Chapter 28: Icefield City Shakes.

July, 177th year of the Union Calendar.

The recent abnormalities in the beasts in the snowy mountain alerted the Beastmaster Association in Icefield City.

In particular, the various Professional Beastmasters of the Pingcheng Beastmaster Association have long been in a state of readiness for battle.

Ten years ago, the Beast Tide severely devastated Pingcheng District. Icefield City spent a huge amount of human and material resources to rebuild Pingcheng District so they cannot let any more damage.

In this state, the Beastmasters were naturally very sensitive to the movements of the outside world.


During this tense period, a loud sound suddenly shook Pingcheng District. The Beastmasters' taut nerves immediately snapped.

"Is the Beast Tide attacking the city?"

"How come there's no news?"

"Look on the bright side, maybe it's just an earthquake."

"What the hell is going on?"

The sound was so loud that not only the Beastmasters, even ordinary people heard it clearly.

Everyone subconsciously walked out of their homes and looked outside.

However, it was just a loud shockwave, and there was nothing else unusual after that.

Meanwhile, on the Pingcheng Beastmaster Association's headquarters, on the rooftop.

A middle-aged man in a gray suit stood while looking at the mirror-like shattered sky, falling into deep thought.

"President, what was that just now?"

"The other district and city's branches have also sensed the abnormality."

The door to the rooftop opened and a tall secretary came in anxiously... That commotion had an unexpectedly large impact on Icefield City!

Even other areas have sensed slight changes.

The President said, "This situation, I have only heard of it, and am not yet sure if it is what I suspect..."

"But if it is, it's not necessarily a bad thing."


The entire Icefield City shook to varying degrees, and the changes even spread out of the Icefield City and into other places.

At this time, the protagonist who caused this event, has apprehensively returned home. He was wearing an apron, preparing their meals.

"Shiyi, eat more."

"Grow up quickly, this world is too dangerous, you have to become stronger to protect us."

"Hmmm--" Shiyi blankly accepted a pile of bamboo shoots.

Although he didn't know what was happening, Shi Yu was being generous today.


Being at home, Shi Yu naturally did not yet know what happened in the outside world, but listening to the discussion of passers-by, he felt that things were not that simple.


The commotion was a little too big.

Ah, Shi Yu, you really shut your mouth!

What are you talking to a piece of rock for?

Now, something has happened. 

So even before finding out what's going on, Shi Yu decided to stay at home.

Other than grocery and medicine shopping, he did not go anywhere.


When Shi Yu made up his mind, he heard a sudden cry from the persimmon tree next to him.

The Green Cotton Worm in the birdcage saw that Shi Yu gave Shiyi so much delicious food today, and immediately issued a hungry plea.

"You should eat more too."

"Eat till you're fat so that you can spit out more silk."

Next, Shi Yu got a pile of leftover vegetable leaves for the Green Cotton Worm. Looking at the food, the Green Cotton Worm ate heartily.

Much better to please than Shiyi.

"Now that I've given them their meals, I should sleep... It's a very tiring day."

Yesterday, he taught Shiyi Super Vision and he had not yet recovered from its after-effects and now there's a commotion, he really had no energy left.

He intends to sleep first and then greet a new tomorrow full of hope.

Once he recovers, he will then teach Shiyi skills and quickly strengthen his combat power!


[Name]: Iron Eater

[Elements]: Gold

[Racial Level]: Middle Noble

[Growth Level]: Level 5 Awakening 


[Skills]: Harden (mastered), Fast Heal (beginner), Super Vision (beginner)


The current stats of Shiyi were quite satisfactory to Shi Yu. Of the six skills he has collected, he still has Intimidation and Absolute Sleep that have not been taught yet.

These two were High Order Skills so their consumption should be greater. Hence, Shi Yu intends to take it slow to be safe...

The next round of teaching should be to strengthen Shiyi's existing skills' proficiency.


Shi Yu rested and recuperated.

The next day.

In order to put all his resources to use, he released the confused Green Cotton Worm from the birdcage and gave it a task.

"Today you are sparring with Shiyi."

"For a good sparring, I'll add a meal."

Shiyu divided two areas in the courtyard, the Green Cotton Worm occupied one side and Shiyi in the other.

After strengthening the Green Cotton Worm's Worm Silk to the mastered level, its Worm Silk can actually be used in many patterns.

For example, the Silk Bullet.

This skill works by gathering a finger-length Worm Silk and then shooting it out like a bullet.


Although with its current power, it couldn't even penetrate the clothes that Shi Yu bought from a stall, the speed was good.

With the Green Cotton Worm pulling the trigger, the Silk Bullet can go from one end to the other.

Moreover, the Green Cotton Worm's Worm Slik reaching mastered level enabled it to continuously shoot, making a dense bullet rain.

With this arrangement, Shi Yu wanted to use it to train Shiyi's Super Vision.

Whether it is avoiding small and inconspicuous high-speed bullets, or accurately judging where the bullet will hit and performing a super-small area harden in advance, it is a good training method.


The key was to dodge and defend with the most minor of movements!

Shi Yu knew that the Green Cotton Worm's intelligence was not high, so he used Telepathy as much as he could and even showed various examples.

Green Cotton Worm: @.@

In the end, Shi Yu did know whether the Green Cotton Worm even understood what he said. Anyway, Shiyi understood how the training works.


Shiyi also thought that this was a good way to train.

He pulled up the Green Cotton Worm with him and let it train with himself.

How can you sleep in the birdcage every day?

The meaning of life is to train, so come along.


The Green Cotton Worm let out an innocent cry.

Next, Shi Yu smilingly went out to go grocery shopping. During the process, he inquired about yesterday's situation.

Although it was not yet known what was going on, it was said that the Pingcheng Beastmaster Association has currently suspended many operations and is heavily guarded.

As for the Earthbound Rat mission, he can not do it right now.

Shi Yu panicked a little. They must have noticed that the statue in the park shattered...

They will not find him will they?

At that time, there was not much people around and this world also does not install CCTVs, they shouldn't be able to track it back to him… 


But Shi Yu dare not guarantee it, after all, this is a world where supernatural powers exist.

As long as they don't come after him, he will not willingly surrender himself and continue to pretend to not know anything.

On the same day, the Presidents of the Beastmaster Association of each district and county of the Icefield City came to Pingcheng District.

Pingcheng District, in a certain valley.

Nine Master Rank Beastmasters of varying ages looked at the spatial portal formed by the cracks spreading down from the sky, their expressions carrying some awe.

"It really is a secret space."

"It can also be said to be an ancient ruin space." There was a tenth person on the scene in addition to these nine people.

Even the youngest age among the nine Master Rank Beastmasters was over thirty years old, but unlike them, the tenth person was very young.

It was a woman in her early twenties with short brown hair.

She was wearing a white shirt and a black skirt, draped in a knee-length white lab gown. At this time her expression was cool, and her gaze under her glasses was extraordinarily solemn and focused.

"Dr. Lu, what do you think?" The people asked with great respect.

Lu Qingyi said: "I once tried to decipher the remains of the Ice Dragon, but unfortunately failed. With the lack of information, it is not possible to restore the full truth in Icefield City's history."

"But with this ruin... Perhaps the things inside can provide us with more information."

"By the way, were there any other places within Pingcheng where anomalies occurred when the ruin descended yesterday?"

The President of the Pingcheng Beastmaster Association replied, "The Stone Giant statue in our association's park collapsed."

"That Stone Giant statue?"


Lu Qingyi's expression did not change, but in her heart, she had a judgment. It seemed that this ruin space was not something accidental, instead someone had touched the traces of history.

Is there another special Telepathy talent that can "listen to the voice of history"?

Who is it...

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