Chapter 26: Beast Tide.

After the group rested, they decided to continue to catch Earthbound Rats and train. In fact, they didn't rest for long because they were infected by Shiyi.


For the sake of their future, they would have to continue eliminating Earthbound Rats.

However, before they had time to move, the loud speaker of the village committee of Baixi village suddenly sounded.

The broadcast was loud as even though it was far from them, Shi Yu and others could hear it clearly.

Hearing the content of the broadcast, Shi Yu and the others' faces changed.

"All villagers please pay attention, all villagers please pay attention: the city has issued a Yellow Warning Signal for a Beast Tide, the city has issued a Yellow Warning Signal for a Beast Tide."

"Currently, there is already a certain scale of ferocious beasts outside the city walls gathering inward, the scale has a tendency to escalate worse."

"Asking all departments as well as individuals to prepare according to the defense guidelines..."


Chen Kai couldn't help but exclaim. Zhuang Yue and Yu Jingjing also had bewildered and nervous expressions on their faces.

Beast Tide?

They were not unfamiliar with the term.

Ten years ago, Pingcheng District suffered because of a Beast Tide.


At that time, although they were still young, they were clear of what this meant. 

A Beast Tide is coming again?

"Not good!"

While the group of four were confused, the farmer uncle patrolling this side of the farmland hurriedly ran to them.

"Children, today's situation is special, so you should go back first."

"Uncle, what was the broadcast just now?" Shi Yu asked.

"I'm not sure, but I think it's the beasts on the snowy mountains becoming restless again."

"Yellow Warning, it sounds pretty serious. If things escalate, we may have to evacuate the place."

The uncle also couldn't figure it all out, but he didn't seem to be panicked if you looked at his expression.


At this time, Shi Yu also reacted. Indeed, it was not the time to panic.

Unlike ten years ago, the current Pingcheng District and a dozen townships below and between the snowy mountains have built a high city wall.

Both inside and outside the city walls were stationed Beastmasters from the Beastmaster Association, who were the first line of defense against the Beast Tide.

The so-called warning was only to alert the residents of the surrounding towns and villages. It does not mean that there will really be danger.

If there was a real danger of the beasts breaking into the city, it wouldn't be as simple as a Yellow Warning Signal.

"How about we go over and take a look?" Chen Kai suggested.

Icefield City was located at the edge of the country, and Pingcheng District and the townships around Pingcheng District were next to the snowy mountains that were riddled with beasts.

This is why ten years ago only Pingcheng and the two surrounding districts bore the brunt of the Beast Tide.

"What would you look at there? At this time, the inside and outside the city walls must have a cordon." Zhuang Yue said.

"We'd better go back first." Shi Yu said.

Although he had a feeling that nothing will happen, this time, the atmosphere was very tense. They shouldn't wander and give people trouble.

They can continue after they go back to the Beastmaster Association and ask what this Beast Tide warning was really about.


The other three nodded. They quickly cleaned up and returned to Pingcheng District.

Icefield City, Pingcheng District, at the Beastmaster Association.

After the group of four submitted the Earthbound Rat hunting mission, they asked the staff at the front desk of the mission hall about the warning in Baixi Village.  


The staff member at the front desk shook his head and said, "I'm not really sure."

"But it seems that this is not the first time this month, it has happened two times before with a Blue Warning, this time it is Yellow?"

Regarding such an answer, Shi Yu and others were bewildered. This was the same as saying nothing...

Chen Kai wanted to continue asking when someone suddenly called his name.

"Chen Kai, Zhuang Yue!"

The voice made Chen Kai and Zhuang Yue's bodies jolt, and they subconsciously turned back.

Shi Yu and Yu Jingjing also looked over and found that a Beastmaster with an honest appearance and was wearing glasses came in the doorway.

The other party was just over thirty years old, but his hair looked like it was thinning. He should be someone strong.

"Teacher Zhang...," Chen Kai and Zhuang Yue said.

"Why are you here?"

This person was a teacher of Chen Kai and Zhuang Yue's school.

"I was nearby and happened to see your message in the gc (group chat), so I came over to check it out. I didn't expect to meet you guys just in time."

As they were returning, Chen Kai and Zhuang Yue shared to their classmates in the gc about the Yellow Warning Signal of a Beast Tide. They did not expect that it would be seen by their teacher.

'So these guys are actually chatting in a gc that had a teacher?' Shi Yu looked at this group of weird students and thought to himself.

Shouldn't the normal situation be that the students don't include/add the teacher in the gc and/or create a separate group solely for students?

You guys are really not good at this.

"These two are?" The person who was addressed as Teacher Zhang looked at Shi Yu and Yu Jingjing.

Chen Kai said, "They are my friends, they are Beastmasters from other schools."

Teacher Zhang smiled and nodded, "You guys are wondering about the Beast Tide warning, right?"

"Yes, teacher, is the situation serious this time?"

"It won't be the same situation as before again, right?"

Chen Kai knew that his teacher was a professional Beastmaster and should know more about the inside story, so he immediately asked.

"It's too noisy here, let's go talk somewhere else." Teacher Zhang said.

The group had no opinion. They went out of the mission hall and strolled in the building complex around the Beastmaster Association.

Although he does not know this Teacher Zhang, he also wants to know what the situation was so Shi Yu followed.

If there was a real danger... then he had to prepare in advance. He and Shiyi should have an escape route to the downtown area.


The houses downtown are expensive and strong while the self-built houses in the countryside or even the suburbs are cheap. Not to mention that they are also close to the wild which is too dangerous!


Along the stone path, Teacher Zhang looked at the group of youths and said: "You do not have to worry too much."

"Now and ten years ago is very different, the protection facilities around the snowy mountains are secure."

"Even if danger does arise, the Beastmaster Association can react quickly. If the strength of Pingcheng District Beastmaster Association is not enough for defense, the Beastmasters in the city will come over."

"If the city's Beastmasters is also unable to defend, the Beastmaster Association of the surrounding cities will also quickly give support. Moreover, the beasts residing on the snowy mountain right now are no longer enough to pose a threat to Icefield City."

Chen Kai asked, "So what you're saying, Teacher, is that there is a possibility of the Beast Tide appearing again?"

"At present, it is still only a small-scale gathering of beasts, far less than the sudden stampede ten years ago..."

Zhuang Yue asked: "What's the reason why these beasts would go towards the city? Shouldn't they prefer the environment of the snowy mountains?"


"The records say that the shortage of food, resources and excessive competitive pressure are the main reasons for the emergence of the Beast Tide." Shi Yu looked in the direction of the snowy mountains.

"But this should not be the main reason for the Beast Tide in the snowy mountains... After all, the Beast Tide happening for this reason usually happens very frequently and has signs, and does not happen suddenly like ten years ago."

Teacher Zhang looked at Shi Yu and nodded, "That's right."

"But for what the exact reason is, we are not sure. The trigger of the Beast Tide ten years ago is still an unsolved mystery."

"But there are speculations, and the answer lies with Icefield City."

"Do you guys know the history of Icefield City?"

The group shook their heads.

"Well, it's not really history, after all, it hasn't been fully confirmed, it's just speculation at the moment."

"But according to archaeological findings, there were no snowy mountains around Icefield City 2000 years ago."

"Instead, it was the territory of a fairly developed tribe of Beastmasters in the ancient country at that time. But later, an Ice Dragon flew from afar and landed on the surrounding mountains."

"This Ice Dragon was so powerful that even though it just perched, it indirectly triggered the descent of a Mini Ice Age, making this Beastmaster tribe suffer."

"Subsequently, this Beastmaster tribe decided to expel the Ice Dragon and formed a crusade. They then started a protracted battle."

"It is said that the snowy mountain was formed at that time."

Shi Yu asked, "Which side won?"

Teacher Zhang said, "It should be that Beastmaster tribe that won."

"There is an Ice Dragon relic on top of the snowy mountain, and it is said that the bones of that Ice Dragon were sealed inside by the Beastmasters of that time."

"Even now, the dragon's power is still emanating from time to time around the relic, but it's been 2000 years, even that Ice Dragon should have completely died out."

"There is currently a speculative argument that the sealed ice dragon transformed into a spirit and is the one influencing the beasts in the snowy mountains. The Ice Dragon might have caused the beasts to lose their minds and take revenge on the city."

Shi Yu and others once again looked in the direction of the snowy mountain.

An Ice Dragon's spirit?

This was the first time they heard about this.

Teacher Zhang pointed to a giant stone statue not far ahead and said, "See that one."

"That one is one of the ancient artifacts excavated by the archaeologists, and it is said that the Stone Giant is the totem of that tribe."

As they chatted, they came to a huge park.

In the center of the park was a Stone Giant statue. The Stone Giant was an Elemental Type Transcendent Being, another type of Noble Beast, placed here to add to the historical heritage of the Pingcheng Beastmaster Association and make the place appear to have a historical atmosphere.

"That tribe defeated the Ice Dragon by using this thing?" Chen Kai looked at the stone statue. Before he did not pay attention to this thing and thought that it was just an ornament, he did not expect that it was an ancient relic from the Icefield City.

Shi Yu and the others' eyes were also landed on the statue. As Shi Yu stared at it, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

His brain roared violently, as if his Telepathy was passively in effect, and he heard something strange.

"Not like this..."

"'Not like this..."

This sudden voice caused Shi Yu's entire body to stir.

However, when he looked around, he found that Mr. Zhang, Chen Kai and others did not feel and hear it.

Suppressing the shock in his heart, Shi Yu looked back at the stone statue, his face pale. Do not tell him that the voice came from this stone statue… Could it be that he was hallucinating?

This stone statue has no signs of life, Telepathy can only hear the heart of a living being. Moreover, if the stone statue was not normal, it wouldn't have been placed here!

"Not like this..." Though, Shi Yu can still hear the voice.

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