Chapter 12: Lin'an City.

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After getting his assessment mission, Shen Changqing rushed directly to Lin'an City.

In this assessment mission, he would be the only one going.

Although the Demon Suppression Division might seem to have a lot of manpower, in fact, with so many demons and monsters around the world, there was no way for a group of people to complete one mission unless necessary.

Plus, considering Shen Changqing's strength, Jiang Fu just let him go to Lin'an City alone.

After nearly ten days or so, Shen Changqing finally arrived at Lin'an City.

Unlike the prosperous capital, Lin'an City looked much more humble.

But he did not care much about such things. The purpose of his visit here was to get rid of the monster. As for everything else, it does not have anything to do with him.

Showing his identity token, Shen Changqing easily entered the administrative center.

The governor of Lin'an City also came to meet him. 

"This official is called Zhao Fang, may I know your name sir!"

"Yellow Court Apprentice Slayer of the Demon Suppression Division, Shen Changqing!"

Shen Changqing slightly cupped his hands.

As Shen Changqing spoke, he was already sizing up the person in front of him.

Before he came to Lin'an City, Shen Changqing had already collected information about Lin'an City, including the governor in front of him.

The other party had been the governor of Lin'an City for almost 20 years.

In the 20 years, Lin'an City had also experienced several monster and/or demon induced disasters, but Zhao Fang was as stable as a mountain, holding onto the position of the city’s governor.

In this regard, Shen Changqing couldn't deny it and was worthy of some admiration.

If a normal person experienced one or two of such disasters, they would've simply retired and not dare stay in Lin'an City.

But Zhao Long was different, he still remained firm and indifferent.

This boldness alone was not something others had. 

While Shen Changqing was sizing up Zhao Fang, Zhao Fang was also sizing him up.

But it was only for a moment, as Zhao Fang withdrew his gaze and a warm smile appeared on his face.

"So it's Lord Shen of the Demon Suppression Division. Lord Shen has come a long way, why don't you first rest in the city for the night, and wait for tomorrow before heading out. This official will talk to you properly by then about the current disaster."

"No, this matter cannot be delayed. If I rest one more day, maybe one more person will lose his life, it is better to deal with it immediately."

Shen Changqing shook his head.

In his mind, it was the number one priority to complete the mission.

As for rest, that could wait until later.

Hearing this, the enthusiasm on Zhao Fang's face increased by a few notches: "Lord Shen is brave and kind, this official admires you. Since Lord Shen is anxious to deal with the matter, this official will let someone explain to you now."

After Zhao Fang finished speaking, his face turned solemn.


"What are your orders, My Lord!" A servant standing behind Zhao Fang, stepped forward in due course.

"Pass on this official's order to have Constable Zhang come over immediately."


That servant then received the order and retreated.

As the servant left, Zhao Fang's smile reappeared on his face: "Lord Shen, please follow this official into the inner hall and take a seat."

"Thank you very much!"


In the inner hall of the administrative center.

Shen Changqing and Zhao Fang sat side by side.

Just as the servant was serving tea, a rather tall, somewhat older looking man with a sword walked in.

"Lord Zhao!"

"Constable Zhang is here, please have a seat!"

Zhao Fang nodded, then pointed at Shen Changqing and introduced him.

"This is Lord Shen Changqing of the Demon Suppression Division, and this is Constable Zhang Long of the Lin'an City Government's Office. Constable Zhang has been a constable for more than 10 years and is considered a veteran."

"If Lord Shen has any questions, just ask Constable Zhang."

Shen Changqing looked at Zhang Long.

As early as when the other party came in, he noticed that Constable Zhang's qi and blood was surging. He should have high attainments in External Martial Arts

Body Forging Realm!

It was also definitely not the ordinary Body Forging Realm.

It was likely that he had reached the late stage or the peak of the Body Forging Realm.

Shen Changqing slightly cupped his hand.

"Greetings, Constable Zhang."

"Likewise, Lord Shen!" Zhang Long was a bit flattered and hastily returned the greeting: "I wonder what Lord Shen wants to know?"

He was not sure about Shen Changqing's background, but just by virtue of the three words 'Demon Suppression Division' alone, it was enough to explain a lot of things.

No matter where in the world, the people of the Demon Suppression Division had a great status.

Even Zhao Fang, who was the governor, needed to treat them politely, let alone a small constable like him.

What's more important was that when facing Shen Changqing, Zhang Long found himself unable to see through the former.

As a person from the Demon Suppression Division, it was impossible for Shen Changqing to have no Cultivation.

There was only one reason why Zhang Long couldn't see through Shen Changqing and that was, Shen Changqing's strength was far above his own.

Thinking of this, Zhang Long did not dare to be rude.

Shen Changqing said: "I received information from the Demon Suppression Division that there is a monster present in Lin'an City, but for the specifics... I hope Constable Zhang can give me a comprehensive answer."

"The monster–"

Constable Zhang nodded his head. His expression gradually turned calm, as if he was remembering something. It was only after a long time passed, did he slowly speak.

"As early as half a month ago, someone came to report that there was a murder case. We immediately sent officers to the village to investigate, and when we got there, we found that those who died were mummified (dried bodies)."

"After verification, the corpses were found to be dead not long ago, but their bodies make it seem like they had been dead for many years."

"The first thing we thought of was that there must be a monster."

Shen Changqing sat there, listening to what Zhang Long said.

The words that came out of the other party's mouth were almost no different than the information he got from the Demon Suppression Division.

After the other party finished speaking, Shen Changqing asked: "What about after the discovery of the dry corpse, did other things happen?"

"This, this official does know something."

Zhang Long did not have time to speak, as Zhao Fang beat him to it.

"After determining that there might be a monster, we had people move the villagers out of the village, and then the whole village was sealed off, temporarily not giving anyone access."

"So far, nothing has happened for the time being."

After the existence of a monster was discovered, they immediately moved the residents.

Shen Changqing agreed with Zhao Long's approach.


Judging from the information from the Demon Suppression Division, the monster was only at the Ghost Level. As the lowest level monster, it would have no easy way in leaving the place. Most of them were probably using certain items as vessels.


In other words, as long as the villagers were moved out and then the village was sealed off, there will be no other problems in a short amount of time.

After all, although monsters were scary, it also depends on what level they were.

Although dealing with a Ghost Level monster was also not easy, as long as it was properly dealt with, it can be controlled.

"Lord Zhao is quite skillful!" Shen Changqing quickly praised.

Zhao Fang smiled bitterly: "I can't help it, Lin'an City has experienced frequent disasters in recent years. If we don't know how to adapt, you should understand how we'll end up."

"Fortunately, the monsters that have appeared so far have not caused too much impact."

"Now, with the arrival of Lord Shen, then there is no problem."

"With Lord Shen's strength, there won't be any problem dealing with the monster."

In the end, Zhao Fang did not forget to bootlick.

In front of monsters, ordinary people do not have any qualifications to resist.

Only the strong people of the Demon Suppression Division can.

Although Shen Changqing was an Apprentice Slayer, and considered the most junior of all Slayers, since they sent him, it proves that the other party was capable of handling the matter.

In this regard, Zhao Fang did not dare to have any contempt.

"Where is the village where the monster appeared?"

"Outside the East Gate of Lin'an City, about ten miles or so." This time it was Zhang Long who answered.

After saying that, he did not wait for Shen Changqing to inquire and spoke: "Lord Shen if you want to go to the village, you may want to wait until tomorrow."

"It's late now, the visibility in the night is not good. Dealing with monsters will be inconvenient."

"If you go in the daytime, with the blazing sun, it will be easier to deal with."


Shen Changqing did not refuse Zhang Long's proposal. Not because it's really better to deal with monsters in the daytime but monsters, strictly speaking, were not afraid of the sunlight.

Whether it was in the daytime or in the dark, there will be no decay or enhancement of strength. So it doesn't matter which time they were dealt with.

Though in the eyes of ordinary people, monsters and demons were evil creatures. They should be afraid of sunlight and in the dark, their strength would increase.

The reason why Shen Changqing was not going now, was because he came here in a hurry. Even Qi Circulation Realm experts can not resist such consumption.

Plus, it was already late.

Although he could see at night, there was still some difference when it's actually during the day.

Soon, Zhao Fang arranged a place for Shen Changqing to stay in.

Considering the fact that the other party was from the Demon Suppression Division, he did not dare to have any negligence.

Originally, Zhao Fang wanted Shen Changqing to stay in his own residence, but the other party refused, so he had to arrange for the other party the best inn in the city.

Although Lin'an City was small, it more or less had everything.

Some of the things that should be there were not missing.

Under the leadership of Zhang Long, Shen Changqing came to the inn in Lin'an City. With the memory of his previous life, he did not dislike the inn environment.

"Lord Shen take a good rest, wait for tomorrow morning, I will come back to meet with the Lord!"

"Thank you, Constable Zhang."

"Lord Shen has spoken highly of this one, this humble servant bids farewell!"

Zhang Long bowed his hand and said goodbye.

Soon, only Shen Changqing was left.


He did not sleep right away, but was thinking about some things. After all, it was his first mission, he could not be sloppy.

Not to mention that the objective of his mission was killing the monster. He could die in a moment of carelessness.


For the sake of his survival, Shen Changqing must be cautious about this matter!

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