Chapter 33: Breaking The Rules (Unorthodox).

Lu Qingyi finished explaining the three evolutionary routes and waited for Shi Yu's choice. Anyway, Shi Yu can't be cheeky this time since he can't have them all. The Green Cotton Worm can only evolve into one kind after all.

"Ice Crystal Phoenix Butterfly, Ghost Beauty Butterfly, Light Goddess Butterfly..."

Shi Yu thought that they were good. After all, there's a Commander level beast. The growth limit of a Commander level beast is much higher than that of a Noble (level) Beast. If he can contract a Commander level beast and afford to raise it, becoming a Professional Beastmaster is almost an absolute certainty.

At this point, if it were any other Trainee Beastmaster, they would have been excited to choose.

However, after listening to it, Shi Yu did not immediately choose one. It's not because he had difficulty choosing, but rather he grasped a key point.

If the Green Cotton Worm wants to evolve into a Commander level beast, in addition to some necessary evolutionary materials, its Worm Silk proficiency also needs to be at the perfected level? He previously thought that the minimum level is mastered level.

Isn't reaching perfected proficiency in Worm Silk too difficult?

Then what would happen if its Worm Silk reaches superb level?

Would it stimulate 200% of the potential of the beast…?

"Could there be a Green Cotton Worm that had a superb level Worm Silk before evolving?" Shi Yu asked.

Lu Qingyi replied, "It's not impossible."

"If you can find a Secret Space or Ruin Space that is suitable for the growth of the Green Cotton Worm and spend a huge amount of money to cultivate it, you might be able to raise its Worm Silk skill proficiency to that level during its lifetime."

"Or when you are a Legend Rank Beastmaster cultivating the Green Cotton Worm. With this method, if we disregard the cost effectiveness, the Green Cotton Worm could at least live till it reaches that level."

"In these two methods, there is one who has succeeded in the country. That Green Cotton Worm has evolved into a King level Ice Phoenix Moth. Why? Could it be that you're planning to do the same?"

Shi Yu smiled: "Just asking."

Lu Qingyi advised, "Don't be too greedy, if you plan to evolve the Green Cotton Worm, the higher the level of its Worm Silk is certainly the better."

"Indeed, the higher the level of the Worm Silk, the greater the potential for a successful evolution, but relatively speaking, the evolution process is also more difficult. There will be the risk of failure in breaking out of the cocoon. This is the reason why there is no need to deliberately pursue perfected level proficiency."

"Unless, the evolutionary material you use can guarantee 100% that the Green Cotton Worm awakens a powerful new skill in the evolutionary process, and that this skill can break the cocoon."

"But this kind of thing... even a top evolution planner can't guarantee its success."

Shi Yu nodded in understanding.

The Green Cotton Worm's Worm Silk level, the level of the cocoon, the difficulty of breaking the cocoon and the potential after evolution are all correlated.

If you want to successfully break the cocoon, you need to successfully awaken a powerful Racial Skill within the cocoon and use this skill to break the cocoon.

As for how to awaken a new Racial Skill during the evolution process, you need to provide the Green Cotton Worm suitable evolution materials before it turns into a cocoon.

If the wrong evolution material is provided, the awakening of the skill will fail and thus breaking the cocoon will fail.

After thinking about it, Shi Yu's heart moved.

If this is the evolution mechanism of the Green Cotton Worm, perhaps, he does not have to take the orthodox (known) evolutionary route.

He looked at the Green Cotton Worm in the birdcage and thought, What would happen if I taught it the skill needed through the Skill Book before it transformed into a cocoon?

This can be done without the traditional evolutionary route, instead directly using the pre-evolutionary skills to break the cocoon. As long as the skill level is high enough, there is no risk of failure in breaking out of the cocoon.

At the same time, the Worm Silk level can be stacked without worry to its full potential which would make the highest level cocoon that will nourish the Green Cotton Worm inside.

This plan is feasible!

Originally, Shi Yu felt that Commander Level beasts were good, but now, he suddenly wanted to create a brand new evolutionary form himself.

He could break the conventional evolutionary method and use an undiscovered evolutionary method!

Learn new skills before evolution + superb level Worm Silk + free-wheeling evolution materials to determine attributes = ? ? ?


Shi Yu suddenly realized why those researchers like to study new evolutionary forms of the Green Cotton Worm. It really was like a lottery, you don't know what you'll get! 


He nodded and said, "Then I'll choose the Light Goddess Butterfly."

Although he wouldn't necessarily evolve the Green Cotton Worm into this, it was not a bad thing to choose the best option.

He also needed a reference to how the evolutionary materials of other evolutionary routes match.

Lu Qingyi said, "So you really chose the highest level... But just like what I said, the difficulty of evolving the three options were from easy to difficult. You must be well prepared before letting the Green Cotton Worm try to evolve."

"Wasting cherished evolutionary materials is a small matter, but if you fail to break the cocoon, your Green Cotton Worm will be trapped inside."


The evolution method was probably Lu Qingyi's private collection or harvest. She recorded the evolution method to Shi Yu on the spot, and the portion and level of materials were also marked comprehensively.

The method of turning a beast that is considered a disgrace into a Commander level beast is without a doubt precious. Its value can even create a Beastmaster Clan, but Lu Qingyi just casually told the method Shi Yu.

This made Shi Yu even more convinced that what she said about the 11th Bureau being powerful to be true. He might really get a Legend Rank Beastmaster as a bodyguard in the future!


[Name]: Green Cotton Worm

[Evolution Route]: Light Goddess Butterfly

[Skill Requirements]: Worm Silk Skill above the proficient level

[Evolutionary Materials]: One Young Heart of Light (1 year to 3 years old), Mature Sunflower Petals (10 pieces), Luminous Core (3), Luminous Fungi (50 grams), Sunlight Rock Powder (large quantities), Mature Luminous Grass (large amount)

[Evolution method]: After the Growth Level of the Green Cotton Worm reaches Level 9, use a 9:1 ratio to mix Sunlight Rock Powder and clear spring water. Soak Luminous Grass in it for 1 hour and use it as the Worm's main food. Continue feeding this till its Growth Level reaches level 10.


After the Green Cotton Worm's Growth Level reached 10, feed it one Young Heart of Light, 10 pieces of Mature Sunflower Petals, 3 Luminous Cores and 50 grams Luminous Fungi. Once that's done, use the Worm Silk Skill to make a cocoon.

The evolution process will take about 30 days, and if it goes well, the Green Cotton Worm will awaken the Rainbow Light Skill inside the cocoon, thus breaking the cocoon and evolving into a Light Goddess Butterfly.


"The materials..."

The Heart of Light is the name of a special fruit. The Sunflower is a high-level spirit plant. The Luminous Core is the energy crystals of Luminous Insects. Luminous Fungi is the eukaryotic organism on the Luminous Mushroom. Daylight Rock is a rare mineral. Finally, the Luminous Grass is also a rare spirit plant...

Just looking at the names, Shi Yu can already imagine the sky-high price of this pile of materials. Is his 10 mil enough?

Iron Bamboo is the lowest and cheapest first class material but even this is expensive for him. And now, none of these evolutionary materials is less than third class....

[T/N: The higher the class of the material, the better]

He'll just research evolutionary methods on his own later…

Only when he had no other choice would he choose this spare tire!

After handing the evolution method of the Green Cotton Worm to Shi Yu, Lu Qingyi took her Wind Demon Lion and left. In the courtyard, only Shi Yu, Shiyi and the Green Cotton Worm were left.

Watching Lu Qingyi leave, Shi Yu sighed. He did not know whether his choice to join the 11th Bureau was good or bad...

Although he resisted being involved in archeology again, just like what Lu Qingyi said, if he truly resisted it in his heart, he wouldn't have been able to resonate with the stone statue.

"Forget it, I don't want to think too much right now. I'll have money tomorrow so I'll splurge a little today!"

Shi Yu put away the evolution method and decided to go buy a phone first. He has been thinking about this thing for a long time, now he can finally get it.

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