Chapter 34: The Ruin Space Opens.

Having figured out the truth about the stone statue's anomaly, and having a huge sum of money coming to his account, Shi Yu's heart burst with joy.

That day, he came under the building of Century Group, ready to spend some money.

Century Group is the leading enterprise in the field of advanced technology in East Huang, and they have a branch in almost all cities above Third Class City.

Shi Yu planned to buy a phone with a good specification.


In fact, when Lu Qingyi was still there, Shi Yu asked her if the organization provides a company phone or something.

And the answer he got, of course, was no.

Shi Yu is to use a portion of the 1000w initial fund to buy it on his own. At his current strength, he doesn't need some special equipment for the time being.

[T/N: 10 million changed to 1000w]

Although his heart hurts for buying the phone with his own money, 10w (the price of the phone) compared to 1000w is nothing.

"Welcome, sir, how can I help you?"

When Shi Yu entered the phone section, a salesperson immediately greeted him.

"I want to pick a phone."

"May I ask what your basic needs are?"

"It can connect to the internet, has an energy detection function and a beast recognition function."

When Shi Yu finished speaking, the salesperson immediately took out a silver-white cased phone from the counter and said, "What do you think about this one?"

"This is the latest model of the Century Group, the Visual m30. It includes 6029 kinds of beasts and their skills information. In addition, it can accurately detect the energy fluctuation level of the beasts below the Awakened level."

"Its price is 9,998 yuan, if you buy it now, you will get 1000 yuan off free."

[T/N: I'm following how the raw formatted the numbers, hence why I change the 10 million from before]

"Can I try it out?" Shi Yu asked.

"Of course you can sir."

Shi Yu took the phone and found the beast recognition function.

This beast identification function was actually not so magical, it was similar to Google Lens on Earth. You just need to point the phone's camera at the object, in this case, a beast.

After opening it, Shi Yu pointed the phone at a black and orange dog with a hideous expression lying outside the hall, and almost instantly, the phone immediately gave a voice feedback.


[Name]: Mechanical Dog

[Type]: Machine

[Racial level]: Medium Noble

[Growth level]: Level 10 Awakening

[Racial Skills]: Screen Storage, Aura Detection, Electric Bite, Self-destruct

[Introduction]: Artificial mechanical life. Used for guarding, tracking and investigation.


[T/N: Changed Element to Type to make it more general. Machine Element doesn't sound right]

Not only is there voice feedback, the phone interface also shows the specific information of the Mechanical Dog.

The information is relatively comprehensive, and the skills can also be clicked or be toggled with voice commands to inspect further details.


[Skill]: Self-destruct

[Skill Level]: High Order

[Introduction]: Detonate your body using all of your energy. Upon usage, the user will die.


Shi Yu: "......"

This is a High Order Skill but what would he do if he copies it? 

See and touch... how would he touch if it's self-destructing?


Forget it, Shiyi and the Green Cotton Worm can not use this skill anyways...

Because of the basic energy detection function, the Mechanical Dog's Growth Level was also detected.

Level 10 Awakening is considered quite high, just one step short of becoming an Awakened level beast.

"Very good."

Shi Yu praised silently in his heart. What he was most optimistic about was this beast recognition function.

Although he was considered an educated man, he at most only knew the beasts' names with a Racial Level below the Awakened level. He did not dare to say that he could understand all of them.

But with this phone, in the future, no matter if he encountered rare High Noble beasts or skills, he would be able to find the relevant information immediately.

Although he wants to become an excellent Beastmaster and that he himself must continue to learn, the use of high-tech products is fine. It's more or less like taking supplements to aid with one's own shortcomings and take the shortcut.

In short, this phone is very good. The face value is also okay, just that... It's so expensive!

If he buys it now, his account would hit the bottom.

If Lu Qingyi's promised 1000w did arrive tomorrow, he and Shiyi could only eat dirt to survive. Roasting Earthbound Rats...

I should've come here tomorrow... Shi Yu was again made aware of his flaws.

He was too curious for his own good and was eager. This type of character is very prone to death, no wonder he ended up in this world!

"Forget it, since she said it'll come, it'll come."

Since she even gave a rare evolutionary method, the 1000w will certainly come..

"Fetch one for me." Shi Yu said to the salesperson.

"Okay sir." The salesperson immediately showed a smile, it seems to be able to add chicken legs to himself tonight.


After purchasing the phone and taking care of a series of paperwork, Shi Yu left in pain (because he spent money).

But he did not rush home, but came to yet another enterprise, the Talent Group.

Talent Group and Century Group are two of the five major groups in East Huang, with a wide distribution.

The latter mainly focuses on high-tech products, while the former was on rare spirit plants, minerals, beast food, and nutritional products.

Since he had already spent so much money, Shi Yu doesn't care anymore. Might as well spend more.


Shiyi has eaten enough Iron Bamboo every day for almost a month. Although he likes to eat it, Shi Yu plans to give him something better.

In the end, Shi Yu bought some Class 2 resources, Iron Heart Wood, which is also the recommended food in the Iron Eater breeding manual given by Lin Xiuzhu. It is more advanced than Iron Bamboo.

Iron Heart Wood, as the name implies, is a wood containing metal elements. It is a loaded/nutritious spirit plant. It is also one of the components of a Machine Beast.

Elements like gold and wood can effectively strengthen the Harden Skill and vitality of Iron Eaters.

This food provides more nutrition than the Iron Bamboo. Generally, only Awakened level Iron Eaters eat it as a staple, otherwise it is easy to over-nourish it.

That said, Shi Yu considered the consumption of his own Iron Eater... Shiyi shouldn't have any problem consuming it. After all, his meal is several times the normal Iron Eater.

As for the Green Cotton Worm, it grows fast anyway. Shi Yu will just occasionally use the Skill Book to teach it skills. It is also a form of nutrition.

What he eats, the Green Cotton Worm eats, this is a type of bond! Shiyi can not enjoy this bond!

Later on, Shi Yu also intends to see if there is a more advanced supplement, after all, he was almost immune to Bright God Capsules.

Moreover, the level of the Bright God Capsule is not high... The soon to be rich Shi Yu intends to treat himself and his beasts.


However, considering that the Bright God Capsules at home are not yet finished, Shi Yu decided to use them all first before looking for a new replacement.

After spending as much as he wanted, Shi Yu returned home refreshed.

Things went on as usual. Shiyi was pulling the Green Cotton Worm into doing daily training.

As for himself, in addition to meditation, he would also lie in the courtyard and be on his phone.

After browsing casually for a while, because Shi Yu was registered with his real name as a Beastmaster, he suddenly received a text message notification from the Pingcheng Beastmaster Association for all Trainee Beastmasters in Pingcheng District.

"Pingcheng District's Ruin Space has been opened, those interested in exploring, you can sign up for the Beastmaster Association's field combat experience to participate in the assessment. Those who can pass will obtain the right to explore. All the proceeds (treasures, etc.) within the ruins belong to the individual who obtained it!"

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