Chapter 29: Warmth From The Community.


The recent event in Pingcheng District was not some small movement, so Shi Yu remained as low-key as possible.

Steady development, no rush!

Two days ago, Shi Yu had planned to teach the Worm Silk Skill to the Green Cotton Worm to perfected level and then sell the silk to make some money. After all, Cotton Worms do not live long.


But now, he changed his mind. It is better to improve Shiyi's combat power first. After all, Shi Yu's life is on the line and it may be lived short with all that's happening! 


Money is only good if you live long enough to spend it! So currently strength is the most important!

After recovering from the effects of teaching Super Vision, Shi Yu once again used the Skill Book on Shiyi.

This time, he is still teaching Super Vision.

With the second round teaching, he managed to raise Shiyi's proficiency in Super Vision to proficient level.

This process also resulted in Shiyi's Spirit Power being slightly boosted.

The increase in proficiency of the skill would also drive the growth of the Noble Beast. As to which aspect of growth it would drive, it was related to the attributes of the skill.

The benefits of Shiyi's improved Spirit Power is that in addition to allowing him to maintain Super Vision longer, his opponents also move slower in his eyes. He can also see in the night.

Currently, Shi Yu was holding his chin under the moonlight, looking at Shiyi seriously training in boredom. He called out and asked, "Shiyi, how come you are still going?"

Whenever he saw this little Iron Eater training hard, Shi Yu himself was tempted to meditate more and upgrade his Beast Space and skills.

However, he does not have Shiyi's focus and simply can not hold on. After a few hours of meditation, he wanted to go do something else.

In his previous life, he was running around the world, exploring various relics. He likes this type of dynamic work.

However, liking is liking. Right now, Shi Yu can't be as leisurely as he was before as this place is not safe like Earth. Even staying in the city is not safe, let alone the wild.


Hearing Shi Yu's question, Shiyi stopped, leaned against the tree and then passed out from exhaustion.

Shi Yu helplessly patted his forehead. This kind of occurrence was normal.

He's training most of the time, Shiyi will tire himself out and pass out in the end.

Now that there is an additional skill, Super Vision, that's constantly consuming his energy, it was natural that Shiyi fainted and fell asleep.

"Ugh." Shi Yu went to the kitchen to bring some spare bamboo shoots, then he broke some and stuffed it into Shiyi's mouth.



The sleeping Shiyi finished eating the bamboo while sleeping. This talent of his is really impressive.


After eating, Shiyi rolled over with a happy face and got up with difficulty ready to continue training.

"Alright, stop!"

Shi Yu grabbed Shiyi and ran to the bathroom.

Next, Shi Yu took great pains to clean Shiyi, and then forced him back to rest in the Beast Space.

As for Shi Yu himself, he laid down on the bed and is going to sleep. Being a Beastmaster is tiring.


The next day, it went as usual.

It was the same on the third day.

As for the fourth day... it was still the same.

In this way, ever since he 'talked' with the stone statue, Shi Yu has been home for nearly a week.

In addition to Super Vision, during this period of time, Shi Yu also taught Shiyi Fast Heal and Harden.

Now, he had a good skill combination composed of proficient level Fast Heal and Super Vision, and mastered level Harden...

The first thing that Shi Yu wanted to do is to test their strength but considering that opponents are hard to find, he scratched the idea for now.

It is better to continue training first. After some thinking, Shi Yu left home to buy supplements nearby.

Because he is a regular customer, the young doctor in the pharmacy no longer found it strange for Shi Yu coming this time. He didn't even need for Shi Yu to speak his order as he already took the initiative to prepare the supplements.

"Friend, remember to do everything in moderation."

"I'm afraid that with the frequency of your purchase..."

"En, I am being mindful." Shi Yu took the supplements and said.

Well, at least, Shi Yu hadn't made a fool of himself yet for hastily teaching High Order Skills.

He was afraid that this pharmacy's supplements might not be able to recover him. 

"Ughh… if you say so."

The young doctor nodded and said with an odd expression, "I heard the day before yesterday that in a pharmacy in the south of the city, there was a student who moved several boxes of supplements at once!"

"That person is much crazier than you."

Shi Yu just put away the supplements and his hand suddenly trembled.

Sh¡t, several boxes?

Don't tell me that it's a student named Chen Kai?!

"These days students are too hard on themselves." Shi Yu sighed and said, "By the way, what was the reason for the lockdown of the association some time ago?"

"They wanted to investigate the cause of that loud bang in the sky."

The young doctor laughed: "You really asked the right person. Let me tell you, although the specifics have not been announced yet, there is a high probability that Pingcheng District is going to take off."

Shi Yu: "Hmm? Details?"

He had come here many times to buy supplements and Shi Yu learned that this young doctor was a Trainee Beastmaster.


This doctor should be credible.

"Rumor says that a Secret Space may have appeared." The young doctor said.

Shi Yu: "Secret Space? What is that?"

The young doctor said, "Take it as some sort of other dimension that is independent of our current one."

"For example, our Beast Space is actually considered a kind of independent space."

"Let me put it to you this way, the predecessor of the Secret Space is actually the Beast Space."

"Go on." Shi Yu pursued.

It's been a week so he had no clue.

Listening to it, it seems that it's not some crisis, otherwise this doctor would not be so excited.

These days, Shi Yu had been dreading if he accidentally released some kind of monster like the Melba.

"How can I put it… There is a saying that when a Beastmaster dies, the Beast Space will collapse with it."

"But after the death of some powerful Beastmaster, it is possible for the Beast Space to be preserved and form an independent Secret Space, a small world, so to speak, under the will of the Beastmaster."

"By that time, the Secret Space could no longer bind Noble Beasts. Since it is already a completely independent space, any life form can go in. The environment inside will depend on how strong the Beastmaster was. It is suitable for training Noble Beasts and even if compared to the Beast Space, it is just a tad bit weaker."

"But even if it's weakened, it is a treasure trove of energy, suitable for the growth of Spirit Plants and Noble Beasts."

"A powerful Beastmaster's Beast Space?" Shi Yu asked, "Is it from an ancient Beastmaster?"

"It is definitely ancient, and according to the current strength classification, that Beastmaster would have a minimum strength of Legendary Rank."

The classification is as follows: Trainee, Professional, Master Rank, Legend Rank.

Legend Rank is above master!

"If it's really a Secret Space, there must be many treasured resources or Noble Beasts inside! Even if there's nothing, it's still a treasure land that can produce high value resources for a long time. Now that this thing appeared in Pingcheng District, we would be the ones gaining the most. If it's developed properly, maybe our economy will soon grow!"

"What if the Noble Beasts inside are very powerful and ferocious?" Shi Yu asked.

There is still a possibility that there are powerful beasts inside.

Young Doctor: "Uh, there is no news out in this regard. But you don't need to worry about this kind of thing. Even if there are, those big shots will handle it."

After that, Shi Yu left with peace of mind.

From the information he learned from the young doctor, it seemed that the stone statue cracking was not a bad thing.

However, how the hell did he summon a Secret Space by talking to the stone statue?

Does this have something to do with the truth of history?

Or is it that the Secret Space contains information related to the real history of Icefield City?

But no matter what, it had nothing to do with him.

"Sorry big brother stone statue, although I promised to bring light to the true history of Icefield, from the current situation, I can not even approach that Secret Space."

"I'm sorry, sorry, for causing you to crack."

After returning home, Shi Yu looked at Shiyi and the Green Cotton Worm training and felt safe.

Exploring the Secret Space is impossible, that thing sounds very dangerous.

But... since he had vowed, Shi Yu can't go back on his word. He'll just wait until he has the strength and if there is still a chance, then he'll think about it again later. 


He smiled and looked to the sky, the weather was clear, thinking he should remain low and develop gradually.



"Open the door, it's the community."

Suddenly, there was knocking on the door. Shi Yu's smile became wider. There is really love and care in the world! Knowing that he is an orphan, they came to check on him and give him some warmth.

"There seems to be no one, prepare to blast through."

Shi Yu, Shiyi, Green Cotton Worm: ???

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