Chapter 30: Getting Betrayed By Your Own Talent.

"Wait, wait!"

Would a community concerned for the well-being of the resident break in if there's no one around?

Ten thousand Iron Eaters collectively rolled over in Shi Yu's heart as he trembled.

One singular thought appeared in his heart.


He was probably found out that he had something to do with the breaking of the stone statue.


For this, well actually, Shi Yu had already expected that such a thing would come one day.

If the Secret Space that had appeared is really as influential as the young doctor said it to be, they will certainly investigate everything around it.

Although the park did not have cameras, this world had powers. Finding a person will probably not be difficult.

Aura tracking, divination, time retracing... some Noble Beasts probably mastered such abilities. 

"I really hate myself."

Shi Yu hated himself for being too curious.

Next, he ran to the door with a melancholic mood.

According to the young doctor, this incident does not seem to be a bad thing and he did not do anything illegal. He shouldn't be persecuted heavily… at least that is what he hopes. 


"Finally the door opened."

When Shi Yu opened the door, a clear and cold voice sounded from the outside that made Shi Yu freeze.

That was because the expected police or nbi coming after his @ss did not come, and it was instead only one person.

Not to mention that this person was not the arrogant cold elder sister cop that he had imagined, but a young beautiful woman, probably in her twenties.

"This is a Wind Demon Lion?!"

However, Shi Yu's attention did not stay on her for long. He was first attracted to the beast next to her, a Wind Demon Lion, which seemed to be in position to blast open his door! 


The appearance of the Wind Demon Lion is similar to a lion dog. It is nearly two meters tall, had fluffy white fur, majestic blue eyes, and its neck, limbs, body and tail all had a black cloud pattern. 



[Name]: Wind Demon Lion

[Elements]: Wind

[Racial Level]: ????

[Skills]: ????


Since Shi Yu was not exposed to high level Noble Beasts when he was in school, he was only familiar with the information of name and race of the beast.

As for the Wind Demon Lion, it was obviously a high level beast. Shi Yu had only seen pictures of it and he did not pay attention to its other information.

Among the Racial Level of Noble, Commander, King, Overlord, Saint and Legend, he guessed that the Wind Demon Lion's should be at the Commander level.

"Roar--" The Wind Demon Lion showed its teeth and smiled.

"Let me introduce myself, my name is Lu Qingyi, an archaeology doctor from Gudu University, member of the East Huang Archaeological Association." Lu Qingyi looked up at Shi Yu.

"I have come to ask some questions from you, I hope you can cooperate."

An archaeology doctor?

And she's from one of the nine major universities, Gudu University?

Shi Yu looked at this young girl while feeling pain in his liver.


Archaeology is really haunting him!

"I'm Shi Yu, unemployed, Trainee Beastmaster. Please, come in."

After the other side introduced herself, Shi Yu was now sure of his misfortunes.

After he came to this world, the only thing related to archaeology is the stone statue.

Shi Yu opened the door and was ready to be tortured.

Next, Shi Yu led Dr. Lu into the courtyard.

By this time, Shiyi had already kept the steel plate and was currently hiding behind a tree, peeking.

The Green Cotton Worm also went back to the birdcage, as if what happened had nothing to do with it.

After entering the courtyard, Lu Qingyi and Wind Demon Lion first looked at Shiyi behind the tree and then the Green Cotton Worm in the birdcage.

Only afterwards did they look at Shi Yu again.

"I'll get right to the point, the breakage of the stone statue in Pingcheng Beastmaster Association has something to do with you, right?"

"I have no malicious intent, you don't have to worry."

"I just want to know, did you hear the voice from that stone statue?"

Shi Yu: "That stone statue is a living thing?"

He asked this question as a tacit acknowledgement of the other party's question.

Lu Qingyi: "No, the stone statue is inanimate."

"Your talent is 'Telepathy', and according to your understanding, Telepathy should only be able to communicate with living things, right?"

Shi Yu nodded. Before, he even made a special effort to check it, but he found nothing new.

"However, there are special cases for everything."

"Some inanimate objects that carry the faith, belief, will, and emotion of many living beings and with the baptism of time, it is possible for it to give birth to a 'spirit'."

"'Spirits are an ethereal concept that has nothing to do with life, (actual) spirit, mind, or soul. The archaeological community calls it 'traces of history'."

"Regarding such traces, only a very small percentage of people with Telepathy would have the chance to listen to them."

"Therefore, Beastmasters who mastered this kind of Telepathy are called by the archaeological community as 'people who can listen to the voice of history'."


Shi Yu asked, "That means... I am one of those people?"

Lu Qingyi nodded and said, "To be able to listen to the voice of history is a remarkable talent. In our long history, there have been many breakdowns; countless truths have been buried. So relics are the main way for us modern people to go about understanding history."


"However, these preserved relics are often protected by powers, and it is very difficult to decipher and find them."

"And those who can 'listen to the voice of history' are far more likely to find or decipher the key information of the relics than ordinary people."

"This time, because you touched the 'spirit' of that stone statue, it triggered the surfacing of an ancient ruin, behind which may contain the truth of the history of Icefield City."

Shi Yu had a bad feeling and asked, "So the purpose of your visit here is..."

Lu Qingyi: "You are very talented, a natural-born archaeologist, I want to invite you..."


Absolutely not!!!

He would never do any archaeological work again in this life!

 All he wanted is to earn some money, raise a giant panda, and then find a beautiful girlfriend. They would then move to a safe city to live their lives happily!

"Sorry... I'm not interested in archaeology."

"I do not want to join the Archaeological Association, nor do I want to go to any archaeological university." Shi Yu said in an apologizing tone.

Lu Qingyi was puzzled, "Who said that I want to invite you to join the Archaeological Association?"

"What? You're not?"

"This talent of yours will just be wasted if you join the Archaeological Association."

"Currently, in the entire East Huang, there are only 11 people known to be able to 'listen to the voice of history', including you."

"They are far fewer than the number of Legend Rank Beastmasters, and fewer than the number of Saint level beasts in the country, do you know what that means?"

"The one who invited you is another organization."

"Moreover, you don't need to reject the offer in a hurry. Duplicity is the nature of man (as in humanity). Having this gift means you must like this field, otherwise it would not be possible for you to be able to hear the voice of the stone statue."

Lu Qingyi walked under the birdcage and looked at the Green Cotton Worm. Her words hit Shi Yu hard, it was spot on.

Why... why, why is it that even after crossing over, I can still not be separate from archaeology?

Isn't Telepathy supposed to be common? What is this then? How dare you betray me!

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