Chapter 11: Assessment Mission.

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Once one entered the Demon Suppression Division, there would be no room for regret.

Being an Apprentice Slayer was just the beginning. There's still the Official Slayer Rank and later on, the Guardian Rank, which was what Shen Changqing was after.

After upgrading the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] to Level 8, he slowed down a bit.

It's not that Shen Changqing didn't want to continue to break through, but Cultivation was about openness and relaxation.

Constant single-minded Cultivation wouldn't benefit you.


Moreover, reaching Level 8 in the [Pure Yang Kung Fu] in less than a year was already astonishing. 

Long hours of uninterrupted Cultivation also made Shen Changqing feel fatigued.

Anyway, with the time remaining, he won't be able to break through to Level 9.

Since this was the case, he did not want to stress his mind too much and instead adjusted his state in preparation for his next mission.

After the one-year buffer period for the Apprentice Slayers, they would need to complete an assessment mission in order to become an Official Slayer.

The Official Slayer was also divided like the four Slayer Courts. It was divided into four ranks: Heaven, Earth, Red Black and Yellow.


Above the Apprentice Slayer was the Yellow Rank Official Slayer, followed by Red Black and so on.


As long as he completed the assessment mission, Shen Changqing will be able to become a Yellow Rank Official Slayer. As for failure to complete the mission, the consequences did need not to be said.

That's because the assessment mission was a do or die thing.

Either complete it alive...

Or die in failure!

There was no so-called mercy when it came to the clash with the demons and monsters.

Either the monsters or demons die, or the Slayers themselves die.


In his courtyard.

Shen Changqing rolled up his sleeves and sat on top of a bench.

A flat stone was placed in front of him.

He held his long sword in one hand, while his left hand pressed the blade into the flat stone. Little by little, he let the blade rub against the stone.

He was sharpening his sword!

After two days of rest, Shen Changqing's state was at its peak.

However, his heart was still restless, so he thought about sharpening his sword.

Each Slayer was equipped with a weapon. It will depend on the person and they freely select their choice.

Shen Changqing's weapon of choice was a sword.

The style of this sword was somewhat similar to the weapons of a dynasty he knew in his previous life.

Specifically, the Tang Dynasty's Mo Dao!

It was a lethal weapon that was said to even cut down horses.

This was why Shen Changqing chose it.

Of course, compared with the actual Mo Dao, there were still some differences.

The blade rubbed against the flat stone, emitting an ear-piercing noise. The grinding sound regularly echoed in the silent courtyard.

Time passed slowly.

At this moment, Shen Changqing suddenly paused for a moment.

He then stood up and used Pure Yang True Qi on the blade, cleaning the dirt. The blade sheened with a sharp light.


He sheathed his sword and walked towards the courtyard door.

When he opened the door, he saw Jiang Fu standing outside the door.

"Steward Jiang is here!"

"It seems that you're ready."

Jiang Fu had a slight smile on his face, when he saw Shen Changqing had a sword around his waist.

The longer he interacted with Shen Changqing, the more he understood the other party's secrets.

Like the fact that Shen Changqing had two types of True Qi and he had Cultivated two Martial Arts.

After learning that the other party had been promoted through the Qi Circulation Realm within two or three months of entering the Demon Division, Jiang Fu finally understood why Liu Chang treated him differently.


He was a peerless genius!

He was a rare character, no matter which where you put him in.

At this moment, Jiang Fu sighed: "It's a pity that you entered the Demon Suppression Division. If you entered a Martial Arts Sect instead, with your talent, you would've been groomed and be given great treatment. You also don't need to face monsters at the Qi Circulation Realm."

"But since you are already in the Demon Suppression, there is no turning back."

"No one can get out of here. Even if you are a traitor, the Division will pursue you till the end."

"By that time, even those sects will not dare to accept you, once they know that you are a traitor of the Demon Suppression Division."

The Demon Suppression Division was not like other sects.

After joining the Demon Suppression Division, you either live to the highest, or die in the course of one of your missions.

Even if it was an ultimate genius, there were no exceptions.

Strictly speaking, in the eyes of those ultimate geniuses, it was very unfair for the Demon Suppression Division to have this policy. But in the eyes of others, the Demon Suppression Division's practice of treating everyone equally was praiseworthy.

Hearing his words, Shen Changqing lightly smiled: "Steward Jiang, since I joined the Demon Suppression Division, I will never regret it."

"If it weren't for the Demon Suppression Division, I would have died in the wilderness or become food for the demons and monsters already. How could I still stand here and talk otherwise?"

"You also have a point."

Jiang Fu gave him a deep look, and then laughed.

"In fact, you have a higher probability of passing the assessment mission than most of the Apprentice Slayers. You Cultivated the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], which is the most rigorous Yang Martial Art."

"In its higher level, you can restrain the weaker demons and monsters."

"The tasks of the Apprentice Slayers are mostly dealing with Ghost Level monsters, so as long as you are careful, I don’t think it is a big problem."

Jiang Fu paused before continuing: "Seeing that you and I have the opportunity to become colleagues in the future, I will give you another word of caution."

"During the mission, don't easily believe what you see or what you hear."

"Monsters kill with illusions. Once you are caught inside, it will be hard for you to get out. As for how to break out of it if you do get trapped, that is up to you."

"There are many more things, but there is no way to tell all of them in detail. If I impart too much experience to you, it may become detrimental to you rather than help."

"There are many kinds of demons and monsters, following a singular method of dealing with them will lead you to a dead end."

"It's up to you and your skills on how to deal with them when the time comes."

Jiang Fu's voice was solemn.

When the other party finished, Shen Changqing clasped his fist to thank him: "Thank you, Steward Jiang, for explaining. If there is an opportunity in the future, I will definitely repay your kindness!"

"Haha, you don't have to be too serious, explaining these notes to you is what us stewards should do."

"In the common things, we just leave it to you to go to the Library and check it yourself."

"But when it comes to the actual missions, we will need to explain some things to you seriously. In this way, we can also mitigate some losses."


"Nevertheless, I still dare not forget Steward Jiang's guidance!"

Shen Changqing's face remained solemn.

What Jiang Fu said was one thing, what he did was another.

What he did was say more than a couple of words.


Hearing Shen Changqing's words, Jiang Fu's smile became more obvious.

Then, just like the last missions, he explained some things that needed attention, and then gave a white jade pendant to Shen Changqing.

"The Clear Spirit Jade Pendant is a treasure refined by the Division. Whenever there are demons and/or monsters around, the pendant will send out a warning."

"At the same time, when you kill them, the pendant will record it."

"This record will be the basis for the completion of your mission."

"Clear Spirit Jade Pendant!"

Shen Changqing looked at the jade pendant in his hand, and upon hearing Jiang Fu's words, he understood that this was indeed a precious treasure.

Moreover, just from the appearance alone, it was clear that it was worth a lot of money.

Not to mention that almost everyone in the Demon Suppression Division seems to have one of these.

Just from this alone, it could be seen that the Demon Suppression Division was rich and powerful.

However, Shen Changqing also noticed the loophole in Jiang Feng's words.

"What Steward Jiang means is that the monsters must be killed before the mission is considered completed. So if the monster is killed by someone else, wouldn't it be equal to failing the mission?"

"Yes, but also no. Once the monster is killed, your mission is also considered completed, but without the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant as a basis, you have no way to be promoted to a Yellow Rank Official Slayer."

"The reason is that every Yellow Rank Slayer must have the strength to match the strength of a Ghost Level monster."

"And as long as the monster dies within 10 feet of you, the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant will capture its aura."

"Normally, as long as you are within range, even if the monster died not from your own hands, you can still be promoted just the same."

Jiang Fu shook his head and explained Shen Changqing's doubts.

Seeing the other party's look of understanding.

He added one more sentence.


"All of the missions that Yellow Rank Slayer takes are related to monsters or demons. So if you don't have the strength to match them, even if you manage to advance to Yellow Rank Official Slayer, you'll die."

"Therefore, when carrying out the mission, if you can not do it, then try not to fake it."

"Because the more powerful the monster, the more difficult it is to deal with."

"If you fake it, you will only end up harming yourself."

"Thank you for the pointers!"

Holding the Clear Spirit Jade Pendant in his hand, Shen Changqing solemnly cupped his hands.

He understood Jiang Fu's words.


Any Official Slayer was respected because of their strength.

Pretending was nothing in front of absolute power.

Even if you were lucky enough to complete the assessment mission, then in the many missions that follow, one wouldn't be so lucky to survive them every time.

The Yellow Rank Official Slayer was just the beginning.

After that, there were still Red Black Rank, Earth Rank and even Heaven Rank.

Each missions' difficulty was according to the rank of the Official Slayer. No one can cheat.

If your strength was not enough, in the many missions that follow, you're destined to fall.

Seeing this, Jiang Fu did not say much more.

What should be said had already been said. The remaining things can only be learned in the process of carrying out the mission.

Since Shen Changqing understood, Jiang Fu also cut to the chase.


"There have been reports of a monster haunting the area of Lin'an City in Guangyuan Province. And according to the assessment of the Division, there is indeed a monster there. But their strength will not be too high, roughly around the Ghost Level."

"Your mission is to go to Lin'an City and wipe out the monster there."

"This is some specific information, you can take your time to read it on the way."

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