

"As far as we know, the other side is waiting for a direct contact with the leaders of the Human Federation. Later, I will ask Lin Fan to forward the other side's communication request to me, and I will communicate directly with the other side. You guys can listen in!"

"However, I have to remind everyone that Lin Fan told me that the other party's appearance is very... different. You should be mentally prepared, lest you say or do anything rude when the time comes, understand?"

The members looked at each other, before nodding to Lin Zhen, indicating that they understood.

Immediately after Lin Zhen contacted Lin Fan, the communication was soon picked up. Then Tetria's figure had appeared in the conference room.

"Hello, I am Tetria of the Hitria Empire, our Emperor Sith has authorized me to make preliminary contact with your civilization!"

"Greetings, Sir Tetria, I am the Leader of the Human Federation, also known as the President, Lin Zhen!"

Tetria was currently still acting politely, because for him, completing Emperor Sith's orders was the highest priority right now. If being polite would make the mission easier to complete, then why not be polite for a little while?

"President Lin Zhen, you should already know the purpose of my visit this time, I wonder what your civilization's reply is?"

"Sir Tetria, we Humans have not stepped out of the Orion's Arm Branch, so if possible, could you please introduce us to the forces in the galaxy first?"

After listening to Lin Zhen's words, Tetria gave it some thought.

This civilization had been hunkered down in a small place without ever going out, and was completely a country bumpkin. They probably didn't know what the Theo Alliance stood for either, hence their concerns.

Guess he will take the trouble to explain it to them. Anyway, it was not confidential information.

"Alright, then I will explain in detail for your civilization!"

Hearing Tetria say this, everyone straightened up. This was a rare opportunity to learn about the galactic forces!

Everyone's ears perked up, ready to write down everything, word for word.

"I take it that although your civilization has never been out of the Orion's Arm Branch, you already know that the galaxy is made up of four main arms, as well as several branch arms, right?"

Tetria looked at the crowd.

Lin Zhen and the others nodded slightly, this they did know.

"Then I will continue. In the distribution of stars in the galaxy, the density in the main spiral arm is much greater than in the branched arm. In the branched arm, there may be only one Star System in a few light years, while in the main arm there may be several or even dozens of Star Systems in the same distance of light years!"

"Therefore, whether in terms of the number of stars or in terms of resources, the main spiral arm is far from being comparable to the branched arm. This is why civilizations in the main spiral arm are much stronger than those in the branched arm."

"Take the Babawi Empire in the Orion's Arm Branch for example. They are actually considered quite unimpressive, among Level 4 Civilizations, if you compare them to the main spiral arm!"

"Now, I will talk about the distribution of power in the galaxy. Currently, there are four alliances in the galaxy, which are the Vera Alliance in the First Main Spiral Arm, the Theo Alliance in the Second Main Spiral Arm, the Zola Alliance in the Third Main Spiral Arm and the Freedom Alliance in the Fourth Main Spiral Arm!"

"In terms of strength, the four major alliances are about the same. Each of them has a Level 5 Civilization, as well as dozens of Level 4 Civilizations. Hence, there are currently four Level 5 Civilizations and over a hundred Level 4 Civilizations in the entire galaxy!"

"The Orion's Arm Branch, where you are currently located, is the territory of the Babawi Empire, which is attached to the Vera Alliance in the First Main Spiral Arm!"

"For that reason, our Emperor, His Majesty Sith, has promised to give your civilization equal treatment as an actual member of our alliance, and not just the kind of vassal relationship that the Babawi Empire has with the Vera Alliance!"

"So now, what is your civilization's decision?"

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