Chapter 32: 3 Evolutionary Routes.

"That Iron Eater cub is your initial beast, right?"

"As for this Green Cotton Worm, it's just an additional beast that you raised."

The gift that Lu Qingyi intended to give was selected based on these two Noble Beasts. Obviously, she had long noticed the Iron Eater and the Green Cotton Worm.

The matter regarding the Iron Eater was not surprising as it was shown in Shi Yu's profile that it's his initial beast. The Green Cotton Worm on the other hand was not in his profile.

She could tell that this Green Cotton Worm has signed a contract with Shi Yu, which means that it is currently a wild beast.

It's not really a big deal to raise wild beasts, except for the major breeding centers doing it, many telepathically gifted Beastmasters also do it this way.

Some Beastmasters are restricted by their level and they cannot contract more beasts. But if the wanted to breed more, the solution is also very simple, just do not contract any more beast.

The only pity is that the beasts wouldn't be able to enter the Beast Space and grow slowly.

In Lu Qingyi's opinion, this Green Cotton Worm is only an extra beast that Shi Yu cultivated.

He may have wanted to keep it for fun or that he wanted to cultivate it into a Wind Crystal Butterfly and contract it in the future...

From what she can tell, the Green Cotton Worm's cultivation is very good. Its Worm Silk Skill Proficiency should not be low. Successful evolution is certainly no problem which made Shi Yu's background as a breeder graduate worthy.

"Skill Manual… Evolution method… Beast cub?"

Originally, Shi Yu was already satisfied with 10 million in his account. But now, the other party is giving him more? 


Is it okay to accept gifts without doing anything? Ahh forget it, he had already taken 10mil, what's the point of acting reserved.

Iron Eater Skill Manual is good... Although Shiyi does not lack skills, the more the better.

Moreover, he wouldn't need to worry about being exposed (his Skill Book) about using these skills in public. 

Next is the evolution method of the Green Cotton Worm method, it's also good.

Originally, Shi Yu was planning to release it, but now it seems that he should consider things properly first.

Having taught it Worm Silk so many times and raising it for so long, simply releasing it is a bit of a pity.

If the Green Cotton Worm can evolve into a good beast, it'll only benefit him.


As for the High Noble Beast cub... Shi Yu was tempted. Preferably, he wanted the kind of creatures that appeared in fantasy on Earth.

For example, Dragon Lady, Flower Fairy, Mermaid…

[T/N: This man got his priorities🤣]

"I can only choose one?" Shi Yu asked.

Lu Qingyi: ?

"You want them all?"

"I have to get stronger quickly in order to contribute..." Shi Yu said.

Lu Qingyi fell into a deep thought. She carefully looked at Shi Yu's face to measure him. She did not expect him to be cheeky.

"Okay." After a while, Lu Qingyi nodded. She'll consider it as an early payment of wages.

"You can't contract the High Noble Beast cub right now so you'll have to wait until you become a Senior Beastmaster."

Shi Yu is currently a Trainee Beastmaster and can only contract one beast. Though after becoming a Junior Beastmaster, he can contract his second, contracting a High Noble Beast cub at this level is not enough. The level of the Beast Space would be unable to maintain the accelerated growth of the High Noble Beast cub.

Shi Yu: "......"

Indeed, giving him an extra beast cub right now won't do as he can not contract with it.

"As for the Iron Eater skills... I don't know much about Iron Eaters but I heard that the Stone Bamboo Martial School in Pingcheng District has two skills suitable for Iron Eaters."

"Tomorrow I will give you a letter of recommendation that you can use to go to the Stone Bamboo Martial School. You can follow the owner and learn."

Shi Yu: "......"

This was already within his plan!

Though his previous plan was to borrow (aka steal).


But now, he has found a formal and legal way to learn.

The Stone Bamboo Martial School only taught their disciples and there's only a small number of them. To think that the 11th Bureau has this much influence to even let Shi Yu, an outsider who did not join the martial school, to learn...


"Okay." Shi yu nodded. It's better to have a legitimate way to learn than to secretly copy.

"Then there is the evolution method... By the way, are you planning to cultivate the Green Cotton Worm into a Wind Crystal Butterfly and then contract it?"

Lu Qingyi took another look at the Green Cotton Worm in the birdcage and asked.

"No, it's just that as one of the easiest beasts to cultivate, I can't help but want to try and see."

There are many buyers of Worm Silk depending on the cultivation method. He was very short of money so he could not help but cultivate it.

Green Cotton Worm: ......

Shi Yu understood it one way while Lu Qingyu understood it the other.

Green Cotton Worm is indeed one of the easiest to cultivate and it has a variety of evolution paths


Depending on the method, in its first evolution, it can evolve into a moth, butterfly, and dozens of species.

Almost every researcher who studies evolution will take the Green Cotton Worm as the subject of their initial experiment.

The reason is very simple: the Green Cotton Worm's cultivation cycle is short and there is no telling what will come out of the cocoon like a lottery. The chance of a butterfly coming out of the cocoon was small. The sense of anticipation is very refreshing.

"I know three kinds of Commander level evolutionary routes for the Green Cotton Worm, you can choose one."

"After successful cultivation, the potential of this Green Cotton Worm can surpass that little Iron Eater in one leap. It is very suitable to be your second beast." Lu Qingyi said.

Shiyi: (??`ω'?) Wu~

Shiyi vaguely felt that someone was talking badly about him. It seems to be that evil woman...


The Green Cotton Worm's IQ is not high so it did not care about evolution. Perhaps, only evolution can make it smarter.

"What are the three options?"

"The three evolutionary routes represent the Low Commander level, the Middle Commander level, and the High Commander level. The evolutionary conditions are from easy to difficult."

"First is the Ice Crystal Phoenix Butterfly at the Low Commander level. It is a Wind and Ice Dual Element beast. The strongest Racial Skill it can awaken is Blizzard."

"Next is the Ghost Beauty Butterfly at the Middle Commander level. It is a Dark Element beast. It is good at Curse Type Skills, and is proficient in sneak attack and assassinations."

"Then finally, the Light Goddess Butterfly at the High Commander level. It is a Light Element beast. It can master all kinds of Light Element Skills and is proficient in illusions."

"In addition, there's some specific materials and food that you need if you want to evolve the Green Cotton Worm into any of these. The minimum requirement is that the Green Cotton Worm's Worm Slik proficiency is at mastered level, perfected level is best, before its cocooning stage. This is so that it's potential is maximized."

"But since cultivating Worm Silk to the perfected level is too difficult, you do not need to force it. After all, the Green Cotton Worm's lifespan and talent is limited."

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