Chapter 13: Ancient Moon Village.

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After a night's rest, Shen Changqing woke up at dawn.

During his stay in the Demon Suppression Division, he had developed the habit of sleeping late and waking up early.

Especially since he's Cultivating the [Pure Yang Kung Fu], which requires drawing the first ray of energy from the sun. He can't get up late.

Doing his routine Cultivation, Shen Changing felt that his Pure Yang True Qi had grown by one point, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Although there was still a small gap before he could breakthrough to Level 9, at least it was some progress.

At this moment, his ears moved slightly.

He then got up and opened the door of the room.

When the door of the room opened, he saw Zhang Long, who had raised his hand and was about to knock.

"Lord Shen is up early!" The sudden opening of the room door caused Zhang Long to be stunned, but he quickly returned to normal.

"Constable Zhang is also very early."

Shen Changqing smiled.

As he spoke, he had already walked to the table in the room and sat down.

"Constable Zhang, please sit down as well!"

"Many thanks, Lord Shen."

Zhang Long carried things in his other hand and placed it on the table. Then he sat down opposite of Shen Changqing.

"Lord Shen should not have eaten anything yet, these are some of the special snacks of Lin'an City. Lord Shen is far away from the Capital, so you might not have the opportunity to taste them."

As he spoke, Zhang Long had already opened the oil cloth paper, inside of which were some rather exquisite looking pastries. A fragrant scent emerged from them, making people feel soothed.

"Constable Zhang is considerate."

Shen Changqing's smile became more obvious, making Zhang Long also smile a bit.

Shen Changqing then smoothly picked up a piece of pastry, and gently bit into it.

"By the way, does Constable Zhang have any other opinions about the monster that is causing this chaos?"

"I don't know much about it. After all, I'm just a small constable and not qualified to touch too many such things."

Zhang Long shook his head. When talking about monsters, his face did not change too much.

After that, Shen Changqing then asked some other things and Zhang Long answered them.

The two then proceeded to talk for quite some time.

At this moment, putting down the pastry in his hand, Shen Changqing then stood up.

"In that case, Constable Zhang can take me there to have a look!"

"Lord Shen is not going to continue eating breakfast?"

"No, eating too much in the morning is not good for digestion. Let's wait until things are done."


Zhang Long could not help but be stunned, digestion? What an unfamiliar term, but he didn't think much about it.

Since Shen Changqing wanted to take a look, it was only right that he should accompany the former.

After all, once this monster problem was resolved, he and the others can finally sleep peacefully at night.

Walking along the street, Shen Changqing looked at the people coming and going. He couldn't help but laugh: "Although the prosperity of Lin'an City is not as good as the Capital, it has a different flavor. It must be pleasant staying here."

"If Lord Shen likes it, he can often come to Lin'an City in the future."

Zhang Long, who was following him, smiled and agreed.



With Zhang Long leading the way, Shen Changqing followed him out of the city.

Ten miles outside the city, which was not that far, there was no more feeling of prosperity. Instead there was a kind of desolation with no one around.

"Constable Zhang, the villagers who moved out of the village, where are they residing right now?"

As Shen Changqing spoke, he glanced sideways at Zhang Long.

Zhang Long replied without much thinking: "Most of the villagers are placed in other villages nearby. There are also some who have relatives in the city, so they stay in the city. So far, our main purpose is to seal that village where the monster appeared."

"Other than that, we did not ask the residents much."

"Lord Zhao is really compassionate towards the people!"

"Lord Zhao has been the governor of Lin'an City for 20 years, he is indeed a good official. Over the years, the governor has been changed one after another, only Lord Zhao stuck to his duties and was not afraid of the evil calamity."

[T/N: Changed monster and/or demon disaster into evil calamity. The latter sounded more appropriate and… cool😎]

Talking about Zhao Fang, Zhang Long's face showed admiration.

Shen Changqing nodded.

What the other side said was true.

Spawns of evil was another way to call demons and monsters. Hence the name, 'evil calamity.'

Not long after, the two came to a rice field. They could still see that the seedlings in those rice fields grew lush and pleasant, but somehow they felt less vibrant.

"Lord Shen, up ahead is the Ancient Moon Village."

Zhang Long pointed to the village ahead and said in a deep voice.

Ancient Moon Village was the village where the reported monster had appeared.

Looking in the direction of Zhang Long's finger, Shen Changqing could see houses situated in the distance that were stretched out in a row.

Soon, the two crossed the rice fields and arrived at the entrance of the village. There was a stone tablet with the three words, Ancient Moon Village, written on it.

In addition to that, there were six people dressed in the uniforms of officers, guarding the outside of the village.

Everyone's expression looked nervous. From time to time, they would look inside the village. As if there will be a monster that would rush towards them at any time.


Even though the sun was now blazing above, it did not comfort them much.

"Constable Zhang!"

"Constable Zhang is here!"

Seeing the arrival of Zhang Long and Shen Changqing, the officers' faces relaxed a lot.

Zhang Long's face was solemn, and he introduced the two parties: "This is Lord Shen Changqing of the Demon Suppression Division, here to eliminate the monster."

Demon Suppression Division!

After hearing the name of the Demon Suppression Division, the officers' looked awed. They then bowed towards Shen Changqing: "Greetings, Lord Shen!"

Although Shen Changqing looked young, they did not dare to be the least bit rude.

The three words, Demon Suppression Division was a walking sign board in the Great Qin.

Those who could walk out of the Demon Suppression Division were definitely not simple characters.

"En, so far, has anyone entered or left the village?" Shen Changqing looked at the desolate scene in the village in front of him and looked sideways at one of the officers.

Hearing this, the officer felt a lot of pressure.

"Reporting to Lord Shen, ever since the evil calamity happened, no one has entered or left the village!"

"Alright, Lord Shen and I already know about this matter, you go back to your posts. Lord Shen and I will handle it." Zhang Long waved his hand with some impatience on his face.


The officers did not dare to say anything else, so they bowed and retreated back to their posts.


Only Shen Changqing and Zhang Long remained.

"Lord Shen, are you going into the village now or later?"

"We are already here, let's go in now and see!"

Shen Changqing's hand was at his side, while the other was pressing the hilt of his sword as he strode towards the Ancient Moon Village.


When Zhang Long saw this, he immediately followed behind into the village.

As soon as they entered the Ancient Moon Village, they felt a slightly cool chill in the surroundings.

Immediately after the coldness struck, Shen Changqing's Pure Yang True Qi started its work.

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