Chapter 27: Listening To The Voice Of History.

Shi Yu was sure that he heard a voice.

And that feeling was just like when using Telepathy.

Under his search, he determined that it was definitely the stone statue...

However, no matter how he looked at it, the stone statue did not look like a Noble Beast.

It was just an ordinary stone statue created by the ancients in the likeness of a Stone Giant.

Does it mean that it has developed a spirit?

Impossible, if it had evolved into a Noble Beast, it would have been noticed by other Beastmasters.

Moreover, there are many people passing by here. 


This is where the Beastmaster Association is. Senior Beastmasters can be found everywhere and there are a bunch of Beastmasters with Telepathy.

A wild Noble Beast couldn't remain undiscovered, not to mention that this stone statue has been here for at least a few years.

Even after the voice disappeared, Shi Yu was still watching.

He observed for a while but found nothing. This is really just an ordinary stone statue, the material it is made from is also ordinary stone.

Telepathy wouldn't be able to communicate to an inanimate thing. This is common sense, unless Telepathy has unknown uses that he does not know.

"That's all for now, I have things to do later, so I'll go first."

"You guys don't need to think too much, you don't need to worry about things like the Beast Tide. Even if that legendary Ice Dragon is resurrected, our Beastmasters can fight it."

Teacher Zhang smiled and said to the group of youths.

In ancient times, dragons were unattainable creatures, but in modern times, Dragon Tamers have long since become a profession, and although rare, they are not non-existent.

"Okay, thank you Teacher Zhang." Chen Kai said.

Shi Yu followed suit and thanked him, then, with several people saying goodbye, Teacher Zhang left the place, leaving Shi Yu and the other three looking at each other.

"So are we still going back to eliminate Earthbound Rats?" Chen Kai asked.

"No, let's talk about it later." Shi Yu said, "I remembered that I still have some things to do..."

"You're in a hurry? How about a meal before you leave..."

"It's very urgent!"

Originally, Chen Kai and the others wanted to ask Shi Yu to get together for dinner in the evening before leaving, but Shi Yu left in a hurry so the four of them just dispersed.

In the end, Chen Kai and the others could not even ask for Shi Yu's contact information...

Not that Shi Yu has one as he didn't buy a phone. This thing is more than ten times more expensive than Earth and he can not afford to use it for the time being.

If they want to find Shi Yu, they can only leave a message at the Beastmaster Association...

The difference between the two worlds is that on Earth, buying pandas, tigers, elephants, etc. are very difficult, but buying tech is easy.

Here on the other hand, the full price of an Iron Eater (the panda equivalent) is not as expensive as the city's housing prices and the tech here is much more expensive.

After the group separated, Shi Yu went straight to the library in Pingcheng to check some information.

Unfortunately, even till the late afternoon, he did not find what he wanted to know.

However, it did let Shi Yu have more understanding of this world.

The history of this world can be roughly divided into three eras.

The Mythic Era, the Totem Era, and Noble Beast Era.

The Mythic Era was the time where the earliest group of mythical creatures was birthed into the world and ruled the planet.

The Totem Era was the time when humans were born and survived in various ways under the land of these powerful creatures.

The Noble Beast Era was the time when human beings began to master the ability to tame beasts.

This Noble Beast Era can be divided into ancient and modern times.

The turning point was more than 100 years ago, when seven human nations came together to form an alliance.

It was a very simple division of three eras, however, for some special reasons, there are many fault lines in the history of this world.

Like why the earliest mythical creatures disappeared en masse. It is a historical fault and a phenomenon that occurred at an unknown time.

As for what the Icefield City experienced 2000 years ago, it was part of the history that people nowadays have not yet explored clearly.

"Can't be curious, can't be curious, can't be curious!!!"

After coming out of the library, Shi Yu kept repeating to himself.

"Can't be curious, can't be curious, can't be curious!!!"

He forced himself not to think about these things.

This is his old problem flaring up again.

In his previous life, Shi Yu was an archaeologist, and then for some special reasons, he came into contact with an unknown mythological system, and his curiosity got the better of him. Thus, he switched to becoming a mythology scholar.

Going to various relics and ancient sites, and following his teacher to explore this unknown mythological system became his daily life.

And then, he met his end...

While exploring, he met with an accident, a landslide to be specific, and was buried alive. He then subsequently crossed over here.

"Curiosity kills people."

Shi Yu remembered the time when he was obsessed with researching the history of an unknown mythological system and got himself killed. He really wanted to slap himself right now.

He could've stayed at home playing games and watching anime but he really just had to go to a variety of dangerous places to investigate and research.

Anyway, now that he has crossed over to this more dangerous world, Shi Yu just wants to live his life comfortably within a safe range.

This second life must be enjoyed to the fullest!

If he pursues this world's mysteries, Shi Yu is bound to repeat what happened in his previous life.

And that absolutely cannot happen–


Pingcheng Beastmaster Association, under the Stone Giant statue.

It was already dark at this time and there was no one else in the park.


Shi Yu looked at the stone statue bathing under the moonlight and inquired, "Were you talking during the day?"

"Were you refuting the history that that person (Teacher Zheng) said?"

Not like this...

No matter how you look at it, it seems to be refuting what Teacher Zhang said. Just that, it could only be heard by Shi Yu.

"Brother stone statue, say something."

Shi Yu used Telepathy to communicate with the stone statue.

However, unlike during the day, the stone statue did not respond.

"If you don't say anything, I'll leave."

The stone statue remained unmoving.

Shi Yu fell into silence, could it be that he was really just hallucinating?

He recalled how he felt when he looked at the stone statue in the afternoon. 


At that time, he had just finished listening to the history described by Mr. Zhang and became curious about that history.

Since Mr. Zhang said that the history was only speculative and not confirmed, Shi Yu looked at the stone statue at that time, and his subconscious thought was to know what the real history was.

It seems that it was then that he heard the voice of the stone statue.

"Tell me."

Shi Yu stared at the stone statue. Then his mind subconsciously recalled his past where he was visiting sites around the world, researching antiquities and searching for the truth of history.

"Tell me the truth."

At this moment, Shi Yu was determined to know the truth.

At this moment, he did not want to listen to the voice of the stone statue, but to the voice of history.

He thought that he was in a state extremely similar to that of the afternoon.

At this moment, he used Telepathy and recalled the feeling he had in the afternoon.

It seems to be... His brain is rumbling again?


A boom made Shi Yu numb.

But this sound was not in his mind, but in his ears.

He lifted his head and opened his mouth wide, because the sky seemed to have trembled just now.


Shi Yu was attracted to the stone statue again.

This time, a sound did come from the stone statue, but it was the sound of cracking.

Under his gaze, the stone statue started cracking from top to bottom...

"I'd be damned, something is definitely wrong!" Shi Yu turned his head and left. He swore that he would never go back to his old ways ever again (curiosity for the truth in history). 

This industry is too dangerous, much more dangerous than being a Beastmaster.

"Shiyi, help me!"

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