Chapter 31: Joining The Organization.

Shi Yu inwardly refused and was very resistant to the idea.

If it were not for archaeology, he would not have died in his previous life. He still had a shadow in his heart regarding this.

Originally... He felt like this.

However, what the other side said made Shi Yu sway a bit.

Those who can listen to the voice of history in the entire East Huang country are only 11 people?

Rarer than a Legend Rank Beastmaster and a Saint level beast?

He looked at the Shiyi behind the tree and did not expect that the national treasure was actually himself.

[T/N: The panda is a national treasure/emblem of China.]

But why again is it the number eleven again, is that number and Shi Yu fated to him?

Shi Yu temporarily put aside useless thoughts. Since he is so rare, then theoretically, if he joined this organization, his treatment should be good right?

Now that he's exposed and the other party even came to his house, even giving him a sincere invitation, he should at least consider it.

"Then who… is it that invited me? Where are they?"

"How about the benefits?"

Shi Yu asked.

Lu Qingyi smiled sweetly and said, "The benefits you'll get are naturally very good. Even a Legend Rank Beastmaster will not have such a good treatment."

"Basically speaking, after becoming a full member of the organization, your status will be above that of a Legend Rank Beastmaster."

"If you want to explore any ruins, it's not impossible to apply for huge resources and get a Legend Rank Beastmaster as a bodyguard."

Shi Yu opened his mouth slightly.

The president of the Beastmaster Association of Icefield City was only at Master Rank, and had not yet reached the Legend Rank.

The Legend Rank… they are able to contract Overlord level beasts and they hold important positions in a first-class city!

And you're telling him that the one who's inviting him is that powerful?

From the looks of it… won't it be a loss not to join?

With the backing of the organization, he'll be able to take advantage of it's benefits to boost himself. 

In his previous life, he was killed by archaeology, could it be that he would rise from archaeology in this life?

Shi Yu's heart was moved a little. What they're offering was really good.


The fact that he could turn from a Trainee Beastmaster to having a Legend Rank guarding him sounded very tempting.

"If you join, what are the obligations that need to be fulfilled?"

"Almost nothing, the organization's structure is very simple, everyone's actions are very free, and the missions are all freely chosen, it will not be mandatory."

Lu Qingyi looked to the sky. Even with that said, which Beastmaster with that talent is idle?

Whenever there is new information about a ruin, those who can listen to the voice of history are the first ones to rush and assist in exploration or become exploration leaders.

After all, subpar people simply do not awaken this special talent.

"Almost nothing??"

Shi Yu froze, so lenient?


That is to say, as long as he does not die, even after joining, he does not have to go to any dangerous places to carry out a mission?

And even if he does go, he can apply for a large number of resources, bodyguards and materials?

Shi Yu's heart began beating hard.

"So the name of the organization is?"

"The Bureau of Strategic Investigation and Support for National Land and Relics, and according to its number, it can also be called the 11th Bureau. The personnel of this organization are special personnel in the archaeological field, and the organization is a special department that specializes in handling various important relics."

Eleven again!

By now, Shi Yu has gotten used to it, so the name or whatever can be ignored.

Lu Qingyi finished, Shi Yu fell into a deep thought, the name of the organization sounds fancy, so, should he join?

After asking so much, and the fact that the other party came to his doors and he has such a special talent...

"In that case, I'll join."

In the end, Shi Yu let out a long breath, and agreed to join!

Since there is no restriction on freedom, in the end, it will be up to him to control his life and death. He'll be fine as long as he does things more carefully.

However, he would not admit that he was trying to return to his old job.

"Dr. Lu, are you also a member of the 11th Bureau?"

"Currently, including you and me, there are 11 people in the 11th Bureau."

"So welcome! From today, you are now a reserve member of the 11th Bureau."

Lu Qingyi showed a smile for the second time, it seemed that Shi Yu's reply satisfied her.

There were too few talents in this area, and every time she explored the ruins, she felt like there were not enough people.

So now, with a new person, Lu Qingyi felt that once Shi Yu grows up in the future, she would have another person available.

She also wanted to have some people by her side instead of helping her teacher run errands every day herself.

"Reserve?" On the other hand, upon hearing Lu Qingyi's words, Shi Yu suddenly felt that he had been cheated.

The benefits that she mentioned were for official members!

"Yes, a reserve member. Every new member joining the 11th Bureau will have to go through a test. Only if one passes can one become an official member."

"I..." Shi Yu suddenly regretted his decision, however, the other party's next sentence immediately brightened his mood.

"In addition, your strength and talent is currently too weak. The organization will provide you a 10 million starting fund, with your first mission being to grow up quickly. At the very least, you have to become a Professional Beastmaster and receive systematic learning of archaeological knowledge."

"No problem. I guarantee to complete the mission."


"So when will the funds arrive?"

Compared to the Legend Rank Beastmaster bodyguard and other benefits, the cash was more tempting for Shi Yu at the moment.

With this amount of money, he wouldn't need to cultivate the Green Cotton Worm for its silk anymore!

Goodbye little worm, you are free!

"Tomorrow." Lu Qingyi replied.

"Tomorrow the documents and funds will be settled. But under non-special circumstances, I suggest you do not casually reveal your identity as a member of the 11th Bureau."

"Otherwise, some foreign spies will annoy you to death."

"By the way, at present, the ruins that had appeared in Pingcheng District are still only known by the 11th Bureau."

"Before you become an official member, I will be your contact between you and the organization, that's all."

Shi Yu nodded. She can be rest assured, he is not someone who likes to flaunt.


There's only 11 people with such a talent... as important keys who were the only ones to crack the secrets of the ruins, they should be easily targeted. Not to mention that he is still weak!

"I forgot to say the most important thing, your assessment mission, is to investigate the truth about the history of Icefield City."

"There's no time limit. Once you complete it, you can become an official member. I previously explored the Ice Dragon ruins in the snowy mountains, but due to the lack of key information, I can not crack the mechanism. This time there is a new ruin because of you, so you should be the key in unlocking it."

Even with the talent of listening to the voice of history, not everything can be heard. It also requires a certain "opportunity" to hear them.

Lu Qingyi failed, but Shi Yu succeeded.

Moreover, Shi Yu is a native of the Icefield City so he should be more suited in this mission.

Shi Yu's desire for the truth in Icefield City must be deeper than hers, and this examination mission is almost tailor-made for Shi Yu.

"Investigate the truth of the history of Icefield City?" Shi Yu said, "Am I even allowed to go to that Secret Space??"

"Yes, this Secret Space is a special type of relic. Even if you do not use your 11th Bureau membership, there is a high probability that you can enter. As for what to do next, it is part of your assessment."

Lu Qingyi continued, "Finally, as your referrer, I'm presenting you a gift on behalf of the organization."

In order for Shi Yu to grow up quickly and be able to become her assistant, she planned to pay the salary in advance.

"I think you do not need more money for the time being, so which one do you want, a secret manual of skills that can be used by Iron Eaters, the special evolution method of the Green Cotton Worm or a High Noble Beast cub?"

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